City Managers Weekly Info Bulletin 7/18/08

July 18, 2008
To: Mayor and Members of the City Council
From: Andrew Neiditz, City Manager

  • American Lake Boat Launch to Temporarily Open: American Lake Park Boat Launch will open temporarily on Saturdays and Sundays beginning July 19th. The site is open from 7:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. on the weekends and launching will be FREE. The Parks Department was able to build a temporary float system to support launching. The site is still under construction so everyone is advised to use care and caution when launching their boats. Informational signage and fencing is in place to help boaters use the site appropriately. We hope to have the new floats, gangways and piles in place by August 4, 2008, at which time the site will be open seven days a week for boat launching. The site will close in late September so we can finish the site improvements.
  • Lakewood city manager "credentialed" by ICMA: After completing the voluntary credentialing program of the International City Management Association (ICMA), the Lakewood city manager this month received official notification of his designation as an ICMA Credentialed Manager. The program is a means of defining and recognizing an individual ICMA member who is a professional local government manager qualified by a combination of education and experience, adherence to high standards of integrity, and an assessed commitment to lifelong learning and professional development. Managers are recognized by ICMA through a peer review credentialing process, and this self-directed program offers an opportunity to quantify the unique expertise city managers bring to their communities. There are currently 11 credentialed city managers/administrators in Washington State.
  • New Population Numbers: The Office of Financial Management approved updated population numbers for cities, towns, and counties in Washington State. For 2008, Lakewood's estimated population has been set at 58,780.
  • AWC Awards Mini-Grant to City: The Association of Washington Cities (AWC) awarded a $600 mini-grant to Lakewood's Wellness Program. These funds assist with program components/events that target intervention opportunities identified by the 2007 employee health questionnaire's risk factors.
  • 2008 Code Enforcement Cases: As of July 18th, there area total of 195 code enforcement records entered for 2008: 36 have been closed; 109 are pending; and 50 cases remain open.
  • Property Abatement Status Report
    • 10008 Lexington Avenue SW - Filed notice of intent to abate July 16
    • 9628 Oak Lane SW - Contract written; waiting for legal review.
    • 12907 Naomilawn Drive SW - Demolition by new owner nearing completion.
    • 10016 47th Avenue SW - Contract written; waiting for legal review.
    • 6717 100th Street SW - Lower priority project; waiting to complete higher priority abatements.
    • 6504 Hillcrest Drive SW - Filed notice of intent to abate July 16.
    • 8301 Custer Road SW - Filed notice of intent to abate on July 16; working on bid request.
    • 8011 Oakridge Drive SW - Emergency clean-up completed July 17. Compliance appeal date July 21.
    • Rose Garden Motel - Documents prepared; waiting to set City Council date for review/action.
    • Berthiamue - Documents prepared; waiting to set City Council date for review/action.
  • Police incidents:
    • DUI/MVC, Butte Dr SW/Butte Terrace SW: A minivan crossed the center line and hit a Honda head on. The Honda's driver was airlifted to Harborview but should be OK. The passenger of the Honda was treated and released. The driver of the minivan was arrested for DUI and provided involuntary blood prior to transport to the hospital. Traffic broke from the DUI emphasis in University Place to handle.
    • DUI/Assault/Resisting: Pacific Hwy SW/Bridgeport Way SW: An officer made a traffic stop and conducted field sobriety tests on the driver. As he was arresting the suspect driver for DUI, the suspect fought with the officer and ran on foot on Bridgeport over I-5. The officer chased him on foot to the other side of the bridge. The suspect was apprehended by K-9, and then airlifted to Harborview due to the severity of injury, with tendon and artery damage. The suspect will be charged with multiple crimes including Assault 3, DUI, obstructing, and resisting. The suspect also had several warrants for his arrest including a Mason County felony warrant.