City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 7/28/06


To:        Mayor and Members of the Council

From:   Andrew Neiditz, City Manager

  • Identity Theft Prevention: On Saturday, July 22nd, Community Service Officer Cassey Jankowiak and Neighborhood Police Officer Austin Lee helped provide an Identity Theft Prevention Shredding Event at Twin County Credit Union for 43 citizens who brought bags of sensitive material to be shredded.
  • KLAY Radio Interview: On July 27th, Sergeant Thom Stewart and Police Volunteer Darlene Espinoza-Picon were in studio guests, and Police Volunteer Coordinator/National Night Out Against Crime Co-Coordinator Mike Kanter was a call in guest on radio station KLAY with host Lee Giles.  They discussed the National Night Out program in Pierce County.  Mike was able to speak briefly about the partnership with Ft. Lewis and also had an opportunity to spotlight the success of Lakewood’s program and the fact that we have 50 registered events so far this year.  Thom was able to highlight this year’s domestic violence focus and the friends and family campaign, as well as the Neighborhood Policing Teams and their work throughout the year.
  • Speed Humps: On July 25th, Public Works (PW) reviewed with the Citizen Transportation Review Committee (CTRC) its proposal to install speed humps on Interlaaken Drive and Tower Road as means to reduce speeds through these respective neighborhoods.  Because Interlaaken Drive is a collector arterial, CTRC didn’t support the installation of any traffic calming improvements thereon and felt that a broader base citizen inquiry as well as a greater public good analysis needs to be done first, prior to proposing such improvements thereon.  As such, PW will defer the installation of speed humps on Interlaaken Drive at this time and will proceed with providing the CTRC with expanded outreach results and a greater good analysis.  The CTRC did support the installation of speed humps on Tower Road, and PW will proceed with their installation.