City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 2/24/06

February 24, 2006
To:          Mayor and Members of the Council
From:     Andrew Neiditz, City Manager
  • Storm Clean-up: In the aftermath of the February 17th windstorm, most of the City’s rights-of-way were cleared of tree-limbs and debris in a few days, and the City’s traffic signals resumed operational status. Efforts have been coordinated with Lakewood Refuse regarding special pick-ups to be requested by residents, as well as availability of the recycling site at Sales Road. To publicize the information, a bulletin will go out in today’s City Happenings.
  • Domestic Violence Training: In May, the City will be sending a team comprised of a prosecutor, police officer and a community advocate to a three- day training entitled Advocacy, Law Enforcement and Prosecution: Working Together as a Team. This training is offered once a year and is provided by invitation only. The training is designed to bridge the gaps between law enforcement, prosecutors and community advocates in an effort to help government and non profit organizations provide better service to victims.
  • DV Info: The temporary protection order kiosk has now been moved. It is still located on the third floor but is at the end of the hall way to afford citizens to use more privacy.
  • Targeted Crosswalk Enforcement = Pedestrian Safety: In order to lessen the risk of serious pedestrian injuries and fatalities, the Police Department has again implemented the Targeted Crosswalk Enforcement Program. This program will help focus drivers to show due care when driving a motor vehicle past a cross walk when pedestrians are present. LPD implemented this program in 2005 and found it be effective on the small scale in which it was used. These Pedestrian Emphasis Patrols will help us clearly define where our problem pedestrian crosswalk issues are located. We will then educate the public by enforcing the laws and providing educational literature.
  • LAAPAC: The LAAPAC (Lakewood African American Police Advisory Council) was the feature on the February 22nd Lincoln DeMarco Radio show in Lakewood.  LAAPAC was asked to make this a monthly event. There was the opportunity to talk about the other police outreach programs in the community as well. The concept of making for a safer community by filling voids and getting services into families as a prevention strategy was introduced.
  • Lawyer recruitment: The Legal Department will be sending an attorney to participate in Seattle University School of Law’s annual National Minority Law Student Recruitment month event located at Mt. Tahoma HS on February 24th.
  • Community Debrief: With the help of community members Ed Kane and Pam Roebuck last Saturday, CSO Jason Jennings conducted a community debrief meeting at the fire station on Washington Blvd regarding a shots fired call that had recently occurred in the area. There were 15 people in attendance. The debrief began with review of the incident and the police response.  It then moved into what a block watch is and how it works. Two strong block watches are being formed, on 114th and on Forest.
  • Theft of Bait vehicle ended with 2 arrests:  Lakewood Police Department’s bait car was activated this week. This is a highly sophisticated vehicle, donated by State Farm Insurance, that is monitored and information is forwarded to the Police when it is activated. Activation occurs when any door opens, ignition is turned on, or the trunk or hood is opened. A GPS tracking system allows us to safely follow the vehicle’s course. At a safe speed and location, the doors lock and the engine is disabled. The suspects in this case admitted to “taking” the bait vehicle.  They said they were on their way to work when they saw the car and decided to take it instead of going to work.  Both subjects were in their construction clothes and were wearing tool belts. Both suspects were booked for Theft 1st Degree.