City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 8/05/05

August 5, 2005


To:       Mayor and Members of the Council

From:  Andrew Neiditz, City Manager

  • Gramercy Place Water Quality Improvements: A project was advertised this week to solicit bids to install a water quality vault just upstream of a storm water outfall into Steilacoom Lake.  The project is located on Gramercy Place SW, near the north end of the lake.  The bids will be opened on August 9th, and awarded to the lowest responsible bidder at the August 15th Council meeting.
  • Future Police Headquarters Property Acquisition Nearly Complete: On August 9th the City is scheduled to sign the closing papers and take ownership of 2.75 acres of land located on the west side of the Lakewood Industrial Park and adjacent to Lakewood Drive SW.  The land is proposed as the future site of the Lakewood Police Department Headquarters.
  •  Automated Traffic Enforcement:  Larry Saunders, Heidi Wachter and Candice Bock attended the Traffic Safety Commission’s traffic camera meeting in SeaTac on August 5th.
  •  City Clerk Recognition: Alice Bush has earned the designation this week as a Master Municipal Clerk (MMC), which in the highest recognition given by the International Institute of Municipal Clerks. It signifies completion of the third level of the MMC Academy and recognizes Alice’s exemplary performance as a municipal clerk.
  • Human Services Timeline: Attached is the timeline for the 2006 Human Services funding process again as a reminder of the start of the process and that Councilmembers are welcome to attend the meetings of the Human Services Funding Advisory Board.   Applications for funding will become available starting Monday, August 8th.
  • Chamber of Commerce Car Show: The Lakewood Chamber of Commerce “Return to Lakewood” Car Show was attended by Sgt. Mark Eakes.   He presented “The Lakewood Police Most Wanted” car award, which went to a 1941 Model T with 850 horsepower behind it. The owner of the car said he can’t take it out of 2nd gear because of the power. When the awards for the Most Wanted car were given Assistant Chief Lopez went forward and placed cuffs on the winner.
  • National Night Out:  This year’s National Night Out Against Crime (NNO) on August 2nd was a huge success.  Lakewood elected officials visited the city’s 33 venues, and we also had representatives from McChord AFB, including the Commander of the 62nd Mission Support Group, and from Ft Lewis, the Executive Officer of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment, as well as representatives from Puget Sound Energy, and the Attorney General’s Office.  Pierce County Department of Emergency Management provided “TAC ONE” command post vehicle for the night.  The NPO/CSO teams did a great job of getting support in their districts.  Three apartment complexes in the Springbrook area having NNO events is a record.  Eight of the 33 hosts were first-timers, and everyone was hugely enthusiastic. Several of the venues featured live music and other entertainment, including a very talented Elvis impersonator!  This was the eighth year that Mike and Sharron Kanter coordinated the Lakewood NNO event, and once again, they did a splendid job.
  • Pay-up Time: Chief Larry Saunders paid off his bet with Lakewood Fire Chief Paul Webb on August 4th, after losing the crown in January at the 2004 Lakewood Chamber of Commerce Chili Cook-off. The losing chief traditionally has to wash the winner’s official vehicle at a Chamber lunch meeting while wearing a costume designated by the winning chief.  Chief Webb decreed that Chief Saunders would appear as “Elvira, The Vampire Queen”, which he gamely did.  “Elvira”, with back-up singers Dave Hall and Tim Lopez, belted out the Oakridge Boys tune of the same name, and began washing Chief Webb’s car only to be taken into custody by the LPD SWAT Team for “Felony Embarrassment in the First Degree.”
  • Air Show Traffic: The Lakewood Police Traffic Unit provided traffic control assistance on the streets and intersections surrounding McChord AFB during the annual air show on July 30 and 31.
  • Promotion Ceremony: Officer Kim Holmes was promoted to the rank of Detective on August 1st.  She is currently assigned to the Special Assault Unit.  Council and all city staff members are invited to join us as we “officially” promote Detective Kim Holmes, commission five Reserve Police Officers, and present dog collar badges to our two K-9 partners. Bo and Titan. The ceremony is at 3:00 p.m. on Friday, August 12, in the City Council Chambers at City Hall.