City Manager's Weekly Info Bulleting 7/27/07

July 27, 2007
To: Mayor and Members of the City Council
From: Andrew Neiditz, City Manager
  • National Night Out Events in Lakewood: On August 7th, over 40 neighborhoods in Lakewood will be observing Night Out Against Crime. Almost 3,000 Lakewood residents are expected to take part in this year’s observances. This is the 24th year of the international observance of law enforcement-community partnerships working together to remove crime and drugs from their neighborhoods. Lakewood’s additional theme is Preparing for a Possible Pandemic. “Pandemic Preparedness Kits” will be distributed to event participants. Police and fire departments will visit NNO events, as will elected officials, NNO sponsors and honored guests. The Lakewood NNO events are sponsored by the Lakewood Police Department and the Safe Streets Campaign.
  • Traffic Calming Public Meeting: In accordance with the City’s Neighborhood Traffic Control program, the Public Works Department has scheduled a public meeting with the neighborhood residents and the users of 104th St from Lake Louise Dr. to Idlewild Rd. The meeting is to discuss traffic calming measures there and will be held at Lakes High School on Tuesday, August 7th from 6:30pm to 8:00pm.
  • News Tribune Coverage of Volunteers at Lakewood Police Department: Volunteer Disabled Parking Enforcement Coordinator Kristy Kernen will be “shadowed” by reporter Rob Tucker and his camera man while on “DPE training” duty Friday July 27th, from 1300-1500 hours. The article is expected to be published on July 29th.
  • Abatement Cleanup On Nixon Ave: A City-hired abatement contractor began work on the cleanup of a house and property contaminated from illegal methamphetamine production on Nixon Avenue SW, just 300 feet from Fort Steilacoom Park. While working through the legal and contracting process, the City had the house boarded up as an emergency measure, as the owner/meth-cook kept breaking in, and realtors were reportedly taking people through the contaminated house. The cleanup should be complete shortly, and a buyer is waiting to purchase the house as soon as the City and the Health Department release it.
  • Clover Park School Superintendent: The city manager met this week with the newly-appointed CPSD executive team, Superintendent Al Cohen and deputy superintendent Debbie LeBeau, to ensure continued coordination of cooperative and joint efforts between the City and the District.
  • LPD Firearms Instructor Training: Range master and LPD Officer, Brian Wurts took LPD’s firearms instructors to a WSLEFIA (Washington State Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor Association) training event last week. LPD took third in the three gun competition (only a couple second spread from first to third) out of many agencies from around the State and Canada. One of our instructors, Sergeant Ralph Evans, took first in the shotgun category. All of the instructors attended numerous four hour blocks each day to include tactical rife (taught by Massad Ayoob who is a nationally know firearms instructor) and handgun teaching techniques taught by another nationally known instructor. Four of the instructors attained the Glock armorer certification so we now have an adequate number for a department of our size. The LPD program meets or exceeds National and State standards, and our LPD firearms instructors are building a great reputation for our own program and our skill set.