City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 2/10

February 10, 2006
To:      Mayor and Members of the Council

From: Andrew Neiditz, City Manager

  • Pacific Highway Street Improvement Project: Public Works has finally cleared the necessary environmental approvals associated with the Pacific Highway Street Improvement project from Bridgeport Way to 108th St.  Phase I will be advertised for bids around February 16th with bid opening scheduled for March 9th.  Phase I includes all the improvements (widening, curb & gutter, sidewalk, street lighting, landscaping, overlaying) except the Sounder Station site area improvements, and also the signalization at the Bridgeport Way intersection.  Those subsequent improvements are in Phase II which is anticipated to be bid in the beginning of 2007.
  • McChord Air Force Base proposed changes to Overflights: There will be a public open house on February 22nd to hear public comments on the proposed changes to overflights from McChord. Our preliminary review of the “supplemental environmental assessment” document indicates that a greater area in both Lakewood and Tacoma would be overflown and that the number of nighttime overflights would increase. Also, the air show training currently conducted at Moses Lake would be moved to McChord.
  • City Automated Traffic Enforcement Program: Requests for Proposals (RFP) responses are due on February 10th  from potential venders for the City’s Automated Traffic Enforcement program, which includes automated speed enforcement in school zones and automated red light running enforcement.  It is anticipated that Council award of contract would be March 20th with program start on May 15th.
  • Consultant Services Request for Proposal: Public Works is presently advertising for RFP’s for consultant services to assist in the update of that portion of the City code relating to Public Construction and Development Standards.  It is anticipated that the year-long process will involve a technical advisory group to represent the development community.
  • Neighborhood Traffic Control Open House Meeting: Public Works and Police held an open house meeting on February 9th on neighborhood traffic control with the residents along 104th St between Lake Louise Dr and Butte Dr.
  • Speed Enforcement in School Zones Program: Public Works sought and received a proposal from the City’s existing red light running vender to implement an early start of the automated speed enforcement in school zones programs.  If implemented said school zones enforcement program could be up and running on March 1st.  This would be just a short term program in place until May 15th when the longer more permanent would be in place.
  • Avian Flu: The Police Chief attended a table top exercise on the Avian Flu Crisis by State DOH, along with other State and County representatives.
  • Wal-Mart: Public Works and Community Development met on February 8th with Wal-Mart’s agents and contractors to discuss the construction of the proposed Wal-Mart located at the northerly end of Bridgeport Way SW.  We were informed that construction would begin either mid-or late March, 2006.  At this stage of the project, staff is waiting on the submittal of a projected work schedule and traffic control plan.  Public notification of surrounding property owners was discussed at length; a notification letter will be mailed to affected property owners 30-days prior to commencement of construction.  Their public relations consultant’s job is to keep the community informed of ongoing construction activity; and Wal-Mart proposes to conduct neighborhood meetings while the project is underway. The City will strictly adhere to enforcing the EIS mitigation measures, the hearing examiner’s decision, & zoning and building controls.
  • Armed Robbery Prevention: Community Service Officer Laurie Lowery taught an armed robbery prevention class at Sound Credit Union on February 7th to member employees from the branch at Bridgeport Way SW as well as a couple of Tacoma branches. She taught methods of recognition of potential suspects as well as robbery prevention methods.
  • LAAPAC:A radio interview about the Lakewood African American Police Advisory Council with Julius Brown will be on 1180 AM in Lakewood on February 22nd at 12 noon.