City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 4/7/06

April 7, 2006

To:          Mayor and Members of the Council

From:     Heidi Wachter, City Attorney

  • Housing Opportunities Panel: Community Development staff attended a Blue Ribbon Panel on Providing Housing Opportunities sponsored by the Washington Realtors Association as part of its spring conference.
  • Work Release: The Washington State Department of Corrections has issued a Request for Proposals for sites anywhere within Pierce County to accommodate the relocation of Progress House.  Proposals are due by May 19th.
  • Proposed 20-Lot Subdivision at Butte Avenue and 104th Street SW: The City Council has received input from neighbors in the vicinity of 104th Street SW and Butte Drive SW regarding a proposed 20-lot subdivision known as “Rivendale.”  The comments centered on traffic and circulation impacts.  In response to these comments, the project proponent submitted two different subdivision layouts; these have been submitted to parties of record for comment.
  • Permit Activity:
    Building Valuation Totals for March 2006

     Year-to- Date Statistics, January 1, 2006 through March 31, 2006 

    Permits issued same day as the application date
    Permits issued 1 – 10 days from the application date
    Permits issued 11 – 20 days from the application date
    Permits issued 21 – 30 days from the application date
    Permits issued 31 – 60 days from the application date
    Permits issued 60+ days from the application date

  • Hotel/Motel Enforcement Actions along South Tacoma Way: On March 31st, the Community Development staff, with the assistance of the Lakewood Police Department, closed the Vagabond Motel located at 10005 South Tacoma Way and has since issued a “Notice and Order to Abate a Public Nuisance & Dangerous Building” in addition to revoking the current business license.  The closure was in response to the motel being illegally operated and occupied after having been closed by the State Department of Health on March 14th.
  • Pacific Highway Improvements Phase 1 (Bridgeport Way to 108th): The contractor tentatively plans to start working on the project on April 17th.  He is proposing to start at Bridgeport Way and work his way towards 108th St. Reader boards advising drivers of the pending construction work should be on the project site and operational next week.
  • Fireworks in Lakewood: The Lakewood Police and Fire Departments have begun work with the community over persistent concerns related to fireworks.  LPD started an information campaign to identify the concerns and feasible options the City can undertake to modify the current fireworks ordinance. LPD will gauge citizen feedback through a series of surveys and public meetings. The survey is also available on the website.   The public meetings will be at City Hall on April 26th and May 16th at 6:00 PM to discuss options related to fireworks and enforcement.
  • LPD Detective Honored By Bank Executives:  Detective Les Bunton and PCSD Detective Glenda Nissen were recognized on April 6th by executives representing Columbia Bank, Washington Mutual, U.S. Bank, Rainier Pacific Credit Union, and Key Bank, for their outstanding work in bringing a major fraud suspect to justice.  This is the second time that Detective Bunton, who is now assigned to the Robbery-Homicide Unit, has been singled out by the local business community for his success in solving serial bank fraud cases.
  • Avian Flu Mock Exercise: The Lakewood Police Department participated with the Pierce County Health Department, Lakewood Fire Department, and several other government agencies in the Avian Flu Mock Exercise conducted on April 4-6, 2006.
  • Town Meeting on Preventing Underage Drinking: The March 28th meeting was well attended and a great success. In September, partners will attempt another regional emphasis with “Teach-Ins” in all middle and high schools.
  • Training: Officer Hamilton attended a 4-day course to be certified as a Simunitions (a training simulation) Safety Officer and Instructor.  This training was in Seattle and the cost was paid for out of the local seizure fund. Several department members attended the 3rd part of Basic Crime Scene Examination.  There was no cost to the city. Lt Guttu and Sgt Noel attended a 2-day course on Leadership in Tacoma. Officer Celis attended a 3-day course on Standardized Field Sobriety Tests.  This training was in Kirkland and there was no cost to the city.