City Managers Weekly Info Bulletin 6/20/08

June 20, 2008
To: Mayor and Members of the City Council
From: Andrew Neiditz, City Manager
  • Summerfest on June 21st, LPD to Host Motorcycle Rally and Ride: The LPD Traffic Unit will host Lakewood’s second Motorcycle Rally and Ride on Saturday June 21st in connection with Summer Fest.
  • Lakefront Street Ends: The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board will again review and consider policy recommendations pertaining to the City’s lakefront street ends during its regular meeting on Tuesday, June 24th at 5:30pm in the Council Chambers.
  • Association of Washington Cities 75th Annual Meeting: The city manager and Councilmember Finnigan attended the AWC’s annual conference in Yakima this week with 535 participants representing cities around the state. Keynote speakers included Governor Gregoire and Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels. Work sessions covered numerous subjects including situational leadership, citizen communications, capital project planning, new State auditing standards, infill development and downtown housing, “going green”, and the new streamlined sales tax program. The AWC approved its resolutions in preparation for the 2009 legislative agenda. Councilmember Finnigan served on the AWC nominations committee; the city manager is an AWC boardmember and also served on the resolutions committee.
  • Claudia Thomas Recognized by Boys and Girls Club: Councilmember Claudia Thomas was recognized this week by the Boys and Girls Club of South Puget Sound for her exceptional leadership in working with and advocating for youth. She was presented the 2008 Community Service Award in front of a large audience at the Tacoma Dome Exhibition Center on June 17th.
  • Special Ops Seizure: The LPD Special Ops unit seized 61 guns, 201 marijuana plants and $256,000 in cash over last weekend in a series of warrants after receiving a Crime Stoppers tip about marijuana grow in Lakeview.
  • New Police Officers Graduate after Academy Training: Lakewood Police’s two newest officers graduated from the Criminal Justice Training Center this week. Officer’s James Dean and Noah Dier successfully completed five months of required academics and will now begin training with senior officers in the field.
  • Code Enforcement Status Report: The City’s Code Enforcement Division is reporting that 138 of 213 cases filed in 2007 have been closed. 75 cases from 2007 are still considered pending. Code Enforcement has received 139 cases so far in 2008, 13 of which have been closed.
  • Abatement Update: Following a collaborative inspection with Police, Building Division, and the Health Department, Code Enforcement posted an abatement notice on a property with two collapsing buildings, an occupied travel trailer, and two occupied houses. The septic system was failed and had an illegal repair, resulting in raw sewage piled and discharging onto the ground, and pooling under the main house. One house had a rotten roof and foundation and broken windows, and the other house did not have running water. The houses are rentals, owned by relatives of the occupants. Another house, in the area just north of Lake Steilacoom, will be posted for abatement in the next several days. The house is vacant, the property is piled with garbage, there are several dilapidated structures on the property and there is a large quantity of rotting meat inside and outside the buildings. While preparing the abatement action, Code Enforcement contacted representatives of the bank that is foreclosing on the property, and they have advised that the bank will send a crew out to the property immediately to clean up the garbage and secure the buildings.