City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 9/30/05

September 30, 2005
To:      Mayor and Members of the Council

From: Andrew Neiditz, City Manager

  • 100 Best Communities Recognition: Lakewood was recognized nationally as one of 100 best communities for young people, along with Pierce County, by America’s Promise. We now have a chance to become a finalist in the next competitive selection process.
  • AWC Regional Meeting: Councilmember Thomas, Candice Bock, and the city manager attended the AWC regional meeting on September 28th in Tacoma. Topics discussed included legislative priorities and the apparent resolution of the streamlined sales tax proposal controversy between impacted and non-impacted cities.
  • Progress House alternatives: The mayor and city manager participated in a discussion at the County Executive’s office concerning the feasibility of locating the Progress House work release program at the county jail.
  • Executive Assistant Charleen Jacobs: The City wished Charleen well on her last day, September 30th, as she prepares for a new job challenge at Tacoma Public Utilities. She will be missed. Diane Jensen of the City Attorney’s office will be acting Executive Assistant starting October 3rd.
  • Economic Development Update:  Economic development administrator Hannan met with staff this week from Rushforth construction to update them on current and potential development and construction opportunities in Lakewood. City staff has held a half dozen briefing and city updates with other Pierce County engineering, investment and construction companies.
  • Certified Local Government:  On September 22nd, the US Department of Interior approved the City’s Certified Local Government (CLG) application.  CLG status allows the City to apply for historic preservation grants.  Many types of projects are eligible for funding.  By way of example these include staff work for historic preservation commissions, preparation of preservation plans, publication of historic sites inventories, and development of publications for walking/driving tours, and rehabilitation or restoration of properties individually listed in the National Register of Historic Places.
  • Morningtree Apartment Shooting:  On September 20th, Lakewood Police held a Community Meeting at the Morningtree Park Apartments in reference to the shooting that occurred there on September 3rd. A total of 31 people attended the meeting. Citizens were pleased and their concerns calmed. We gave them the opportunity to provide input on the police response and all were impressed with how quick officers arrived and how well they performed their job.
  • Community Policing Teams Attend Safe Streets “Community Asset Mapping Workshop”: On Saturday, September 24th most of the Neighborhood Police Officers, Community Service Officers, District Administrators, and a healthy dose of Blockwatch leaders attended a workshop devoted toward learning how to identify and mobilize resources in neighborhoods for safety and improved quality of life.  The workshop was sponsored by Safe Streets, and provided a wealth of useful information and techniques for community mobilization.
  • North East District Community Policing Strategy Workshops are happening on September 29 and early October: As part of developing a “resident-driven” community policing strategy for the North East District (LD03), LPD and Safe Streets co-hosted a community workshop on September 29.  Over 50 people attended.   The workshops focus are to collect feedback about desired community policing priorities, as well as to identify district residents who are willing to “roll up their sleeves” and pitch in to achieve solutions to these priorities.
  • Lakewood Economic Development and Police Staff Attend 10th Annual “Tae Kwon Do Day” festival: Assistant Chief Dave Hall, Officer Austin Lee, and Economic Development Administrator Joe Hannan were recognized at the 10th annual Tae Kwon Do Day festival, which was held on Saturday evening, September. 24th.
  • Adult Family Homes Update:  The Planning Advisory Board conducted a public meeting on September 28th to review the uniform permitting, inspection and enforcement procedures for residentially based, personal care and business activities located in residential zoning districts.  About 100 interested persons were present at the meeting.  Written comments were received from DSHS, and a representative of adult family home interests. The PAB also considered the establishment of a task force to evaluate 11 specific topics related to adult family homes and group homes.  Many of these have broad public policy implications, namely dispersion and spacing requirements with built-in exceptions for reasonable accommodation, developing reasonable accommodation guidelines, and the use of financial subsidies as a tool to disperse residentially based personal care facilities.  Once the board finalizes its recommendations, they will be forwarded to Council.
  • Work Release/PAB Update:  On October 12th, the Planning Advisory Board will conduct a kick-off meeting regarding land use regulations related to work release facilities within Lakewood.  This meeting is part of the adopted public participation plan approved by the city council.  Those attending will be provided with a history leading up to the current moratorium as well as an explanation on land use and public involvement.  An initial contact list has been prepared and will be expanded upon in the coming months.