City Managers Weekly Info Bulletin 10/3/08

October 3, 2008
To: Mayor and Members of the City Council
From: Andrew Neiditz, City Manager

  • Prosperity Partnership Tour of Military Bases: Councilmember Finnigan and Senior Planner Deborah Johnson joined the Prosperity Partnership tour of Fort Lewis and McChord AFB on September 26th. Launched in 2004, the Prosperity Partnership is a coalition of over 260 government, business, labor and community organizations from Pierce, King, Kitsap, and Snohomish counties dedicated to developing and implementing a common economic strategy. This work is based on the concept of "industry clusters," which recognizes military-related businesses as a source of significant economic activity in our region, both in terms of direct employment and contracting opportunities. The tour was an initial look at military operations in the region, with a follow-up tour of Kitsap and Snohomish county installations to follow in the spring.
  • Arts Commission members paint soup bowls: Several members of the Lakewood Arts Commission volunteered to paint ceramic soup bowls for the Emergency Food Network’s “Empty Bowls” charity fund-raising event. The hand-decorated bowls will be sold at the South Park Community Center on Sunday, October 12th from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Over the past 12 years, this event’s gross sales have generated enough revenue to purchase $1.3 million in food products that supply all 69 food banks in Pierce County. The main food distribution center for the Emergency Food Network is located in Lakewood.
  • Tacoma/Lakewood coordination on M Street to Lakewood railroad project: The Lakewood and Tacoma city managers met this week with the Sound Transit CEO and staff to review progress made on Tacoma review and approvals of the capital projects necessary for the upgrade of the rail line connecting Tacoma to both South Tacoma and Lakewood. The overall project includes an elevated crossing over Pacific Avenue, vacation and closure of streets, pedestrian crossings, retaining walls, and other urban design features in the Dome District in Tacoma; and rail service to Lakewood is dependent on timely completion of these projects. The two city managers will continue to meet and review project progress on a regular basis.
  • WCIA Orientation: City staff received a full orientation this week by the Washington Cities Insurance Authority, the city’s new pool for insurance coverage. With the City of Federal Way transferring its coverage to WCIA, the pool covers over 100 cities, including most comparable-sized cities in western Washington.
  • Police participate in Hope Center/Boys and Girls Club Day for Kids: NPO Jeremy Vahle and CSO Gail Conelly were able to visit and entertain approximately 200 kids at the Hope Center/Boys and Girls Club Day for Kids on Friday, September 19th. The Lakewood Fire Department was also there with an engine company. The kids were able to learn about the equipment in the patrol car as well as entertain the neighbors while using the PA system.
  • Police give identify theft presentation at Senior Center: CSO Gail Conelly gave an ID Theft presentation to older adults at the Lakewood Senior Activity Center on September 30th. Resources and pamphlets were handed out for future reference.
  • LPD presentation on staying safe to kindergarten class: On October 2nd, St. Mary‘s kindergarten class hosted NPO Karen Herritt and CSO Sandi Stauffer for a presentation on staying safe, when to call 911, and bicycle safety. The students had many questions, and were especially fascinated by all the equipment Officer Herritt carries. They were given police “tattoos” and safety-oriented placemats for coloring.
  • Guilty verdict for Pub shooter: The verdict was read today in the case involving at shooting at a local pub at Lakewood Drive and 74th almost a year ago. It took the jury about 3 hours to return a verdict of guilty of Attempted Murder in the First Degree (with a firearm), guilty of Assault 1st Degree (with a firearm), and guilty of Unlawful Possession of a Firearm. The defendant will be sentenced on November 7th and is looking at around 30 years.
  • Guilty verdict for rape suspect: Detective Darin Sales and Officer Martin Knott received a verdict on one of their rape suspects who was sentenced to 102 months for two counts of Rape of a Child 3rd, two counts of Assault 2nd and one count of Incest 1st. The victim was the suspect’s 15 year old daughter. The crime occurred in June of 2006 but was not reported until late 2007.