City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 5/25/07

May 25, 2007
To: Mayor and Members of the City Council
From: Andrew Neiditz, City Manager
  • Lakewood Senior Center Open House: The Lakewood Senior Activity Center celebrated its first full year at the new location on Lakewood Drive with its Second Annual Lakewood Senior Activity Center Open House held on May 17th, with well over 125 guests in attendance. Many diverse vendors and booths were displayed throughout the center including AARP, Lakewood Police and Fire Departments, Therapeutic Footwear, and St. Clare Hospital. Word is spreading about the many programs we offer for Older Adults. The event would not have been nearly as successful without the great help of our many volunteers.
  • Seatbelt Enforcement Project: LPD is currently participating in a nation-wide seatbelt enforcement project. The Washington State Traffic Safety Commission has awarded grant funding for 45 extra patrols from 21 May through 3 June, 2007. The patrols focus on nighttime seatbelt use, LPD is conducting enforcement at all major intersections throughout the city.
  • Victim Rights Conference: Ann-Marie Dvorak of our Legal Department attended a Victim Rights Conference in Portland on May 18-19. The Conference focused on successful, effective implementation of constitutionally protected crime victim rights. Although crime victim rights are mandated, implementation strategies are still evolving.
  • Motorcycle Safety Update: Officer Jeff Hall is scheduled to coordinate efforts with Puget Sound Safety as a part of the Department’s partnership with them to further motorcycle safety in Lakewood and greater Pierce County. The meetings include:
    • May 28, 2007- Presentation to PSS instructor cadre on enforcement issues and trends we see as traffic officers in reference to motorcycles on our roads. Meeting at their outdoor facility behind Tacoma Mall.
    • June 1, 2007- Meet with PSS at Pacific Raceways in Kent, WA, for a street riders track day. This is an advanced safety course for the street riding community on the closed race track course
    • September 21, 2007- Again meet with PSS at Pacific Raceways for another street rider track day, interacting with instructors and civilian clients.
  • Disaster Preparedness Fair: Approximately 140 people attended the Lakewood Fire Department-sponsored a Disaster Preparedness Fair on Saturday, May 21st, supported by the Lakewood Police Department. The goal of this event was to provide citizens with information they could use to assist in preparing for any type of disaster. There were displays set up by electrical and water utilities, the Red Cross, Health Department as well as local businesses with products that could be used by citizens to help them survive in a disaster situation.
  • Clover Park Rotary Club SWAT Briefing: LPD Sgts Kolp and Eakes, and Officers Sivankeo and Hall, conducted a SWAT briefing for the Clover Park Rotary Club this week. The brief included an equipment display, an overview of the Metro SWAT team, its mission, and a question and answer session. Everyone that attended came away with a better understanding of the dynamics of SWAT, how it is used, and what it takes to maintain the capability required to maintain training currency.