City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 7/7/06

July 7, 2006

To:          Mayor and Members of the Council

From:    Andrew Neiditz, City Manager

  • City population: The State of Washington certified Lakewood’s 2006 population at 59,000.
  • Police Volunteers: Police Volunteers provided 1596.75 hours of service to the department during the second quarter.  At the national volunteer hourly rate of $18.55, that equates to $29,619.71. For the year the total hours, to date, are 2903 and the total dollar amount is $53,850.65.
  • Lakeview Neighborhood Association BBQ: On June 26th, the Lakeview Neighborhood Association had a neighborhood BBQ on Yew Lane.  The event is part of an on-going effort of the Association to bring the Lakeview District together through a series of neighborhood BBQ’s and Clean-it-up parties.   The next scheduled Clean-it-Up event for the Association will be on Saturday, July 15th at 108th St SW and Lakeview Ave SW from 9:00am – 1:00pm.
  • CSO Crime Prevention Presentation: On June 23rd, LPD presented a series of general crime prevention topics at the Washington Karate Association's summer karate camp students. The information covered general safety, gang awareness, online safety, and bullying to approximately 24 students.
  • Tobacco Compliance Checks: On June 20th, LPD and the State Liquor Control Board worked Tobacco Compliance Checks.  25 businesses were checked and only two sales were made with citations being issued.
  • Liquor Compliance Checks: On June 27th, LPD and the State Liquor Control Board worked Liquor Compliance Checks. Twelve businesses were checked and only one store made an illegal sale with a citations being issued.
  • State Legislative Task Force to Study Offender Re-entry: The state legislature has appointed a task force to study prison reform, including current programs for releasing offenders back into the community. The legislation forming the TF reflects wide-spread recognition that current prison programs are not working. Pierce County Senators Mike Carrell and Debbie Regala will co-chair the overall TF. They have formed four sub-committees to assist in the study. Chief Saunders will co-chair the sub-committee formed to assess cooperation between DOC and local law enforcement in community transition programs.
    Community Development Dept. Building Permit Activity.

    Number of Building Permits Applied For:

    Number of Building Permits Issued:

    June 2005


    June 2006



    Number of Planning Permits Applied For:

    Number of Planning Permits Issued:

    June 2005


    June 2006


    Total Monthly Permit Valuation

    June 2005


    June 2006


    Year To-Date Valuation

    January through June 2005


    January through June 2006


     Building Permit Log
    January 1, 2006 – June 30, 2006

    Building permits currently under review


    Year To-Date Statistics

    Building permits issued same day as the application date:


    Building permits issued 1 – 10 days from the application date:


    Building permits issued 11 – 20 days from the application date:


    Building permits issued 21 - 30 days from the application date:


    Building permits issued 31 – 45 days from the application date:


    Building permits issued 46 – 60 days from the application date:


    Building permits issued 60+ days from the application date:


    Total Permits Issued:

  • Active Shooter Training: Lakewood’s Patrol Force received its first evolution of active shooter training. This event, occurring over two separate training days, was designed to increase the tactical capability of the patrol response division. Current Metro SWAT officers performed as instructors and safety officers during the training period. An active shooter situation is a high-risk event that is ongoing as initial officers are responding to the scene. Patrol officers are taught the dynamics of an active shooter event, how to establish Rapid Intervention Teams and how to respond to an event as soon as possible. The training day included multiple tactical scenarios which included many types of scenes officers would face at a real emergency. The training was a huge success and will be incorporated into our yearly mandatory events. Clover Park Schools assisted the training by allowing our officers to use one of their facilities to do the practical portion of the training. Fife and Milton P.D assisted by providing advanced instructors during both days.