City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 9/16/05

September 16, 2005


To:       Mayor and Members of the Council
From:  Andrew Neiditz, City Manager

  • Pierce’s Piece of the Prosperity Pie. The city manager and the economic development administrator attended a workshop on regional economic development strategy on September 16th, hosted by Pierce County, the Port of Tacoma, the T-PC Economic Development Board and the Chamber of Commerce.  The emphasis was on “cluster” strategies, including technology, aerospace, military, tourism, logistics and trade, and life sciences.
  • Sound Transit Town Hall Meeting: ST Boardmember Claudia Thomas, Candice Bock, and Andrew Neiditz, attended Sound Transit’s public meeting/open house on September 14th.   Discussed were the best ways to improve and expand the regional mass transit system.  The plan is called Sound Transit 2, (ST2) to better connect Pierce, King and Snohomish Counties.
  • ’s Promise: Bill Coffin, from the Federal Health and Human Services Administration, will be at the next Lakewood’s Promise meeting.  It is scheduled for Wednesday, October 12th at 9:30 in Council Chambers.
  • Youth Court: Court Services Director Kathy Schmieder met with the Washington State Director of Youth Courts.  The next step will to put together an advisory board consisting of Court, Police, Prosecution, Defense Counsel and School Employees as well as youth representatives to determine the feasibility of a Youth Court in the City of Lakewood.
  • Domestic Violence Training: Rebecca Hendricks and Anita Booker-Hay attended the Greater Puget Sound Community Network Meeting regarding the impact of domestic violence on children.  Ann-Marie Dvorak will attend a Family Violence Conference in San Diego next week.
  • Clever Canine: Mike McKenzie and Good Boy Blue were featured in the Sound Life Section of the News Tribune in a story about “pampered pets”.  The Good Boy Blue is a World Level Champion Frisbee Dog.
  • Club Paradise: Club Paradise was closed for doing construction work without permits.  Specifically, changes were made to the structure of the building.
  • Bridgeport Bar & Grill: The Washington State Liquor Control Board has served a notice of cancellation on the Bridgeport Bar and Grill for alleged repeated violations of Liquor Control Regulations and state law.
  • Domestic Violence Month: With the collaborative effort of the Legal Department’s Victim Advocates, Ivy Murphy, the Lakewood Police Department and the Business Exchange, the following events were planned and coordinated to coincide with the October Domestic Violence Awareness Month:
    • Healing Field Dedication – October 3rd @ 4:15.
    • Proclamation and DV presentation – October 17th at the City Council Meeting.  Ann-Marie Dvorak and Heidi Hoffman will conduct the DV presentation.  Silhouettes will also be displayed around the building to represent DV victims.  An additional fabric display identifying DV related deaths will also be on display.
  • City Parks/Schools Partnership. The City’s park and recreation master plan includes a goal of having a park or open space area within ½ mile radius of each home and one efficient way to accomplish this is by using school sites as neighborhood parks.  The Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department has a grant that would support developing a pilot project to implement this concept.  A committee of City and District staff would develop a model/process which would be used when considering a school site as a neighborhood park.    We would address safe access to the site, when school areas could be accessed by the community, liability, maintenance, and any other issues which come up during the process.    We would like to focus on Woodbrook Middle School as our first pilot project area.  The first meeting of this special committee will be September 30th.
  • Boat Launch Revenue: The Parks and Recreation Department considers its Summer Season to run from Memorial Day through Labor Day.  The Department will continue to reserve park facilities through the fall months, so a report on facility rental revenue will be provided in a future bullets report.
    • Revenue through September 14, 2005, at the American Lake boat launch totaled $13,121.24 including daily and seasonal receipts. This is a significant increase over the 2004 revenue of $10,473 under the previous contract.
    • Staff was fortunate to locate two used pay stations for the American Lake boat launch through the State Surplus Program and purchased them for a total of $102, significantly less that the estimated $11-15,000 cost of installing new stations.    Total installation costs were $1,100, and this included a fee of $800 for the services of the WSF employee who assisted us.  The Washington State Ferries system also provided the City with thousands of dollars in supplies and parts that were no longer needed by the Ferry Service.  In the five weeks since installation, the new system has generated over $2,000 in revenue, so all associated costs for the unit(s) have been recovered.
  • Conference/Training Update: Mike McKenzie attended an “Improving Construction Change Order Management” conference that addressed strategies to improve change order management, implement best practices to control cost and schedule growth and dispute resolution practices.
  • Extended Police Front Desk Hours: To improve customer service, beginning October 1st, LPD will extend the hours of the front desk from 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM to 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM.  This is done to facilitate citizen visits before and after work.  The expansion will be done by splitting the shifts of the two front desk clerks and will not require additional staffing.
  • Tillicum Parade Support : On, September 10th  the Tillicum VFW Post conducted a Patriot’s Day Parade along Union Avenue, the most highly traveled and visible street in Tillicum. The parade was escorted by Lakewood Police Officers in marked patrol vehicles, and Lakewood Fire Department escorted with an engine.  Police Explorers and Community Service Officers managed a “rolling roadblock” to minimize the impact to traffic and the business community, while insuring safety for the marchers and observers.  Tillicum citizens create a beautiful “Avenue of Flags” for civic events or national holidays.  All of the hundred-plus flags were either donated or bought by citizens, many in honor of soldiers and airmen.
  • All City Tailgate Event: On Friday 9/9/05 Clover Park High School hosted an All-City Tailgate Event to kick off the new school year for the School District.  The event ran from 3:30 – 6:30 and was well attended by a large cross section of the city.  The Police Department was represented by the District NPO/CSO team, Animal Rescue, SRO’s, MSU, Patrol Officers, K-9, and Explorers.  We answered questions from the public and played with the kids.  Animal Rescue’s Randy Richards, was the co-emcee for the afternoon, showcasing local singing talent and sketches along with other entertainment.
  • Bridgeport Bar and Grill to Close: Bridgeport Bar and Grill has been served with a liquor license cancellation notice from the Washington State Liquor Control Board, effective October 10th.  The Liquor Control Board does have the right to immediately close the Bar on a 180 day emergency closure if the bar has one more minor offense.  The bar is also currently pending an appeal for City action already served to revoke their business license.
  • Example of (all too frequent) Meth Driven Property Crime in Lakewood: Officers Johnson and Richards responded to a suspicious vehicle on Alameda and arrested Travis J. Boyer for unlawful possession of a controlled substance and possession of stolen property.  While searching Boyer’s vehicle the officers found numerous pieces of mail, documents, identifications and property, none of which belonged to Boyer.  Both the officers recognized some of the names as victims of recent vehicle prowls.  When questioned by the officers, Boyer admitted to at least six recent vehicle prowls and thefts.  The officers are currently contacting all the known and unknown victims.  Boyer also had a baggie of meth on him and had just been released for auto theft.
  • KLAY Radio Presentation on Identity Theft Prevention: Lakewood PD Detective Les Bunton joined Pierce County Deputy Prosecutor Lisa Wagner, WSP Detective Dave Startup, and State Assistant Attorney General Steve Larson on September 14 for a information program about identity theft prevention.  The half-hour program was broadcast live on KLAY Radio, and will be replayed several times throughout the month.  This program is aimed at identifying the key things to do to prevent becoming an ID theft victim, and what steps to take should a person run afoul of identity thieves.
  • Identity theft and Fraud Prevention Training given to Seniors: Sgt Ryan Larson, Detective Les Bunton, and Detective Conan Higgins gave a presentation to attendees at the Lakewood Senior Center on September 14th. The topic of the presentation was “How To Protect Yourself from Fraud and Identity Theft.”  The LPD team is from the Proac Property Crimes Section, who are responsible for investigating cases of identity theft and fraud. Senior citizens are often targets for such criminals, who like to prey on vulnerable citizens.
  • Patrol “Play of the Week”: A search for a missing 79-year old woman from 66th Ave W is the play of the week.  The woman suffers from dementia and disappeared from the house while her husband was at the post office.  By the time LPD got the call she had been missing for nearly two hours. LPD got as many patrol units into the area to start knocking on doors and talking to neighbors. LPD made contact with the Pierce County Search and Rescue and they agreed that a full search needed to be started. Just prior to the full search, the lady was located behind a shed at a vacant house in the area.
  • CIU “Play of the Week: Special Operations has been attempting to locate and arrest a suspect AKA “Big Hood” for a year.  He had multiple warrants and was wanted for drug offenses and for sex crimes.  LPD developed information that Big Hood was staying on 115th St Ct SW, and Officer Celis used an informant to make a buy and also authored a search warrant.  We then used the Task Force, the NPO and Special Ops to raid the apartment.  Several grams of crack and a sawed off shotgun were recovered.  The arrest was a long time overdue and will have an impact on availability of Crack in Lakewood.
  • LPD Training:
    • Detective Jeff Paynter attended “Advanced Concepts in Motor Learning and Performance for Motor Skills Instructors” this week at the Criminal Justice Training Center in Burien. The forty-hour course was required for him to maintain his Master Defensive Tactics Instructor certification.
    • Police Chaplain Alvie Robbins, Lieutenant Dave Guttu, Sergeant Mark Eakes, Sergeant Andy Suver, Detective Thom Stewart, Detective Steve Parr, Officer Victor Celis, Officer James Syler, Officer Ralph Rocco, and Community Service Officer Laurie Lowery all attended ”Peer Support” training this week in Auburn. They will now be qualified to legally act as peer support representatives for department members involved in critical incidents, such as officer-involved shootings.