City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 6/03/05

June 3, 2005
To:       Mayor and Members of the Council

From:  Andrew Neiditz, City Manager

  • Sounder Station  The Sound Transit Board executive committee approved a motion this week to include structured parking on the west side of Pacific Highway, which is the same side as the Lakewood station, as a replacement for the previously-authorized surface parking on the east side of highway.  The action authorizes the preliminary engineering and environmental review process for the parking garage, and also revokes the outstanding offers to property owners on the other side of Pacific Highway.  A partnership has developed between the City and Sound Transit, whereby the City has offered to provide long-term operations and maintenance (O & M) responsibility for the facility, to include station security and routine maintenance, and Sound Transit would built the parking structure which has a cost of about $5-7 million over their $25 million budget. The plan is for 620 parking stalls in a garage adjacent to the station, and will provide for a safer and more convenient situation for riders. It will also free up valuable commercially-zoned property on the freeway-side of Pacific Highway.
  • Pacific Highway SW Project (Bridgeport Way to 108th St), Open House  Public Works hosted an Open House on the Pacific Highway Project (Bridgeport Way to 108th St) on June 2nd  at the Lakewood Fire Department headquarters.  About 30 attendees were able to view the final design proposal and get questions answered regarding project schedule and construction impacts. 
  • Lakewood University The first Lakewood University program went well this week with about 50 participants.  “Classes” included community policing, traffic engineering, budget & finance, and growth management.  The program continues next week.
  • Gov’t Relations Director   Candice Bock was appointed this week as the City’s Government Relations Director, with responsibility for intergovernmental relations and communications.  She’s been in several administrative positions with the City since 1999, and was previously with the City of Richland and the City of Colorado Springs.
  • Elk Grove CA   A 7-member team from the City of Elk Grove (pop 120,000) visited City Hall this week to review our transition to a new police department.  The Sacramento-area city’s group included their mayor, city manager, and police chief, and they are setting up a new police department there.
  • Staff Teams  Two 10-person employee “staff teams” were invited by the city manager to participate in an organizational assessment to assist in identifying our strengths and weaknesses.  The group meetings will take place next week.  While some employees volunteered, others were randomly selected so that each department would be represented.
  • Tillicum Association    About 55 people were in attendance this week at the Association meeting, and the agenda included review of the proposed sewer system as well as the skate park siting issue.
  • Prostitution Emphasis The most recent “John” operation was a success.  The team arrested 32 total suspects, 7 prostitutes (4 female/3 male) and 25 “Johns”.  One John had meth, and one a dealer-quantity of weed and a $6,500.  We had one person drive his exempt plate car to his date.  We are fairly certain that this was the highest total of arrests we have ever had with a John Op. 
  • Reserve Officers The first Lakewood Reserve Officers will graduate from the Reserve Academy on Saturday June 18th at 6:00pm. The ceremony will take place at Pacific Lutheran University.
  • Homeland Security Award Lakewood Police Department recently was selected to receive an award from the Department of Homeland Security, Office of State and Local Government Coordination and Preparedness. The Commercial Equipment Direct Assistance Program (CEDP) will purchase a Search Camera Victim Locator System and pay for training an officer to use the equipment.
  • LPD/LFD Basketball Game The First Annual Helmets versus Shields basketball game for American Cancer Society was a spectacular success.  Plans are being made to ensure this will become a tradition.  The Police team represented the Police Department very well.  Even though the Fire team had a (very) few more points on the board – there were no losers at this event.  The big winners are the victims of cancer.  The final money is still being tallied fully – but it looks like we may have raised over $4,000.
  • Human Services Timeline Attached for Council’s information is the Human Services 2006 application process timeline.  Please note that Council action is scheduled in November 2005.