City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 3/24/06

March 24, 2006

To:          Mayor and Members of the Council

From:     Andrew Neiditz, City Manager

  • Non-motorized transportation survey: Public Works has developed a Non-Motorized Transportation Survey which is presently published on the City’s web site; and will be distributed to various organizations, citizen groups, and neighborhood associations throughout the city.  The purpose is to seek citizen input on developing a comprehensive plan for sidewalks, trails and bikeways for the City.  A recent amendment to the Growth Management Act requires that a non-motorized element be part of any update of the City’s comprehensive plan.
  • Youth and Law Forum: City attorneys Anita Booker-Hay and Rocio Guerra participated in the “Youth and Law Forum” at the County-City Building on Saturday, March 18th.  Police officers, prosecutors, and defense attorneys joined with middle school and high school students to recreate a mock criminal prosecution in an effort to expose young people to the justice system.
  • Arts Commission briefing: Representatives of Sumner’s Arts Commission presented information about their history, formation and programs to a meeting at Lakewood City Hall on March 22nd, hosted by Mayor Thomas. Councilmember Neary, key City staff, and about 10 “arts community” citizens participated.
  • Ft. Lewis DUI/Traffic Safety Briefing: On March 16th, Lakewood Officers Russell and Novasky were asked by the Company Safety Officer for the 54th Medical Company (medivac) to give a traffic safety briefing to their unit as they had recently returned from Iraq. They presented a one hour briefing about DUI's, including the legal definitions, criminal penalties, and fines and fees soldiers could expect if arrested for DUI. They also discussed the use of designated drivers.
  • Radio Interview: Traffic Sergeant Steve Mauer went on KLAY 1180 AM on March 15th to discuss traffic issues in particular as well as overall police issues. The interview went well, and the “Lincoln DiMarco and Friends” program may want a weekly interview with Lakewood PD.
  • Crime Free Housing: Two apartment complexes in Tillicum are set to recertify in the Crime Free Apartment Program after resident Safety Socials.  Community Service Officer Miller reports there are two other complexes in Woodbrook, which also will recertify after Safety Socials. There is a new Citizen Radar Patrol group anxious for training in Woodbrook, where the speeding is a problem on 146th/Woodbrook Dr.