City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 10/6/06

October 6, 2006
To:     Mayor and Members of the City Council
From:Andrew Neiditz, City Manager
  • Police Patrol Response Time: The LPD crime analyst has just completed a review of patrol response time to citizen calls for police service for 2005.  It indicates that for priority one calls (imminent danger) the median response time was 3.5 minutes and the 95th percentile was 5.9 minutes; for priority two calls (crime has just occurred immediate danger past) the median was 7 minutes and the 95th percentile was 13.4 minutes; and for priority three calls (crime not recent or service request, not a crime) median was 12 minutes and the 95th percentile was 37.6 minutes.  A graph with more information is attached.
  • Interlaaken Speed Humps: There was a public meeting at Idlewild Elementary school on September 28th with residents and users of Interlaaken regarding our NTCP (Neighborhood Traffic Control Program) proposal to put speed humps on Interlaaken between 104th and Washington.  There were 28 people in attendance (excluding staff). A staff study established that the 85 percentile speed on Interlaaken Dr is 9.9 MPH above the posted speed of 25 MPH.  Staff confirmed that the County lowered the posted speed limit to 25 MPH in order to meet established vertical site distance safety standards due to the dips in the road profile.  Staff confirmed that even under today’s standards 25 MPH is still the appropriate posted speed limit.  Residents asserted that speed-related accidents are occurring there.  Police concurred that accidents do occur there (2 last month).  Staff’s analysis of recent installation of speed humps on Tower Rd supports that they work.  Because no new issues were raised by the users of Interlaaken Dr., Public Works will proceed with the speed hump installation.  (A draft of the minutes of both the public meeting and the 9/26/06 CTRC meeting where this issue was discussed are in the council packet.)
  • Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department coordination: Senior staff met this week in the city manager’s office with the director of health and environmental health manager to discuss issues regarding septic systems in Tillicum and American Lake Gardens in relation to the City’s sewer extension project, and to coordinate response to issues of water quality.
  • Bids for Local Improvement District: Advertising for bids for the construction of LID 1108 Street (S Tacoma Way/112th St SW/34th Ave) Improvements associated with the Panattoni development were posted.  Bid opening date is October 10th.
  • Annual Business Retention Visit: Joe Hannan, City economic development administrator, and Kevin Clegg of Pierce County Economic Development made an annual business retention visit this week to Armour manufacturing on Durango. Armour has five employees and manufactures specialized containers and airfield commercial and military equipment for Boeing. The business has operated since 1988 and has sales in excess of $350,000 with plans for expansion; they have challenges finding qualified employees and asked for help resolving right of way and utility easements in advance of new building construction. The company is the landlord to several adjoining manufacturing, service and distribution businesses along their busy stretch of Durango.
  • Paint Tacoma-Pierce Beautiful Certificate of Appreciation: Paint Tacoma-Pierce Beautiful Director Sallie Shawl presented the City of Lakewood with a Certificate of Appreciation for City employees who participated in the Paint-Tacoma-Pierce Beautiful Project. Over 2,000 volunteers and more than 50 local businesses and foundations contributed time, resources or financial support to help paint 84 homes throughout the area over the summer months. The following assisted with the Paint Lakewood Beautiful: Cassey Jankowiak and husband Rick, along with Cassey’s parents, brother and cousins; Mary Dodsworth, daughter Emily and son James; Debra Young and husband Roger; Joe Sandall and wife Donna; Melissa Wagner. Lakewood Lowe’s donated all the supplies except the paint.