City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 9/8/06

September 8, 2006
To:     Mayor and Members of the City Council
From:Andrew Neiditz, City Manager
  • Public Works Project Updates:
    • Pacific Highway Street Improvement project from Gravelly Lake Drive to Bridgeport Way.  This project includes pavement overlay, bike lanes, curb & gutter, sidewalks (both sides), street lighting, storm drainage, landscaping and etc.  The $300,000 design grant (no match required) needs to be fully obligated by July of 2007. We’re proceeding with getting a design consultant on board in order to fully obligate the grant monies.
    • Pacific Highway Street Improvement project from 108th Street to SR 512. This project includes pavement overlay, bike lanes, curb & gutter, sidewalks (both sides), street lighting, storm drainage, landscaping and etc.  This project is fully funded all the way through construction.  Presently have two federal grants totaling $1,104,000.  The city match money associated with this project totals $60,000 (SWM funds) in 2008.  Since the grant ($314,000) for the overlay portion was a 2005 award, we need to move on this project or jeopardize losing the funding.  The overlay work was originally a stand-alone project for which we deferred to combine it with the street improvement work once we received notice that we won the $2.7 million grant for our Sounder Station/Pacific Hwy improvement project.  The consultant services sought is for the design of the improvements.
    • Travel Demand Modeling. Consultant services are being sought to develop a City-wide traffic model.  The last city wide modeling effort was done in 1997 and is presently woefully out of date.  The modeling effort is needed to update the City’s Comprehensive Transportation Plan which once adopted then becomes one of the drivers of the City’s 6- year Transportation Capital Improvement program.  It will also assist us in optimizing the timing and coordination of the City’s existing traffic signal system.  Lastly an updated Comprehensive Transportation Plan is a key element of the City’s Comprehensive Land Use plan and typically is a crucial element in securing PSRC’s approval of any amendment or update of the City’s Comprehensive Land Use plan.
  • Money raised for Korean Youth Camp: Tacoma Korean Golf Association hosted their 3rd annual Golf Tournament at Meadows Park Golf Course on September 3rd. The focus of this tournament was to raise funds for LPD’s annual Korean American Youth Police Adventure Camp next year.  Through this tournament, they raised $4,298, which was presented to Chief Saunders and JJ Kim, the President of Korean American Police Advisory Group (KAPAG) this week.
  • United Way Leadership Recognition Breakfast: The city manager attended the United Way’s campaign kick-off event this week in Tacoma, and has accepted a challenge from the Tacoma city manager for the greatest increase in participation rates by municipal employees.
  • Arrests made in Homicide: At 3:15 am on September 5th, Patrol responded to a report of an unknown male lying in at pool of outside of the Lakewood Gardens apartments. No one claimed to have seen anything and the victim was unresponsive. By 6 pm that evening, we had one suspect in custody for Murder 2 and complete identifications on the remaining four suspects. We have also recovered the suspects’ bloody clothing and obtained a confession. Patrol, Neighborhood policing, Evidence, Robbery/Assault, Special Assault, Property Pro-ac, and Special Operations all worked together on this investigation. Two vehicles are being processed for blood evidence.
  • Intersection at Steilacoom Blvd and 88th. There will be a temporary traffic signal shutdown on September 11th for 4 to 6 hours. There will be an off-duty traffic officer at the contractor’s expense. This is the result of the Edgewater Crossing development.