City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 7/22/05

July 22, 2005


To:       Mayor and Members of the Council

From:  Andrew Neiditz, City Manager

  • Sewer Agreement: The city manager testified at the County Council committee on Economic and Infrastructure Development on July 19th, and the 5-member committee unanimously approved the City/County agreement on sewer connection to Tillicum and American Lake Gardens.  This includes the 4.75 percent surcharge for financing the improvements.
  • Off Leash Dog Park: The City of University Place, with a $10,000 commitment, has joined the Town of Steilacoom as additional partners in funding the basic start-up capital costs of the 20+ acre site at Fort Steilacoom Park.  They join with City of Lakewood, Pierce County, and MetroParks as sponsors.  The specific amounts to be paid by all the partners will be adjusted, and MetroParks has not officially taken action yet for specific funding.
  • Radar Grant: The Lakewood Police Department received approval from the Washington Traffic Safety Commission for a $10,000 grant for 18 hand-held Decatur radar units for the Patrol Operations Division.  The Patrol and Traffic Division have tested this radar and they like it as it is light and versatile.  The new radar units will be dispersed on each shift in the Patrol Division with high density traffic issues and will enhance the efforts now ongoing by the Traffic Officers in Speeding Enforcement. This brings the total amount of WTSC grants provided Lakewood since start-up to $110,000.
  • Sex Offender Registration Update: Lakewood monitors registered sex offenders very aggressively – well beyond parameters required in the RCW.  LPD makes an on-site visit for each offender check.  Since assuming operations, the LPD Special Assault Unit reports that 38 Registered Sex Offender’s from Lakewood were investigated for Failure to Register. Of these, 6 were arrested, 4 were cleared exceptional and the rest had their cases referred to the prosecutor.
  • Tip-A-Cop: LPD raised $2,032 at their Tip-A-Cop program fund-raiser for the Special Olympics at the Ram on July 21st. Officers, staff, and Police Explorers assisted servers in between “arresting” eager patrons. The “arrests” donations topped the 50 person mark, and three Ride-A-Longs were auctioned off to citizens with the highest bid at $170.  The city manager proved himself a great sport when customers recognized him and had him “arrested.”  Councilmember Arbeeny also came and paid to have one of the officers arrested, and also donated rides on his antique Packard car and Chief motorcycle.  A special note of thanks will be sent to the Ram for allowing the Police Department to take it over.