City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 3/16/07

March 16, 2007
To: Mayor and Members of the City Council
From: Andrew Neiditz, City Manager
  • Lakewood Senior Center St. Patrick’s Day Party: Over 55 lucky leprechauns hunted for treasure and enjoyed snacks at a Saint Patrick’s Day party at the Lakewood Senior Activity Center. Monthly special events are just one of the many exciting offerings available to Lakewood older adults. Upcoming events include a Mothers Day tea, Fathers Day breakfast and Easter Egg Hunt. Stop by the Center located at the Lakewood Community Center on Lakewood Drive for a tour or to pick up a monthly newsletter.
  • American Lake Park Boat Launch and Site Improvements: The City just received a long awaited permit which will allow us to start construction of the boat launch and other site improvements at American Lake Park. Unfortunately, since the permit process took over a year to complete the water is now too high to work on the boat launch, so that this work will wait until the end of the boating season. However, we will start work on the upland site improvements to meet grant and other financing time schedules. The park will be closed during construction which is expected to begin in about eight weeks.
  • The Amazing Lakewood Race: The Lakewood Youth Council held the “Amazing Lakewood Race” on March 9th as an activity for high school youth on a day when they were out of school. The race had 14 check-in sites representing businesses, historic landmarks and youth-serving organizations. The teams had to decipher cryptic clues to find each site. Ten teams and over 45 youth participated in the event. The winning team was a group of students from Lakes High School.
  • Public Works Trust Fund Application: Public Works submitted an application to the Public Works Trust Fund Board for preliminary engineering related to construction of site side sewers in conjunction with connecting individual residential properties to the City’s American Lake Gardens/Tillicum sewer project. The submittal was essentially a dry run on our part to see how the application rated. This week we were notified that our application got a score of 86. We also got critical information on how to improve that score which we will use to modify the application when we resubmit it in May for about $1.2 million in side sewer construction assistance funding.
  • City employee receives Outstanding Volunteer Award: Anita Booker-Hay, Assistant City Attorney, will receive a 2007 Outstanding Adult Volunteer award from Pierce County on March 17th for her work with the Community Juvenile Accountability Board.
  • Street Lights: In conjunction with our $25,000 CDBG funded street light project, we have reached an agreement with PSE to install approximately 91 street lights in the Lake City area, which is a CDBG eligible area. This project would essentially light up all the streets south of Veterans Dr except Lakeholme Rd. PSE will do this work for under $12,000. Lights should be up and operating some time in May. Because PSE facilities are not on Lakeholme Rd it would cost $30,000 just to do that road so it is being proposed as a potential future project. With the completion of this project, many of the requests on the City’s Street Lighting Request list are also addressed. This also frees up some funding for the Springbrook area which is also a CDBG funding eligible area, and will enable funding to assist with installing street lighting along Bridgeport Way from I-5 to San Francisco Ave.
  • Gang Presentation at Clover Park High School Community Cafe: LPD gave a presentation at the CPSD Community Café on community response to gangs, with about 120 citizens attending. The presentation provided an overview on LPD gangs and the LPD, CPSD, Safe Streets, and Lakewood Promise programs currently in place to provide prevention, intervention and suppression of gang activity.
  • Update on Current Abatements:
    • Next to the lot where a crime scene last year was located, a rental house sat burned out. Under encouragement from the City, the house was demolished. No other enforcement was necessary.
    • BEFORE: An old industrial building sat vacant and dilapidated, after years of enforcement problems. The structure was failing and the rear wall partially collapsed in the December windstorms.
      AFTER: Under enforcement and an abatement order from the City, the owner had the building removed.
    • BEFORE & AFTER: An abandoned business and neglected property. Portions of the building were dangerous. The owner was unresponsive through several years of enforcement efforts. The site became occupied by transients and was extensively vandalized.
    • BEFORE & AFTER: The week the abatement was to begin; the owner stepped up and agreed to clean up the property. In a very short timeline, under an agreement with the City, the owner corrected the violations. Minimal funds were expended by the City, and will be repaid by the owner.