City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 2/15/08

February 15, 2008
To: Mayor and Members of the City Council
From: Andrew Neiditz, City Manager
  • Crime Early Warning System: On February 4th, the Tacoma Police Department hosted the grant kick-off for the “Crime Early Warning System – CEWS”. This grant is a multi-agency endeavor involving Tacoma and Lakewood Police Departments. The focus of this grant is to have informational alerts based on data received from 9-1-1 calls and reports sent to first-level supervisors and patrol officers when a crime “spikes” in an area. When the supervisors and officers receive the alerts, the goal is to have appropriate resources dedicated to the problem with a quick resolution. The expectation is to have the system operational mid-fall.
  • "State of the City" at Lakewood United: The city manager presented a “state of the city” talk to Lakewood United at its Thursday morning meeting this week, and discussed the Year-End report for 2007. The report is available on the City’s website. He also presented to the Clover Park Rotary Club at their February 6th meeting.
  • Police Department Awards Ceremony: At today’s awards program, the Medal of Distinguished Service was awarded to Officer Jeremy Prater, and the Life-saving Award to Officers Dan Tenney, James Lofland, Adam Leonard, Vince Sivankeo, and Charles Porche. Alex Kasuske was formally commissioned as Lieutenant. The Police Chief's Commendation was awarded to SWAT team members Sergeant Mark Eakes, Officers Vince Sivankeo, Charles Porche, Jeremy Vahle, Mark Renninger, Brian Markert, Matt Brown, Jon Waller, and Mike Wiley; and the Police Chief's Citation to Officer Austin Lee and Kris Nash
  • Volunteer Recognition Ceremony: At the February 14th Police Volunteers Recognition reception, Kristy Kernen and Sharron Kanter were nominated for the National Points of Light Citizen Outstanding Volunteer Award, and the Police Chief's Commendation was give to Terry Roy, Maddi Wivel and the Police Explorers. The Police Chief's Citation was awarded to Mike Kanter, Sharron Kanter, Kristy Kernen, and Chaplain Alvie Robbins.
  • Special Olympics kick off: Several members of the Lakewood Police Department attended the Special Olympics 2008 kick-off campaign in Seattle on February 8th. The Lakewood Police Department is involved in several fund raisers for Special Olympics. On April 12th will be the “Tip-A-Cop” fund raiser at all Red Robin restaurants. On May 2-3-4 will be the “Krispy Kreme Roof Sit”, where police will be sitting on the roofs of Krispy Kreme doughnut shops. June 6th will be the Law Enforcement Torch Run. Lakewood will be hosting a golf tournament and a fun run in August.