City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 3/7/08

March 7, 2008
To: Mayor and Members of the City Council
From: Andrew Neiditz, City Manager

  • Bus Shelter Ribbon-cutting at Senior Activity Center: Pierce Transit officially commissioned its newest bus shelter on Lakewood Drive in front of Lakewood's Senior Activity Center on March 5th. Volunteers from the center, with leadership from Joan Smith, had coordinated efforts with Pierce Transit to provide for a safer place for seniors to wait for the bus.
  • Mobile Home Park Inspections: Community Development's Building and Code Enforcement divisions, together with Police, Lakewood Fire District, County and State agencies and Tacoma Power conducted coordinated inspections of a mobile home park with many illegal uses and conditions, and a large commercial property with multiple uses and various health and safety concerns. Staff is compiling the results of the inspections and will be communicating the required corrections to the owners in writing, likely in the form of Notice and Order to Abate Public Nuisance. The coordinated inspections reflect the ongoing effort of the teamwork developed between a number of City departments and divisions - and between the City and other local and state agencies.
  • PSE Gas Main Replacement - Bridgeport Way: PSE's contractor, Pilchuck, will start gas main replacement on Bridgeport Way starting March 10th; with work during the day from 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM starting at Mount Tacoma Drive and traveling south to 100th, for about 3 weeks. Starting on March 30th, work will take place at night, 7:00 PM to 5:30 AM from 100th south to 111th, for about 6 weeks.
  • Removing Ft Steilacoom Park Maple Trees: The City's contractor will start removing five of the big Maples fronting Fort Steilacoom Park along Steilacoom Blvd starting next week. We also will remove deadwood from eight of the other big Maples along with raising their canopy to clear traffic, and we will be also be grinding down 6 stumps there. This work is a follow up to the December2006 wind storm where four of the big Maples blew down across Steilacoom Blvd. As a result, we had an arborist last summer review the condition of all the big Maples along the park fronting on Steilacoom Blvd.
  • Rule 6 Law Clerk Program Completion: Ann-Marie Dvorak, Victim Advocate, has successfully finished her first year of the Rule 6 Law Clerk Program. The Rule 6 Law Clerk Program, administered through the Washington State Bar Association, is a four year program that combines tutoring and academics with work experience. City Attorney Heidi Wachter is Ann-Marie's tutor and is responsible for supervising and guiding her education. Associate City Attorney Matt Kaser has also helped as an assistant tutor. Upon completion of the program, Ann-Marie will be eligible to take the Washington State Bar Exam.
  • City of Lakewood Domestic Violence Statistics February 2008:
    • 56 domestic violence incidents referred to City prosecutor's office
    • 63 domestic violence cases charged by City prosecutor's office
    • 19 petitions granted for DV protection orders through 3rd floor kiosk
    • 32 Domestic Violence cases adjudicated
    • 14 Stipulated Order of Continuances (deferred finding)
    • 1 dismissed per plea agreement
    • 12 dismissed lack of evidence
    • 5 guilty pleas
  • LPD Explorers Compete: The Explorers recently successfully competed in the Federal Way Competition, which focused on Teamwork and Communication within their team. The Explorers showed that they are indeed a team and came back with three medals, including two medals for 2nd in the Bus Assault and Active Shooter, and one for 3rd place in the High Risk Warrant Search.
  • LPD Patrol: Stalking Arrest - A DV suspect was arrested without incident for DV stalking, assault, malicious mischief, and five warrants. However, once he was inside the patrol car he went berserk, head butting the car until he opened a significant laceration on his forehead, spreading blood all over the interior of the car. The suspect also damaged the rear passenger door frame, bending it outward. When being taken out of the car for medical aid the suspect spit at two officers, and was subsequently transported to St. Clare.
  • Burglary/Attempted Extortion: NPO Brian Wurts made a routine contact of a business in the International District and learned the business had been burglarized and the owner was being threatened in an attempt to extort $30,000. Wurts identified a suspect, who lives in King County and was eventually arrested there by the KC Sheriff's Office. The suspect was interviewed by investigators from the Property Crimes unit and confessed. During a search of the suspect's residence, more evidence of the burglary and extortion were found as a small 20-30 plant marijuana growing operation. Special Operations investigators assisted with the investigation into the marijuana grow.