City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 11/18/05

November 18, 2005
To:      Mayor and Members of the Council

From: Andrew Neiditz, City Manager

  • Walmart Permits: On November 14th, the Community Development Department issued a building permit and site development permit for the Walmart project. The off-site civil permit is pending.   The parties of record were noticed pertaining to the permit issuance.
  • Keep Lakewood Beautiful Joint Project: Construction started last week on the KLB/City joint beautification project at the intersection of Gravelly Lake Drive and Veterans. As Council will recall, this project resulted from a donation to KLB for the improvements, and they will be providing much of the work.  The City is providing the engineering along with installing curb and gutter around the island and removing of the asphalt pavement form.   As a volunteer project, it may take a few months to complete.
  • Hearing Examiner: The City’s Hearing Examiner considered two appeals this week. The first dealt with Adult family homes at Creekwood Drive and the other matter was a business license revocation appeal for Club Paradise.
  • New Business Block Watch: On November 15th, the Police Department (Lakeview NPO, CSO, and Operations Assistant Chief) attended a meeting of Business Owners on 100th Street SW.  In discussing their concerns, the Police suggested ways that the establishments can become harder targets.  The team also offered to provide a wide range of training and support to the Owners and their employees.
  • New Block Watch: Community Service Officer Jason Jennings held a new block watch November 3rd at John Dower Elementary. Approximately 20 people attended, mainly people who reside on the north side of John Dower. The discussion centered on crime prevention (mainly burglaries and personal safety), what a block watch is and how it works, and the possibility of incorporating PCNET into their community.
  • LPD Detective Teaches Basic Crime Scene Course: LPD Detective Bryan Johnson facilitated an intensive one-day Basic Crime Scene Examination course, presented to 35 LPD and regional law enforcement personnel on November 16th.  The course, which was held at the Lakewood Fire Department Training Room, included sections on fingerprint evidence, crime scene photography, and investigation scenarios.  Det Johnson is a regionally-recognized forensics expert who holds advanced certification and a graduate degree in forensic science.
  • Raising the Bar Training: LPD training for bar owners, managers and staff was conducted at the Great American Casino on November 3rd.  The State Liquor Control Board was also present, and there were 48 persons attending the class representing fourteen establishments. The presentation included both the legal requirements and the expectations of the WSLCB, with strong emphasis on the rules about over service.  Translation services were provided for the owners and workers of Korean establishments.
  • School Safety Fair: Tyee Park Elementary held its first Safety Fair on November 3rd, showcasing Lakewood’s many community resources. The event was attended by approximately 90 people. Attendees had the opportunity to speak to many different agencies including Lakewood Police and Fire Departments, Safe Streets, Department of Emergency Management, Law Enforcement Support Agency, and the Latino Advisory Board.   Much of the information was provided in Spanish as well as English and interpreters were available to assist when needed.
  • Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs Conference: Chiefs’ Saunders and Hall attended the fall WASPC Conference in Olympia November 18th and 19th. The Department was presented an award for contributions of over $5,000 last year to the Special Olympics.  Additionally, the Washington Liquor Control Board, National Center for Alcohol Law Enforcement, and LPD co-presented an orientation on Lakewood’s Raising the Bar Program.
  • St Francis Cabrini Service: Asst Chief Tim Lopez and Officer Michelle Hector attended the Sunday Service and Coffee hour on Sunday, November 6th. This is an ongoing outreach by the LPD’s Latino Police Advisory Board to integrate the police department into the Latino Community. This service has grown from 100 to 600 people in just over a year.
  • Police Training: All personnel that operate pursuit rated patrol vehicles attended a 3 hour session of emergency vehicles operations course (EVOC) at Bremerton Raceway.  Five skill sets were involved; Placement course (slow speed), High Speed Course, Mock Pursuits, Pursuit Immobilization Technique (PIT) and deployment of stop sticks/ spike strips.
  • LPD Combined Operations “Play of the Week”: Police, along with Community Development and Metro SWAT, served extensive search warrant in Tillicum, which closed down a major burglary ring and drug dealership. The operation resulted in the recovery of a large quantity of stolen property, felony-levels of illegal drugs seized, and five suspects arrested on charges of possession of stolen property, possession and sale of drugs, and other felony and misdemeanor violations.  Six residences in this “compound” were condemned by Code Enforcement action, and numerous junked vehicles were impounded.