City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 10/21/05

October 21, 2005
To:      Mayor and Members of the Council

From: Andrew Neiditz, City Manager

  • Washington State Association of Municipal Attorneys: The WSAMA Conference was attended by Heidi Wachter, Rocio Guerra and Mike McKenzie of the Legal Department on October 12-14, City Attorney Heidi Wachter was asked to chair a task force to review the Attorney General’s draft model rules on public disclosure and also serve on a committee to revise the publication of the public law ethics primer. She has also been appointed editor of the land use section of a model forms book being produced by MRSC.
  • Project Update: Sentinel Dr / Steilacoom Blvd / 87th Ave (Western State Hospital – LID 1102: This project was let out to bid on October 18th, with bid opening scheduled for November 1st; it includes street frontage improvements (primarily curb & gutter and sidewalk) on Sentinel Dr and 87th Ave and street and pathway lighting improvements along Steilacoom. Because the street and path lighting system utilizes significant amounts of PVC conduit, which is in short supply due to major manufacturing facilities being destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, Public Works was considering temporarily shelving the project.  After further consideration, Public Works decided to bid the project to evaluate the bidding climate.  If bids come in extremely high, we may choose to reject all bids and hold the project until next Spring.
  • Tillicum After School Program: This program, which combines academics, fitness and fun, will begin on Halloween, October 31st. Tillicum students are referred to the program by their teachers.  The program is a result of the collaboration of Communities in Schools, the USDA snack program, the Clover Park School District and the City’s Parks & Recreation Department.  It features a one hour classroom session that emphasizes reading and math skills and a follow-up recreation session that incorporates the skills practiced in the classroom.
  • Woodbrook Late Nite Program: This popular Weed & Seed funded program presented in conjunction with the Parks & Recreation Department will begin October 21st. Open to Woodbrook Middle School students only, this program provides a fun, safe environment where they feel welcome and can enjoy recreational activities. Registration is required through the school office.
  • Schooner’s Tavern: LPD has been working with the Schooner’s Tavern on a Voluntary Crime Prevention Plan. The cooperation with Schooner’s has been extraordinary and it has proven to help reduce violent and general calls for service at the facility during this time frame, and Schooner’s manager has become co-chair of the Lakewood Police Bar Owners Association. This is an example of cooperative work with a business in ensuring that the owners, management and employees understood and implemented the “Raising the Bar” best practices.
  • LPD “Play of the Week”: Last weekend, LPD received information that a Lakewood prisoner serving time at Wapato Jail had escaped by walking away from a work crew.  The escaped prisoner had been seen at Meadow Road.  Officers responded, but he had left the area.   Later, information was received that he was possibly hiding out at a house in Lakewood located on  78th St West.  Several officers responded but learned they were about an hour late.  Surveillance was also set up at the escapee’s mother’s house in Lakewood, where his truck was parked in front and word was that he had been trying all day to get the keys to the truck.  Later units converged on the 78th St West address and located the escapee in the carport; he was taken into custody without incident. He was booked into the Pierce County Jail for Escape 1st degree.
  • Public Works Grant Applications submitted (all listed in the 6-year TIP):
    1. Safe Routes to Schools Program – Lochburn Middle School: The City supported Clover Park School District’s application for this grant which will include: a) sidewalks along one side of 86th Street SW from Bridgeport to Lochburn; b) yellow flashing lights along Steilacoom Blvd.; and c) educational materials and resources for encouraging safe walking and bicycling to school.  The City dedicated $50,000 toward this project as designated in the 6-Year TIP (2006-2011).
    2. South Tacoma Way / 88th Street Intersection and Corridor Safety Program: The City applied for funding to provide modifications to this intersection including driveway relocation to line up with the existing 3-legged signal.  Other signal and access control improvements are proposed.  The City anticipates matching funds to come from the adjacent property owner who approached the City in helping provide such improvements.
    3. Motor Avenue / Whitman Avenue Intersection and Corridor Safety Program:  The City of Lakewood applied for funding to construct a 4-leg mast-arm traffic signal at this intersection.  This intersection has historically been the City’s top accident location.  The traffic signal will provide a controlled intersection and be consistent with the adjacent signal system through the Central Business District (CBD).
    4. Custer Road / John Dower Road Intersection and Corridor Safety Program:  The City of Lakewood applied for funding to provide protected left turn pocket and signalization on Custer Road.