City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 12/1/06

December 1, 2006
To:     Mayor and Members of the City Council
From:Andrew Neiditz, City Manager
  • Lakewood assists Steilacoom with Dangerous Person: LPD assisted Steilacoom PD this week with an armed and barricaded subject near the border of Lakewood. The subject had just gotten out of the Army where he spent two tours in Iraq. He held Police at bay for over two hours and claimed to suffer from PTSD. SWAT negotiators were called to the scene just before the subject became more aggressive, exiting his home with knives in both hands, closing in on officers and demanding to be shot. LPD officers applied multiple rounds from a less-lethal shotgun at long distance which struck the subject in his torso and hit one of the knives in his hand. He gave up a short time later and was transported for medical evaluation by Steilacoom Fire.
  • Bond Rating Presentations to get City rated: The city manager, mayor, and finance director made three presentations in San Francisco this week to Standard & Poor’s, XL Capital Assurance, and Financial Security Assurance (FSA) to establish the City’s first rating for bonded indebtedness. This will allow the City to move forward on its LID (Local Improvement District) financing as well as the proposed LTGO (Limited Term General Obligation) Bond for the police station project.
  • DUI Grant awarded: The City was awarded $3,500 in grant money for LPD’s December DUI patrols. This will cover nine 6-hour shifts form December 1 through January 1. These funds are part of the “Drive Hammered Get Nailed” campaign and will be provided by LPD Traffic and Patrol Response units.
  • WASPC Conference: Chief Saunders attended the annual State Sheriffs and Police Chiefs Conference November 13-16. For the second consecutive year Lakewood Police Department was celebrated as a Washington state Circle of Honor Member for our successful fund raising towards Special Olympics.
  • Cyclocross: The City received a very special compliment from the organizers of last week’s Cyclocross event at Fort Steilacoom Park, thanking the City for its support and for their participation in the cyclocross race on last Saturday at Steilacoom Park.  “…nice, friendly officers, I hope they had as good a time at the event as the riders and spectators did.  By the way, I noticed on the national bicycle racing website, this race was touted as being held in LAKEWOOD, WA.  So, a little national recognition for your town...”
  • Motorcycle Protective Suits: LPD recently received a grant from the Washington State Traffic Safety Commission for the purchase and wear of the Aerostich motorcycle suits. All five motorcycle officers are now wearing these all-weather suits which add an increased level of protection and enables all-weather, all-season motorcycle enforcement.
  • Speed Projects through WTSC: The first phase of the East Pierce County Speed Project ended with over 11,000 tickets issued for speeding within the predetermined safety concern corridor. This is one of two test sites in the State sponsored by the Washington Traffic Safety Commission.   LPD provided staffing for the project that was funded 100% by the Washington Traffic Safety Commission. Our officers are set to participate in the second phase of the program which will start late January of 2007. The overall goal of the program is to reduce speed-related collisions thus reducing the amount of serious-injury and fatal collisions. LPD was recognized for its effort by receiving grant funding from the WTSC for three laser speed measuring devices. The LIDAR devices will be arriving later this month and will be placed into service with the traffic and patrol divisions.