City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 5/16/08

May 16, 2008
To: Mayor and Members of the City Council
From: Andrew Neiditz, City Manager
  • Building Permit Valuation almost $36 million to date this year: Building permit valuation for projects including new construction, additions, and remodels for April 2008 totaled $6,061,223. For January through April, building permit valuation totaled $35,824,657. Of special note was the issuance of one of the Lakes High School building permits on May 5th at $34,219,362. Other large projects are currently in the plan review process, and it is anticipated that building permit valuation by the end of May will exceed $90 million.
  • Qwest Rebates Complete: The adjustment for customer credits for the City's utility tax overpayment by Qwest Corporation was completed on April 18th. The rate billed for the recovery was returned to 6.00% for customer bills processed beginning April 19th, and corrected tariffs have been filed with the WUTC.
  • American Lake Improvement Club: At the annual meeting of the American Lake Improvement Club on May 13th, the city manager presented an update on the City, and the parks director and police chief spoke on the status of American Lake Park, the boat launch, and proposed police coverage for the upcoming summer season. The City and ALIC members have worked cooperative over the last several years, and lake safety and police coverage have increased. About 45 residents were in attendance.
  • Business License Revocation Notice: The City issued a business license revocation notice to a 230-unit apartment complex located in American Lake Gardens on May 15th, and the owners have 10 days to appeal. The revocation process was initiated as a result of abnormally high calls for police service, including prostitution/robbery, multiple firearm violations, multiple counts of domestic violence/aggravated assault, mental health issues, homicide, attempted suicide, shootings, and illegal narcotics sales. The City’s intent is to halt the violence and the victimization of good tenants by placing conditions on the operation of the apartment complex, and to ensure compliance with the tenant landlord laws. Positive steps have already been initiated and the respective parties appear to be cooperating. However, this process allows the City to initiate steps to close the apartment complex if necessary.
  • Legal Department coordination with Puyallup: Representatives of the City Legal Department met with the Legal Department at the City of Puyallup to review and observe how their department is organized, the division of duties, and how they function on a day to day basis. The City of Puyallup will be moving into their new city hall in August 2008 and have invited our Legal Department back for another visit after their move. Members of the City of Puyallup Legal Department are planning a visit to Lakewood in the near future.
  • Sound Transit presents to city managers: At the monthly meeting of the area city managers/administrators this week, Sound Transit staff presented the strategic plans and options for ST2 and the impacts to Pierce County cities. There will be open house sessions in June at locations in Tacoma and Sumner.
  • Vision-setting workshop: Members of the City’s citizen advisory committees participated in three focus groups on May 14th to discuss their views of the City’s vision for the future. Two members of each committee took part in the exercise to provide input to the development of a City vision statement.
  • Waughop Lake treatment: The experimental calcium hydroxide treatment of Waughop Lake to control algae growth proved to be unsuccessful as an algae bloom exists and the Tacoma-Pierce Co Health Department will be posting the lake accordingly. This project was funded by a DOE grant as an experimental lake treatment proposal.