City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 6/1/07

June 1, 2007
To: Mayor and Members of the City Council
From: Andrew Neiditz, City Manager
  • Asphalt Overlay – Bridgeport Way and Custer Road: The overlaying of the intersection of Bridgeport Way and Custer Rd, which is part of this year’s asphalt overlay contract, will commence on Monday June 4th. The contractor is limited to doing this work during the night time hours of 7 PM to 5 AM. This work will be completed on June 15th. To do this work on Monday through Friday during the designated work hours, Bridgeport Way will be closed to thru traffic and Custer will be limited to one lane in each direction. During the work hours local access traffic will be allowed on Bridgeport Way but all through traffic will be detoured over to Lakewood Drive. All affected businesses and residences have been notified as well as the School District and emergency responders. Reader-boards on Bridgeport Way and Custer Rd informing the driving public of this pending work have been up since June 30th.
  • Neighborhood Traffic Control Program: A Neighborhood Traffic Control Program has been implemented on 104th Street between Lake Louise Drive and Idlewild Rd as a result of citizen complaints. A speed study has confirmed excessive speeds (7mph over posted speed limit). Phase I measures including targeted enforcement have not been successful in reducing speeds, and we are presently evaluating Phase 2 measures including the installation of permanent traffic calming devices. Accordingly, a survey is being sent within the next week to adjacent property owners, to include a total of 282 survey letters, seeking their input on 6 possible measures. Once the results of the survey are compiled a public meeting with all stake-holders (adjacent residences, School District, public safety and CTRC) will be held to discuss the pros and cons of the preferred traffic calming measures. Implementation of traffic calming measures may be dependent on available funding.
  • Gravelly Lake Association Meeting: The city manager was a speaker at the annual meeting this week of the Gravelly Lake Association on the subject of street ends. The proposed strategy was presented in regards to extensive community input, the September informational meeting, development of criteria for assessment by the PRAB, and the role of the City Council in determining policy after recommendations are developed later this fall. The meeting was well attended and there was quite a bit of dialogue, and questions and answers.
  • Storm Damage Claims: In regards to the December 14th wind storm, the City has been notified that $52,219 of the $63,853 in claims submitted by Public Works has been approved by FEMA as eligible cost for reimbursement, at an 87.5% reimbursement rate, which totals $45,692. In addition, Parks will receive $1,626.64 and Police will receive $979.76 for their respective claims. Most of the FEMA non- eligible costs related to the preventive action the City took to remove a potentially hazardous tree at 9 Forest Glen, and the City will now pursue restitution of its expenses from the property owner. Official notice to the last remaining nine of the original 61 properties who have yet to remove their December 14th wind storm trees from their fronting street right- of-way will be sent this week. These notices will give the property owner until June 15th to remove the debris; noncompliance could result in a $500 fine for violating city code.
  • Torch Run: A statewide “Torch Run” is held each year prior to the opening of the Special Olympics Washington Summer Games. Police officers carry the “Flame of Hope” across the state in a relay that culminates at the SOWA Summer Games Opening Ceremonies at McChord Air Force Base. This year’s event took place on June 1st as the torch passed through Lakewood on its way to the opening ceremony at McChord, with staff at City Hall cheering our officers on.
  • Sewer Project: In accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), the City of Lakewood released this week the American Lake Gardens/Tillicum Sewer Extension Project Environmental Assessment (EA). The release of the EA initiates a 30- day comment period which expires on July 7th. Public Works has maintained an extensive list of individuals who have expressed interest in the sewer project, and these persons will receive written notice of the availability of the EA. Copies of the EA are available at Lakewood City Hall (second floor), the Lakewood and Tillicum libraries, and online at www.cityoflakewood.us, starting early next week.
  • Abatement Report: Code Enforcement completed the physical abatement of a long-time nuisance property in Tillicum, removing two houses and two mobile homes that were heavily contaminated from methamphetamine production, three sheds, two cars, and three septic tanks, leaving a clean, vacant lot. The largest abatement conducted by the City to date, the final cost for this abatement is expected to be $37-40,000. Legal filings and hearings must still be conducted by the Legal Department. Additionally, staff issued an abatement order for a vacant, dilapidated house in Lake City, which has also been the repeated site of drug activity, and is receiving bids for the abatement of a dangerous carport and junk vehicles on a third property. The division is also preparing an abatement order for another long-standing nuisance property, in Woodbrook, containing three illegal and/or dilapidated mobile homes and a dilapidated house.