City Manager's Weekly Info Bulleting 8/3/07

August 3, 2007
To: Mayor and Members of the City Council
From: Andrew Neiditz, City Manager
  • Environmental review of Tillicum/American Lake Gardens sewer project: This week, the City issued a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) for the Tillicum/American Lake Gardens sewer project. This is one of the more significant milestones that have to be accomplished prior to beginning sewer line construction.
  • Street Lighting in Springbrook: The new street lighting system along Bridgeport Way within the Spring Brook area from I-5 to San Francisco Ave has been installed and is operational.
  • STW and Steilacoom Blvd Drainage Project: Beginning next week, the S Tacoma Way and Steilacoom Blvd Drainage Improvement project will be out for bids. This project involves redirecting the outlet of the existing drainage system that presently services the intersection as well as a significant portion of 88th St easterly to a publicly owned and operated system. This project would eliminate flooding in the area, and by redirecting flow into a public system, maintenance of the system can readily be performed. The project involves reconstructing about 1000 linear of undersized storm pipe within the travel lanes of Steilacoom Blvd and accordingly is being bid for night time construction work.
  • City assists with USGA Junior Girls Championship: The LPD Explorers served as volunteers at last week's USGA Junior Girls Championship. They received glowing praise from Jack Butson, Parking/Security Committee Chairman, on behalf of the Tacoma Country and Golf Club. An excerpt of the thank you note reads, “In addition to serving as much needed volunteers, they were delightful individuals to get to meet and work along side. Their supervisor, Officer Cheri Gumm, was a great help and her guidance to my parking committee was greatly appreciated. In addition, Sgt. Joe Kolp was a great asset in putting me in touch with the individuals that I needed to contact to make it all happen. Everything ran smoothly and the USGA personnel in attendance were quite impressed. Again, thank you to Lakewood's Finest...”
  • AG’s Domestic Violence Advisory Group: Ann-Marie Dvorak, Victim Advocate in the City’s Legal Department, has been asked to join the Domestic Violence Advisory Group being formed by the Attorney General’s Office.
  • National Community Crisis Response: Victim Advocates Rebecca Hendricks and Ann-Marie Dvorak successfully completed the National Community Crisis Response Team Training, when they attended the National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA) Conference on July 24-26, and are eligible to respond to local and national emergencies.
  • Sewer connection across 104th: On August 4th, a developer will be making a sanitary sewer connection across 104th street at Butte Drive, and both Butte and 104th St will be temporarily closed off. Detours routes will be marked and advance signage has been posted. A Public Works construction inspector will be on site during the construction activities.
  • Bridgeport retaining wall: The construction of a retaining wall on the west side of Bridgeport Way between Leach Creek and Flanegan Road is planned for action shortly. The purpose of the retaining wall is to be able to cut back on the property slope to provide additional sight distance to the vehicles exiting Flanegan Road, as well as allowing for the future construction of the ultimate improved roadway section through the area. The inclusion of artistic features into the project, since it’s adjacent to the City’s entry way, is expected to be accommodated within the project’s budgeted amount. Public Works well present the two wall design concepts that have been developed to the Art Commission on August 6th.
  • Employee Wellness Program: The Spring Alive with 5 & 5 campaign has come to an end. The City of Lakewood team collectively participated in 225,456 minutes of physical activity over ten weeks. The team achieved 163% of the overall collective goal.
  • Habit for Humanity house: Lakewood building inspectors reported that the City’s first Habit for Humanity house on Yew Lane SW in Lakewood was completed and signed off this week. Inspectors said the house turned out very nice, and was very well built, considering it was the work of a group of volunteers, and that they were a pleasure to work with