City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 8/19/05

August 19, 2005
To:      Mayor and Members of the Council

From: Andrew Neiditz, City Manager

  • WCMA Conference: The city manager attended the annual Washington City/County Management Association (WCMA) conference in Winthrop this week, for which he is on the board. Sessions included emphasis on labor relations, performance measurement, and economic development.
  • Community Policing – With Animal Control Support: A case came to the city regarding an elderly lady who lived alone in a single wide mobile trailer in the Northwest Mobile Home Park located on San Francisco Street in Springbrook. Through the exceptional partnership of Code Officer Ron Baer, Animal Control Officers Randy Richards and Correne Buck, NPO Angel Figueroa, CSO Gail Conelly, and Patrol Officer Darrin Miller, the City was able to remove a vicious/dangerous dog, eight neglected cats and the owner from a living situation in a trailer completely filled with trash and waste. The pet owner was treated with respect and concern, so that she understood and accepted what had to be done. This is a cameo example of community policing at its finest, to make neighborhoods more livable and to serve and assist vulnerable segments of our population.
  • Close Out on National Night Out: Mike and Sharron Kanter recently took four SUV loads full of items that were donated by neighbors in Lakewood during National Night Out events to Fisher House at Madigan.  The donations to Fisher House will be used by the families of military members in the hospital and those families coming to the area to attend memorial services for their loved ones.
  • Radio KLAY Panel on DV: Patrol Officer Christopher Bowl, Detective Sergeant Heidi Hoffman, Lakewood Legal Advocate Ann-Marie Dvorak and YWCA representative Gretchen Hanson were part of a 90-minute panel discussion on KLAY radio August 17th on domestic violence.  Discussion covered the many responsibilities of a patrol officer on DV calls, the mandatory arrest law, Primary Aggressor determination and the role drugs and alcohol play – particularly meth – in accelerating the frequency and aggressiveness of DV incidents.
  • SWAT Raid: Special Ops developed probable cause for another warrant for continued cocaine traffic at Washington Court Apartments in Tillicum August 17th. Metro SWAT served the warrant, arresting two individuals and recovered over 15 grams of cocaine. LPD and Community Development are in the process of meeting with the land lord to put firm controls on the operation of the complex.
  • National Liquor Law Enforcement Association Presentation: Chief Saunders has been invited to do a presentation on combating gang and violent crime in liquor establishments at the NLLEA annual conference in Vienna, VA; Sept 6th thru 8th. NLLEA will cover all expenses.
  • National Weed & Seed Conference: Assistant Chief Dave Hall has been invited to participate on a panel discussion on controlling crime in apartment complexes at the annual national Weed & Seed conference in Los Angeles, August 22-25. This is the third time Lakewood has been asked to do a presentation at the national conference.
  • Washington Race and Reconciliation Summit: The Washington State Working Group on Race and Reconciliation in Law Enforcement is hosting a one day summit on September 22nd, promoting collaboration between law enforcement agencies and communities of faith. LPD will be sending a contingent of leadership, community policing officers and members of our ethnic outreach groups. LAAPAC, LPAB, and KAPAG all have churches engaged in our outreach partnership. Chief Saunders will be one of three Washington law enforcement members on the panel discussion.
  • Paint Lakewood BeautifulUnder LPD Lt. Dave Guttu’s able lead, thirteen employees of the City and two family members of employees began the home repainting project on July 9th and finished on August 6th. The home on Doten Drive belongs to Gregoria Dumloa, a retired civil servant from Fort Lewis and widow. The family has lived in this Lakewood home since the early 60’s. Mrs. Dumloa is on limited income and has suffered multiple strokes and heart attacks. Neighbors told us numerous times that she is deserving of the help and thought it was a fantastic volunteer project.   Gregoria was very appreciative of the City assistance.  City employees who invested time were: Dave Guttu (LPD), Jeff Carroll (LPD), Gene Rossi (DPW), Sherwin Fermahin (DPW), Alex Bilderback (DCD), Oscar Maysonet (LPD), Stephanie Buss (Finance), Joanna Nichols (LPD), Thom Stewart (LPD), Kim Holmes (LPD), Tes Ongoco (City Clerk), Steve Mauer (LPD), Debi Young (HR); Family Members: Debi Young’s husband Roger and Oscar Maysonet’s son (Nathan Lane Maysonet)
  • Police Training:
    • Chief Saunders will be attending the American Leadership Forum Wilderness Leadership training the week of August 22nd. There is no cost to the City for this.
    • Traffic Officer Scot Novasky will be attending “Investigation of Motorcycle Accidents” a forty-hour course in advanced investigation specific to serious accidents involving motorcycles. The tuition for the course is being refunded to the City on a grant.
    • Assistant Chief Dave Hall and Weed and Seed Coordinator Ivy Murphy will be attending the National Weed & Seed Conference in Los Angeles, California. Attendance is being paid for through a grant.
    • Traffic Section officers Mike Russell and Bryan Norton will be attending a forty-hour course in advanced investigation specific to serious accidents involving pedestrians and bicyclists. The training is sponsored by the Criminal Justice Training Commission and is at no cost to the City.