City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 1/20/06

January 20, 2006
To:      Mayor and Members of the Council

From: Andrew Neiditz, City Manager

  • Planning Advisory Board: The Planning Advisory Board (PAB) conducted its first meeting for the year on January 18th.   The opening topic on the agenda was a presentation by the LPD on community policing techniques.  The board was pleased with how the City organizes around solving problems.  Board members also reviewed applications for appointment to the residentially based personal care facilities task force.  Recommendations are anticipated to be made in February to the city council for approval. The PAB also reviewed its assessment process, which resulted in some fairly detailed conversations about overall City goals.  Three basic concepts emerged: 1) creating a sense of place; 2) that Lakewood is a “first suburb” facing distinctive challenges and which require unique problem solving techniques; and 3) that the PAB works best when it’s closest to those it serves.  The PAB is interested in conducting a special study session with the city council to further discuss City goals.
  • 2nd Calvary Regiment Training: On January 12th,  Doug Richardson (Army Brigadier General, Former Mayor and Councilmember), Larry Saunders (Retired Army Colonel, Police Chief), Joe Hannan (retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, Economic Development) and Don Wickstrom (Public Works, 30 years) trained 100 officers of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment in local governance, community policing, economic development and restoration of public services. The 2nd Cav Regiment is the City’s military partner unit on Fort Lewis and they are anticipating a possible deployment to Mosul, Iraq (Iraq’s second largest city). The four hour training was well received and involved a sharing of Lakewood’s experience with specific application to Mosul’s conditions. Lakewood staff has had hands-on experience in several different countries with local government challenges and over 50% of the Air Cav Regiment has already served in Iraq.  City staff left open the invitation to provide additional, more specific training as the unit gets closer to deployment.
  • Ft Lewis Ceremony: Assistant Chief Hall attended the 42nd Police Brigade Change of Command Ceremony, at the Ft. Lewis Community Club on January 20th.
  • Community Service Award Recipient: Ivy Murphy was recognized with a Community Service Award at Tacoma’s Dr. Martin Luther King Jr birthday celebration this week.  The award was given by the Human Rights Department for Ivy’s work with disadvantaged youth through the North Star Youth Project.
  • Domestic Violence Family Justice Center: Assistant Chief Hall and Sgt Hoffman and others from LPD attended the grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Crystal Judson family justice center. The center is a one-stop facility in Tacoma that will assist victims of domestic violence.
  • LESA Board: As a follow-up and correction to last week’s info bulletin, Lakewood resident (and former councilmember) John Simpson (name misspelled in former bulletin) will not be continuing as an advisory member on the LESA Board because the position he held was assigned by the by-laws to a County Police-contract city. We are working with LESA to establish a potential new relationship that would have Lakewood representation on its board.