City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 8/24/07

August 24, 2007
To: Mayor and Members of the City Council
From: Andrew Neiditz, City Manager
  • Gambling Moratorium: The Planning Advisory Board met this week and requested preparation of a resolution of intent to be reviewed on September 5th, reflecting a motion it made and accepted, recommending that the City Council extend the current gambling moratorium pending additional study of the gambling issue.  The extension is requested to review any available studies regarding effects of gambling and to conduct public hearings.
  • 104th Neighborhood Traffic Control Meeting: Public Works hosted a neighborhood meeting this week for discussion about 104th between Lake Louise and Hipkins. With about 40 in attendance, there was an opportunity for questions to be answered about various community concerns about speed and safety. While there were differing viewpoints about speed limits, there was strong support for consideration of sidewalks. There appeared to be a strong lack of support for traffic calming devices. Staff will review the input with the Citizens Transportation Review Committee.
  • Meeting with Port Executives: The city manager met this week with the Port of Tacoma’s executive director, board president and other senior staff to discuss the Port’s interest in the American Lake Gardens industrial park area.
  • Sewer Project Update to Rotary Club: Transportation Division Manager Desiree Winkler was the speaker at the Clover Park Rotary Club this week, as Public Works presented an update on the Tillicum American Lake Gardens sewer project. The project is 60 percent through design at this point.
  • Lakeview Light and Power franchise: The negotiation process for a franchise with Lakeview Light and Power is close to completion at the conclusion of this week’s meeting with their management. The franchise should be ready for discussion with the City Council in the next 60 days.