City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 12/7/07

December 7, 2007
To: Mayor and Members of the City Council
From: Andrew Neiditz, City Manager
  • Lakewood Volunteer Patrol Receives Award: The Tillicum/Woodbrook Neighborhood Association awarded their 2nd annual Rudy “Rebel” Baker Award for Outstanding Community Service to the new Lakewood Volunteer Patrol squad on December 4th. Carol Hudgins, Debbie Kachman, Chris Kachman, and Andy Jacobs were recognized for their contribution this last July when they observed a vicious attack on a citizen in the Harry Todd Park. They obtained enough suspect and vehicle information to allow Police to make a quick arrest. Their quick action, which included calling 911 and providing first aid to the victim, made a tremendous impact on the community by demonstrating that every citizen has a duty to keep their neighborhood safe. The suspect was located, arrested and was recently sentenced to 22 months in prison for the assault.
  • B&I Counterfeit Investigation successful: The Lakewood Police Department’s Proactive Property Crimes Unit launched an investigation a few months ago into the sale of counterfeit merchandise by various vendors at shops located inside of the B&I Shopping Center at 8012 South Tacoma Way. “Counterfeit of Intellectual Property” accounts for a 600+ billion dollar a year business. All of the items purchased during the undercover operation were verified by the trade mark holder corporate investigators as being counterfeit. LPD served search warrants on six vendor locations within the B&I on December 5th, assisted by Puyallup PD and Sumner PD detectives, as well as private investigators employed by the trade mark holders. Although it is difficult to determine an exact dollar amount of this seizure of counterfeit merchandise until all of the items are sent to the respective trade mark holders, it is estimated “conservatively” that recovery will be in excess of $200,000. Criminal charges are pending on a number of store front owners and some employees. The trade mark holder-victims include: Coach, Nike, Dooney & Bourke, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Mitchell & Ness, Prada, Ralph Lauren, Ecko, Juicy, and Rolex.
  • Lakewood attends Governor’s Public Safety Communication Summit: Asst Police Chief Bret Farrar attended the Public Safety Communication Summit at SeaTac this week, with the focus on police agencies’ ability to communicate during emergencies. He also attended the City of Seattle-sponsored workshop on strategies for reducing gun violence in Washington State.
  • Motel Owners Association: Staffmembers from both Police and Community Development attended the first meeting of the Lakewood Motel Owners Association on November 27th. Twelve owners of local area motels were present to discuss common concerns, best practices, and ways to improve cooperation with the City.
  • City Managers Association Board meets in Lakewood: The executive board of the Washington City/County Management Association (WCCMA) held its quarterly meeting in Lakewood City Hall on November 29th. The agenda included a review of the mentoring program, and “regeneration” of new people and new ideas into the profession, as well as the appointment of a retiring member as a new “range-rider” to serve Washington cities with technical assistance. Lakewood’s city manager is the current president of WCCMA.
  • Citizen Rescued from a Burning Car: On November 28th at approximately 1245 hours, Lakewood PD Animal Control Officer Bill Mathies was on routine patrol when he came across a two car collision near the intersection of Gravelly Lake Dr SW on 112th St SW. ACO Mathies noticed what appeared to be smoke coming from the front end of one of the vehicles, and as he was advising dispatch of the collision, he saw the underside of the engine compartment burst into flames. At that time, the driver of the burning vehicle was still seated in the driver's seat with the door closed. ACO Mathies immediately went to the driver's door of the vehicle that was on fire and began telling the elderly and somewhat disoriented driver that he needed to get out of the vehicle. Without regard for his own safety, ACO Mathies reached inside the vehicle, removed the driver's seatbelt and had to extract him from the vehicle. Once he had the driver out of the vehicle, he took him to a safe location away from the burning car. It was at about that time; a bus driver showed up with a fire extinguisher and ACO was able to extinguish the fire. ACO Mathies demonstrated his true commitment to public safety and the citizens of Lakewood.