City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 11/17/06

November 17, 2006
To:     Mayor and Members of the City Council
From:Andrew Neiditz, City Manager
  • Council Voting Record: The Clerk's Office and Information Systems have deployed the Council's Voting Record with associated links to a database of Council minutes, ordinances and resolutions on the City's website. These records can be found under City Council Meeting Minutes/Council Voting Record.
  • Lakewood Historical Society: The Lakewood Historical Society received official notice from the IRS with a determination that it is exempt from Federal income tax under section 501 (c) (3). In addition, they accepted the Society’s request to make the effective date October 15, 1998, the formation date of the Society. Now that the Society is approved, they can move ahead with fund raising plans, with emphasis on the Annual Fund for this year.
  • 1st Degree Burglary Arrest:  Patrol was dispatched for a home invasion robbery in which the known suspect had just fled. Arriving units were setting up containment and Officer Fraser saw a male matching the suspect description running from the scene. He was able to apprehend and detain him and the subject was positively identified by the victim as the suspect. The suspect entered the victim’s house through a back window when the victim was gone. The victim arrived home to find him, a neighbor from across the street, still in the house holding a bunch of the victim’s property, to include the victim’s gun. The victim made the suspect drop the gun and the rest of the property. Suspect then fled the house until caught by Fraser. He was booked for 1st degree burglary.
  • Foot Pursuit/Warrant Arrest: Officer Noble attempted a traffic stop on a moped rider for not wearing a helmet. The rider laid the moped down and fled on foot from the area of 109th and Montgrove. The suspect was found by Officer Russell near the railroad tracks at 108th and Lakeview. There was a brief foot chase before the suspect was taken in to custody. Once we got his real name we found a warrant out of California for 2nd degree robbery parole violation.
  • Domestic Violence Conference: Rebecca Hendricks, Victim Advocate, attended a conference titled “The Children and Families Experiencing Domestic Violence Conference.”  It was held at the University of Washington and had over 500 participants.  One of the keynote speakers was from the University of Toronto and had developed a program called Caring Dads, which is a parenting program for Dads, which appears to have some success in the area of domestic violence.  The other keynote speaker was from the University of Michigan, and works with a program called Kids’ Club, a kind of support group for kids affected by domestic violence.  The speaker spoke to the realities that children are incredibly traumatized and damaged by domestic violence, even if they only hear the violence and don’t personally witness it.   The training was very beneficial, and highlighted a lot of great ideas, while also addressing the reality that funding and implementation of services is essential.
  • Legal Training: Mike McKenzie, Assistant City Attorney, attended a legal ethics training about amendments to the Washington State Rules of Professional Conduct for attorneys, taught by two Seattle University law professors and the Washington State Bar’s disciplinary counsel.  Cynthia Wright, Paralegal, attending training in Seattle this week entitled Trial Preparation from Start to Finish.  The course covered case management and organization, discovery techniques, document control and organization, witness preparation for deposition and trial, use of evidence and exhibits and legal ethics.
  • Police Department Commissioning and Awards Ceremony: LPD’s quarterly commissioning ceremony on November 17th included new commissions for new officers and promotions for Asst Chief Farrar, Lt Maurer, Sgt Zaro, and Det. Miller. Special awards were also awarded to several citizens for their roles in assisting police in major arrests. The Chief’s commendation was awarded to former CSO Jason Jennings and Explorer Lisa Cree, and also to Officer David Butts; and the Chief’s Citation Award was issued to Office James Syler.