City Managers Weekly Info Bulletin 7/25/08

July 25, 2008
To: Mayor and Members of the City Council
From: Andrew Neiditz, City Manager

  • Chip Sealing Program Cancelled: This year's road chip sealing program which was to include approximately 14.1 miles of local access streets primarily located between S. Tacoma Way on the west and I-5 on the east; and 83rd St on the north and 96th St on the south has been cancelled since the Tesoro refinery in Anacortes just officially announced that they will no longer produce liquid asphalt. Tesoro was the major manufacturer of liquid asphalt to the region and the source of liquid asphalt to Pierce County, our streets maintenance contractor, who has now suspended its program for this year. There is now only one manufacturer (US Oil) for the region remaining and their supplies for this year have already been allocated.
  • Initiative Update: The City received notification on July 22nd from the Pierce County Auditor that it had validated less than 3000 of the required 3707 signatures on the initiative seeking to ban mini-casinos in Lakewood. Staff immediately relayed this information to the "Save Lakewood" group. Petition signers must be registered voters in Lakewood. The petitioners have an additional ten days to obtain the required signatures; the new deadline is August 1st.
  • AWC Board Retreat: The city manager participated this week in the Association of Washington Cities (AWC) board retreat to refine the legislative strategies for both the upcoming state session as well as federal relations. The 21 AWC board members direct the association's approach to representing the 281 cities and towns in Washington State.
  • 4-2 SBCT Recognition: Lakewood's "Community Connection" to Fort Lewis, the 4-2 Stryker Brigade Combat Team, returned to Ft. Lewis in June after 15 months in Iraq. The City will recognize the brigade at its regular Council meeting on August 4th at 7 p.m. Brigade commander Colonel Jon Lehr will provide an overview of the brigade's deployment. The public is encouraged to attend.
  • Historic Preservation Grant: Dan Penrose of the Community Development Department, who provides staff support to the Landmarks & Heritage Advisory Board, received a $1,000 scholarship from the Washington Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation to attend the National Association of Preservation Commissions Biennial Conference in New Orleans. The conference was designed specifically for historic preservation commission members and staff, and its unique combination of working roundtables and educational breakout sessions provided the opportunity to learn from top preservation experts and advocates from across the country.
  • Lakewood Idol - Season 4: Anyone who was at American Lake Park the evening of July 22nd knows that Lakewood is one very talented community. The Parks and Recreation Department hosted the Lakewood Idol Season 4 finals. Eight finalists ranging in age from 14-47 competed for a $250 cash prize and the title of Lakewood Idol 2008. Our winner was Maureen Elias, a 31-year-old Army veteran, mother of two and wife of a soldier currently serving overseas. She mesmerized the crowd with a beautiful rendition of "Over the Rainbow." A special thanks for their support of Lakewood Idol to Brenda Leech of Countrywide Home Loans, the event sponsor and judge; Crane's Creations for donated rose bouquets for all eight finalists; Dr. Ben Keller, the Lakes HS Choir Director: Judge; Phil Raschke, Arts Commission Chair, who was the judge; and Randy Richards, emcee.
  • Police Incidents:
    • Stabbing/Idlewild SW: Lakewood Patrol responded to Idlewild Rd. SW for a stabbing with the suspect fleeing on foot. Patrol arrived on scene in 3 minutes and containment was set up. Apparently the victim heard someone in his carport so he went outside and saw the suspect grabbing tools out of his toolbox. He confronted the suspect who fled on foot. The victim followed and when the suspect got to the tree-line, he turned and stabbed the victim in the left side of his stomach and then ran off into the woods. . K9 tracked for the suspect but he was not located.
    • Vandalism/112th St. SW: An officer contacted AMR ambulance regarding a vandalism. Apparently while AMR was on a call at on 112th St. SW at 1254 am. The ambulance was tagged with spray paint.
    • Burglary in Progress/Washington Ave SW: Patrol responded to a Washington Ave. SW address for a burglary in progress. Once on scene, an officer located the suspect in the garage of the listed residence with a handful of tools he had just taken from the garage. The suspect was arrested and booked for Burglary 2nd degree.
    • Males Fighting/29th Ave Ct. S: Officers were dispatched for two male subjects fighting. Upon arrival they observed both subjects physically fighting each other. One subject decided to run and an officer gave chase. The subject ran into the side of the apartment complex building as he rounded a corner and the officer was able to force him onto the ground. After a short struggle to gain control, the subject was restrained and escorted back to the patrol vehicle. Lakewood Fire responded to treat the subject for the abrasions caused by the concrete. During the medical evaluation, it was discovered the subject had a very small puncture wound on the lower right side of his abdomen. Both subjects denied any knowledge of a weapon being used during the fight and the original 911 caller stated no weapons seen. A check of the location of the fight and arrest location was completed for any signs of a weapon or other item likely to cause injury, but nothing located. Subject transported to St. Clare Hospital for medical treatment that resulted in a gauze pad being placed over the small hole. Both subjects booked into jail for multiple felony and misdemeanor warrants.
    • Residential Burglary: The victim is a soldier who returned from a 2 week field training exercise to his apartment. He discovered someone had forced open a window to the bottom floor unit. The victim lost televisions, electronic equipment, a comic collection and other property. The manager of the complex was in another apartment and located some of the victim's property which was returned. Good suspect information obtained and a search warrant was written and served at the suspect apartment, but no additional property recovered.
    • Stabbing: A male subject was located walking near the entrance to a complex bleeding from his neck. He told a passerby he was stabbed by an unknown male suspect. When patrol arrived, the victim was very evasive and did not provide any real description of the suspect. He eventually said he became involved in a confrontation with a male suspect who was making fun of the Army. The victim recently returned from Iraq and was intoxicated. He was transported to Madigan with non life threatening injuries.
    • Burglary in Progress/114th St Ct SW: The residents of a home on 114th St Ct SW woke up to find a male subject inside the residence. The suspect fled out the back door. The victim didn't find anything missing and said she left the back door unsecured. K9 tracked but the suspect was not located.