City Managers Weekly Info Bulletin 8/1/08

August 1, 2008
To: Mayor and Members of the City Council
From: Andrew Neiditz, City Manager

  • Public invited as the City will Honor the 4-2 Stryker Brigade Combat Team (SBCT): Lakewood's Community Connection to Fort Lewis, the 4th Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division returned to Fort Lewis in June after a 15-month deployment to Iraq. The City will have a program as part of the regular council meeting on Monday, August 4th at 7:00 p.m. to recognize the brigade's deployment and its sacrifices. The brigade was an integral part of the Army's "surge" effort which was widely credited for quelling violence in Iraq. The public is highly encouraged to attend. The program will include:
    • Introduction of the 2008 "Lakewood Idol" winner, Maureen Elias, an Army veteran and Army wife who will sing the National Anthem.
    • A Proclamation recognizing the "2008 Army Times Soldier of the Year" winner, First Sergeant William Harlan, a Lakewood citizen and 4-2 SBCT Soldier.
    • Comments and video by Colonel Jon Lehr, the 4-2's brigade commander.
    • Unveiling of a memorial plaque prototype identifying the 54 soldiers (assigned and attached) who died while serving with the brigade in Iraq.
    • A brief social period with refreshments.
  • National Night Out on August 5th: We have 43 registered events for National Night Out, which is next Tuesday, August 5th, and any council members who wish to attend the 2pm kick off are welcome to join us in the council chambers. Ambassadors from Communities in Schools, Kids and Hope, Lakewood's Promise and Caring for Kids will join LPD staff as we make our rounds for what will surely be another tremendously successful NNO
  • Coordination with Fort Lewis: The city manager and directors of Community Development, Public works, and Communications met with the senior Garrison Command staff at Fort Lewis on July 30th to discuss mutual concerns between the city and the installation. Special emphasis was on the upcoming grant application process to the Office of Economic Adjustment (OEA) of the Defense Department targeting at planning for mitigation related to the growth at Fort Lewis.
  • LPD escorts Remains of Fallen East Pierce Fire Chief: On July 30th, Lakewood PD motorcycle officers assisted with the escort of the remains and family of fallen East Pierce Fire Chief Dan Packer. The escort started in Bonney Lake, moved to the Narrows Airport and concluded back in Puyallup at Powers Funeral Home. The formal memorial ceremony and interment will be held on August 7th and Lakewood PD Motors will likely be asked to assist.
  • Pierce County Auto Theft Prevention Task Force (ATTACK): Lakewood PD is the lead in a multi-agency Pierce County Auto Theft Prevention Task Force (ATTACK). State funded program to focus on theft of auto and related crimes partnering with WSP, Pierce County, Fife, City of Tacoma. Total award is $530,000 -- $500,000 for the grant program and $30,000 for the auto license plate reader.
  • 50th Search Warrant for Drugs in Tillicum: Officer Waller authored the 50th search warrant in Tillicum since the inception of the LPD. SWAT and Special Ops served the warrant on July 31st resulting in Heroin and cash being seized.
  • Pacific Highway Phase 3 (108th to SR512): Construction is progressing on Pacific Highway Phase 3 including installation of the large storm drainage vault and infiltration gallery in front of the vacant properties just north of 108th Street. There was a pedestrian/vehicle accident within the work zone - after hours - late Monday night. There was no construction occurring at the time. A state trooper was behind the vehicle that struck the pedestrian. We are awaiting final filing of the accident report.
  • Street Light Copper Wire Theft: Public Works crews have uncovered 3 separate copper wire thefts in our street light system. Two of the areas were on Steilacoom Blvd between Clover Park Technical College and South Tacoma Way. The third area was on Tacoma Mall Blvd from 80th south to the casinos. Public Works is in the process of welding shut the street light lids where possible. Although this may slow the thieves down, it may not completely stop the problem. Public Works and Police have been coordinating efforts to work both ends of the problem - the thieves that are taking the wire, and the recyclers who illegally pay cash for the salvaged copper wire.
  • Happy ending for a Stray Dog: Lakewood Animal Control had been trying to catch a "street wise" stray dog for about 2 years. Since they had not seen or heard of her for about a year they feared the worst. Recently, while responding to another animal complaint they discovered that the wily stray was living with a new owner that the dog had "adopted". She'd had a litter of pups and is scheduled to be spayed. She is now owned by a Lakewood business owner, who takes her to work every day.