City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 2/3/06

February 3, 2006
To:      Mayor and Members of the Council

From: Andrew Neiditz, City Manager

  • Washington Economic Development Association: Joe Hannan attended workshops and legislator education in Olympia this week sponsored the Washington Economic Development Association (WEDA), and was elected to WEDA’s Board of Directors. The Association represents cities/counties, economic development districts, community colleges and work force organizations as an advocate for economic development to the Legislature. WEDA’s 2006 Legislative focus is workforce development and infrastructure assistance.
  • Proposed Armed Services Highway: At the February 1st  Regional Access Mobility Project Meeting (RAMP) meeting, co-hosted by the Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber, Port of Tacoma, and Pierce County, a resolution was passed requesting that the State Legislature amend RCW 42.17.140 to re-designate SR 704 (aka: Cross Base Highway) to “SR 704 Armed Services Highway”.
  • Planning Advisory Board: The Planning Advisory Board met this past week and made recommendations to fill seats on a task force to review the regulatory environment regarding personal care facilities located in residential zoning districts. The effort was previously endorsed by both the PAB and the City Council.  The recommended appointees include PAB members, DSHS, local neighborhood groups, Lakewood adult family home providers, and patients’ rights groups. The recommendations will come to Council later this month.
    The PAB also reviewed and confirmed their work plan for 2006, which includes:
    1. amending the sign code,
    2. performing 2006 comprehensive plan amendments,
    3. auditing the level and types of land use activity occurring at Fort Steilacoom Park,
    4. continued work regarding personal care facilities located in residential zoning districts,
    5. implementation of the Public Participation Plan (regulation of correctional facilities located in Lakewood’s Public Institutional (P/I) zoning district),
    6. providing land use recommendations to the City Council regarding the current gambling moratorium, and
    7. updating the City’s capital facilities plan.
  • LPD Booth at CPHS: Seniors from Clover Park High School presented short films on current social problems on January 14th.  LPD Community Service Officer Joy Browne set up a table with information on drug abuse, domestic violence, gang problems, and other law enforcement related concerns. Over one hundred students, parents and friends attended the event.
  • Officers Trained in Crime Free Motel Sweep Program: On January 17th, Officer John Henterley and Officer Austin Lee trained 10 Motel Sweep Team officers in support of the Crime Free Motel Program.  These officers will be conducting monthly motel “checks” and “sweeps.”   The Crime Free Motel Program is one of the important crime prevention programs associated with the Crime Free Housing Program.  Under this program, the local motel owners are trained with best practices to deter problems from occurring at their motels. It also creates a close partnership between the motel owners and the police.  These trained officers will check and evaluate all the motels on the progress that the motel owners are making towards reaching crime free motels.  The motels that are experiencing high levels of police calls for service will be checked regularly to ensure compliance.
  • Golden Lion Success Story: Between 2004 and 2005, Golden Lion Motel had become a place where extensive criminal activities were occurring.  It was  experiencing problems of drug trafficking and many other violent crimes including robberies and serious assaults   As the result of the “best practices” partnership with the City, the crime rate at the motel was reduced by approximately 95% (based on the call statistics comparison between April 2005 and January 2006).