City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 1/12/07

January 12, 2007
To:     Mayor and Members of the City Council
From:Andrew Neiditz, City Manager
  • Traffic Accident Reductions: Final figures indicate a 16% reduction of collisions in Lakewood from 1,308 in 2005 to 1,094 in 2006. The decrease was more substantial until the recent period of bad weather in November and December.
  • All Hazard Radios: The state Department of Emergency Management has provided all schools in the state with NOAA "all hazards radios." Lakewood PD volunteer Mike Kanter and Lakewood citizen Terry Mason, both members of the Pierce County Citizen Corps Council, have volunteered to set up the radios in all Clover Park District schools.  All hazards radios provide continuous weather information directly from the National Weather Service and are a single source for comprehensive weather and emergency information.  Emergency information includes warning and post-event information for all types of hazards, including natural, environmental and public safety (such as AMBER alerts).
  • City Manager’s “State of the City”: The city manager presented a “state of the city” speech to Lakewood United and also the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce on January 4th. The program highlighted progress made in 2006, and emphasized four areas for 2007 priorities: customer service, public safety, economic development, and communication. Reference was made to the newsletter, Lakewood University, the upcoming community summit on February 24th, and the new on-line customer service system about to be launched.
  • Seizure Money: The Special Operations unit of the Lakewood Police Department seized $361K in assets in 2006. A net amount of $148,480 related to narcotics investigations has been banked for 2006. The money is the result of direct cash seizures and property converted for department use or auction. This figure is reported to the State of Washington and the City pays ten percent of this figure to them. Remaining seizure assets are either not narcotics related or still pending the completion of seizure hearings.
  • Joint Legislative Task Force on Prison Reform: As the representative of the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs (WASPC) on this issue, Chief Saunders testified on January 11th in favor of the pending legislation sponsored by Senators Carrell and Regala to reform state prison and offender community re-entry.    He has participated for the past year in the joint legislative task force and as co-chair of the sub-committee studying community transition and state/local partnerships. He also represented the City of Lakewood on this issue.
  • Lake City Neighborhood Meeting: On January 11th, the Lakewood Police and Community Development departments conducted a neighborhood meeting in Lake City, with 11 residents in attendance.  The neighborhood had been experiencing some problems with a legal nonconforming business and was seeking advice on how to address such topics as vehicle storage, right-of-way violations, and noise.
  • Community Development Director passes mid-century milestone: Director David Bugher celebrated his 50th birthday this week on January 11th, and the department staff agreed to wear sweater vests in his honor.
  • Building and Development Activity Recap: The following chart is a summary of progress made in development activity in 2006.

    Community Development Department 2006 Year-End Statistics

    1.           New construction valuation:


    2.           Total number of building permit applications submitted: 


    3.           Total number of building permit applications issued: 


    4.           Percentage of building permits issued the same day as the application date: 


    5.           Percentage of building permits issued within 10 days of the application date: 


    6.           Percentage of building permits issued within 30 days of the application date: 


    7.           Total number of land use/planning permit applications submitted: 


    8.           Total number of land use/planning permit applications issued: 


    9.           Number of Permit Counter Walk-in clients: 


    10.       Number of telephone calls received by the community development department:


    11.       Number of business license renewal applications processed: 


    12.       Number of building inspections performed: 


    13.       Number of Hearing Examiner hearings:

    14.       Number of department employees: