City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 2/17/06

February 17, 2006
To:      Mayor and Members of the Council

From: Andrew Neiditz, City Manager

  • Proposed 20-Lot Subdivision at Butte and 104th Street SW: City staff conveyed information about the sensitivity of the community concerns, and the developer has chosen to submit alternative subdivision design proposals to address traffic issues. These are under preparation which has delayed any action on the application.
  • Wal-Mart Update: Subcontractors have begun preliminary work at the Wal-Mart construction site, which includes installation of construction entrances, and drainage and erosion control measures. Onsite grading activities may begin once these items have been installed and inspected by the City, and after the current status of the Red-Tailed Hawk and associated nest is reviewed. If the nest is active, the City will require minimized construction activity in proximity of the nest from April 1st through July 31st. A haul route plan, which is part of the project’s pre-loading process, has been submitted, but has not been approved. Wal-Mart has yet to acquire various easements along Bridgeport Way SW; off-site improvements will not be constructed until these easements have been acquired. Pre-loading is still planned to begin in mid- to late- March. Prior to pre-loading, variable message boards are required to be placed along appropriate rights-of-way as required by and approved by the City Engineer.
  • Police Outreach: The Pierce College Dental Hygiene Program held a sealant clinic for kids on February 11th, and. Community Service Officer Gail Conelly fingerprinted and photographed the kids for a child safety ID kit. There were approximately 100 kids throughout the day, and over 70 were fingerprinted. On February 7th, Chief Saunders gave a power point presentation to the Tillicum Merchant’s Association outlining his new Anti-Property Crime initiatives.  Some of the new programs to be introduced include Operation ID to help citizens properly document and mark their property, faster access to fingerprint analysis, assignment of a detective to the district teams, increased development of block watch and citizen patrol teams. On February 11th, Officer Austin Lee conducted safety seminar to 56 Korean Senior Citizens at a local church in Lakewood; he covered Pedestrian Safety, Identity Theft Prevention, Fraud against Senior Citizens, Domestic Violence, and Calling 911.
  • EOC Training: EOC (Emergency Operations Center) training was held for Department Directors and Emergency Management Council and Planning Cell members on February 9th. This training, which included detailed review of the Katrina experience from responders there, will enhance our awareness and coordination capabilities to handle emergencies.
  • PSE Performance Standards: Puget Sound Energy reports that for 2005, both indices measuring performance in terms of duration of outages and outage frequency improved significantly from the previous year.  Both indices are well below the company wide average and the PSE Service Quality Index. The two indices are the SAIDI (System Average Interruption Duration Index) and SAIFI (System Average Interruption Frequency Index).