City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 12/2/05

December 2, 2005
To:      Mayor and Members of the Council

From: Andrew Neiditz, City Manager

  • Transportation Improvement Board (TIB) Grant: The City received a $150,000 grant from the Transportation Improvement Board (TIB) for sidewalk improvement on the south side Steilacoom Blvd from Bridgeport Way to Fairlawn Dr.
  • Sidewalk and Bike Lane Improvements: Our grant applications for sidewalk and bike lane improvements along Pac Hwy from 108th St to Tacoma Way S (Pierce Transit Park & Ride lot) and along Pac Hwy from Bridgeport Way to Gravelly Lake Dr have made the first cut list.  Our grant applications were for design money only for which we sought $80,000 for Pac Hwy between 108th St and Tacoma Way S and $300,000 for Pac Hwy between Bridgeport Way and GLD.  We competed against all projects within the PSRC’s 4 county area.  101 grant applications were received for the available $18,000,000 and 51 made the recommended list.  Our projects ranked 8th and 17th respectively on said list.  The list now goes to the State to be reviewed by its Enhancement project review committee who will make a recommendation the Secretary of Transportation. It is anticipated that the Secretary will make his decision on the list in February.
  • Solarbees: Solarbees have been installed in Steilacoom Lake.
  • Portland Avenue Debrief: On 11/29/05, a Community Debrief at the Tillicum Community Center.  The purpose was to address community questions and concerns about the search warrant served at 15217 Portland Ave SW and associated properties.  Det. Higgins did an outstanding job of explaining the purpose, scope, and results of the search warrant which had been processed on 11/10/05.  He emphasized the need for the community to report crime, and gave them tips for how to protect themselves in the future.  He answered several questions from the audience of about 35 citizens with respect and candor. Afterwards, all three officers remained to speak to individual citizens who had further unrelated questions.  As a result, two leads for new block-watches were developed.
  • LPD Joint Operation: Several members of Special Operations assisted the Violent Crimes Task Force in serving a narcotics warrant on 11/17 in Tacoma. This was part of a very large DEA sweep of 74 Hoover gang members throughout Western Washington.  During the entire operation, the DEA served 17 search warrants and arrested 21 suspects on various federal drug charges.  Our officers and the Task Force served one of those warrants and recovered ½ of a kilo of cocaine and over $10,000.  We did not have an active role in the case but made tactical entry and served the one search warrant.  This has been reported in some media outlets this evening.
  • Woodbrook Debrief: On November 16th, LPD conducted a public de-brief about the recent shooting incident that occurred at the RoAnn Apartments. The meeting was held in a vacant apartment on the premises, and the manager was present.  There were about 20 people in attendance.  Officers explained the details of the incident and answered questions related to safety, use of 911 system, the Crime Free Housing aspects of this case, and also explained Crime Free Housing programs in greater detail, including the use of a Block Watch in the apartments, and the various ways the public has of obtaining non-emergency service from LPD.  The Officers stressed the importance of “community” in the apartment complex.
  • First Joint Vice Task Force Operation A Success: On Wednesday evening, vice officers from Tacoma PD, Lakewood PD, and Fife PD conducted the first Joint Vice Task Force prostitution emphasis, on South Tacoma Way between 96th St and 56th St.  The Joint Vice Task Force was formed this fall, with the mission of driving prostitution out of the partner jurisdictions by cooperative enforcement.  Wednesday night’s operation resulted in the arrest of five street prostitutes, one customer (who indicated his intention to sign up for the new “John School”), and also netted a drug dealer as a bonus when he made the mistake of selling his product in the same area.
  • Business Owner Meeting: On November 15th, LPD attended a meeting of Business Owners located along 59th avenue and 100th Street SW.  In discussing the businesses concerns, the officers explained the need to call 911 or Non-Emergency dispatch to report crimes.  The NPO/CSO team suggested ways that the establishments can become harder targets.  The team also offered to provide a wide range of training and support to the Owners and their employees.  It was an excellent example of how business owners and the Police Department can work together to accomplish a common goal.  The result is a new Business Block Watch that will benefit the business community and their customers.