City Managers Weekly Info Bulletin 8/5/08

September 5, 2008
To: Mayor and Members of the City Council
From: Andrew Neiditz, City Manager

  • 4-2 Stryker Brigade Combat Team (SBCT) at Lakewood United: At 7am on Thursday, September 11 at Burs Restaurant, representatives from the 4-2 Stryker Brigade Combat Team, Lakewood's "Community Connection" to Fort Lewis, will provide an overview of their 15-month deployment to Iraq. Lakewood residents are encouraged to commemorate "Patriot Day" by attending this presentation and learning more about the 4-2 SBCT's historic deployment.
  • Police Volunteer Coordinator to speak at Patriot's Landing Event: LPD Disabled Parking Enforcement (DPE) Volunteer Coordinator Kristy Kernen has been asked to address the Military Officers of World Wars on September 14th at Patriot's Landing, regarding DPE/RADAR and volunteers at LPD and the positive impact they have on Lakewood and law enforcement.
  • Lakewood Observation Patrol Makes Generous Donation: The Lakewood Observation Patrol has again made a very generous donation of equipment to LPD and citizens of Lakewood. They've donated UV markers, electric engravers, and a carrying case to each of the six police districts so that we can implement an Operation ID program. The kits will include an invisible UV sharpie marker, an engraver, Operation ID stickers, an inventory sheet for listing serial numbers, and an instructional sheet. Citizens can check out a kit for up to a week by contacting their district's Community Service Officer.
  • Summer Playground Program at Springbrook Park: This free program, in honor of our past Police Chief Larry Saunders, was funded by the Lakewood First Lions, and operated from June 23rd to August 14th. Games and activities for neighborhood youth began at 11:00am and a free lunch was provided by the Food Connection and the USDA Summer Food Service program. The games and activities continued until 3:00pm, Monday through Thursday. Soccer was by far the most popular activity, followed by basketball, kickball, board games and arts & crafts. Unofficially, there were about 500 visits by children to the program.
  • Detective Makes Huge Contributions To The Washington State Missing And Exploited Children's Task Force: Detective Kim Holmes has been actively working as Lakewood's representative with the Washington State Missing and Exploited Children's Task Force since 2006. She travels state wide assisting police agencies investigating internet sex crimes against children, and she follows up on leads provided by police agencies from around the country. There was a warrant service this week in Tacoma as a result of Detective Holmes' following up on a lead provided from a detective in Florida who had posed as a 14 year old girl on line which resulted in an arrest.
  • Officers Participate in "Operation Crackdown": Four Neighborhood Police Officers from the COPS unit participated in "Operation Crackdown," a two day Washington State Department of Corrections sponsored operation to locate and arrest Sex Offenders who have outstanding arrest warrants living in Pierce County. Other agencies included Tacoma PD, PCSD, and the US Marshal's Office.


  • Missing Boy Found: Reserve Officer John Henterly found a missing 2 year-old boy in Tillicum on August 31st. He had wandered out into a field and fallen asleep. Henterly found him shortly after arrival while the father was running around in the woods looking for him as well.
  • Pit bulls Confiscated: Lakewood streets are now a bit safer after Animal Control confiscated two Pit bulls that were in violation of the City's Potentially Dangerous Dog Ordinance. After about $9,300 in fines and shelter costs, and two failed attempts at appealing the order, the owners of these two dogs would not come into compliance and continued to allow the dogs to run at large. The citizens and children in the Custer Elementary School area can now once again walk without the fear of two potentially dangerous dogs threatening them.
  • Officer Actions Above and Beyond the Call of Duty: Officer Vince Sivankeo went above and beyond when he was called out to a Burglary on August 8th. A young Canadian citizen came down to purchase a nostalgic car. The deal went bad, the young man drove away and in the process got into a car accident; his car was towed, and he took a taxi to a motel on South Tacoma Way. While the young man was asleep in his room, someone broke in and stole his wallet which contained all of his money and credit cards. Officer Sivankeo wanted to help this young man get home. CSO Dawn McGinnis made contact with a Lakewood Trucking company, who agreed to take the young man all the way to Canada. The young man called the next day to say he had made it home safe and sound with lessons learned and to thank LPD.
  • Suicide Attempt Thwarted: On August 30th, LPD Officers Griswold, Maysonet, and Jeff Johnson responded to a suicide attempt in progress. The officers determined that it was necessary to make entry to the residence to check the welfare of the subject, and they found him in a running vehicle in an enclosed garage, attempting to asphyxiate himself. The officers detained the subject without causing further harm and subsequently involuntarily committed him for mental health treatment.