City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 9/29/06

September 29, 2006
To:     Mayor and Members of the City Council
From:Andrew Neiditz, City Manager
  • Building permits issued. The building permit for the Sound Transit parking garage was issued this week; permit valuation was $17,000,000. The building permit for Titus-Will/Lakewood Ford is ready to be issued; permit valuation is $6,500,000, and construction is anticipated to begin in early October 2006.
  • Lakes High School. City and CPSD staff have initiated preliminary project review for the Lakes High School remodeling/reconstruction.
  • Landmarks & Heritage Advisory Board (LHAB). In its meeting this week the LHAB discussed a historic marker/ way finding program for Fort Steilacoom Park.  LHAB will present the way-finding marker proposal to a combined meeting of the PAB and PRAB in October.  The Boatman-Ainsworth house was also discussed; this structure is historically significant and could be in jeopardy.  The Council will receive a presentation on the subject in the near future.
  • Lifeguard program. The City’s lifeguard program, based at Harry Todd Park and American Lake Park, has ended for the season.  Lifeguards performed several ‘saves’ during the summer and were proactive in managing large groups of park visitors.
  • Fort Steilacoom Park events. Over 800 military personnel enjoyed activities in Fort Steilacoom Park on September 20th.  Promoted as an organizational day, the 42nd military police brigade from Fort Lewis enjoyed a BBQ and participated in sports and games throughout the day.  About 3,000 people shared space at Fort Steilacoom Park on September 16th as the Lakewood Soccer Club worked with its young soccer players and Lakes High School hosted the largest high school invitational cross country meet in the state.   Parks and Recreation staff assisted with logistics, and received compliments for its ability to coordinate these different activities and facilitate the parking, scheduling, routing and clean up associated with so many participants. Over 40 people gathered at the park this week to discuss the first six months of operation of the park’s dog park area.  They were very complimentary to City staff for their maintenance of this section of the park, and provided great input for improving the site in the future.
  • Senior activities. Two vans of active older adults from the Lakewood Senior Activity Center toured the Black Diamond Museum and Bakery last week.
  • Cooperative Efforts by Cities in Managing Wages and Benefits. As part of AWC’s WAPELRA (Washington State Public Employers Labor Relations Association) Fall Conference, HR Director Debi Young led a discussion group entitled “Cooperative Efforts in Local Governments in Managing Wages and Benefits”. References were made to the reports presented to the Pierce County-area city managers group.
  • Alfaretta House tour. 63 people from the Alfaretta House took a City Hall tour on September 29th.   There were 48 students and 15 adults accompanying them.