City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 4/14/06

April 14, 2006

To:          Mayor and Members of the Council

From:    Andrew Neiditz, City Manager

  • Under-age Drinking Town Hall Meeting to be used as a model:  Lakewood received strong congratulations from the Dept of Social and Health Services on the success of our Town Hall Meeting to Prevent Underage Drinking. DSHS, the organizer of this nation-wide initiative, has indicated they intend to use our Town Meeting format as a state model to show how to set an effective meeting.
  • Personal Care Facilities and Home-Based Business Task Force:  The task force has met on two occasions, March 28th and April 11th, and they’ve elected officers, approved bylaws, reviewed background materials, and established prioritized tasks.  Mini-seminars have been conducted on the regulations pertaining to adult family homes.  On April 25th, the task force will be provided with information regarding child care facilities, and upcoming meetings will discuss home occupation businesses, fire safety standards, traffic impacts and best practices.
  • Lakes Advisory Council Spring Meeting: The Lakes Advisory Council, consisting of representatives from the Lake Improvements Clubs for American Lake, Gravelly Lake, Lake Steilacoom, and Lake Louise, as well as representatives from the Rowing Club, Power Boat Association, police, fire and Fort Lewis met on April 11th to review 2006 water safety objectives. Our goals are to continue the success we obtained on American Lake last year, while increasing Fort Lewis military police presence. We will additionally attempt to increase our presence on the others lakes, particularly Lake Steilacoom. Finally, we will initiate what will become annual water safety education presentations and a police/fire rescue drill on every lake.
  • Clover Park School District Grant: Clover Park School District got a $177,000 Federal grant from the Safe Routes to School Program to install sidewalks (one side only) on 86th St SW from Bridgeport to Lochburn Middle School.  The Grant also includes some school signage (flashing lights) on Steilacoom Blvd. Public Works developed the application for the school district and will act  as the lead for the District’s improvements construction.
  • Lakewood Commuter Rail Station Grant: The City received $2,700,000 for the Lakewood Commuter Rail Station project.  The scope of the grant included the 3 traffic signals at the Commuter Rail Station site as well as  Pac Hwy frontage improvements (bike lane, curb & gutter, sidewalks and street lights on both sides) from 108th St to the access Rd (104th St Ct) into Pierce Transit’s Park & Ride lot.  The match for this grant is the existing funding that Sound Transit has allocated for the Lakewood Station.
  • Amber and Zircon Bids: The City received bids for reshaping and re-landscaping the northeast corner of the intersection of Amber and Zircon, which upon completion eliminates the site distance issue associated with the mound at that corner. With this work and the prior signage and rumble strips installation, the site distance issues at this intersection will have been reasonably addressed.
  • Cross Base Highway Project Connector Road Grant Application: County/WSDOT with the County as the lead submitted a grant application for the construction of the connector Rd (GLD to Thorne Lane) associated with the Cross Base Highway project (a $12,970,000 project seeking a $6,000,000 grant).  Public Works supported the County’s application.  Presently there is approximately $53 million dollars in federal transportation grant money available in PSRC’s 4 county region.  Grant awards will be competitive-based.  Under the rules, six project grant applications can be submitted from all of Pierce County, and a total of six were received and will go to PCRC, who decides which projects will advance to PSRC.  The project only constructed the noise barrier and the one lane road.  The bicycle/pedestrian was deferred to a future improvement.
  • Update of Sage Terrace Apartments:  This property was subject to extensive enforcement action in 2005 by the fire district, community development and police departments.  A fire occurred at the complex this last week.  Because of the proactive approach on enforcement, there were no injuries and minimal property damage to the structure. The joint code enforcement action had, in part, required existing fire lanes be posted and maintained, and the installation of working smoke detectors in each unit.  The fire crews reported that upon their arrival, all the fire lanes were clear, allowing the firefighters unobstructed access to make a quick fire attack containing the fire to one unit.  Further, the smoke detectors were found to be in operating condition in the vicinity of the fire.
  • Multi-Agency Support for Woodbrook Evidence Search: The detailed search of the area where Adre’Anna Jackson’s remains were discovered has continued throughout this week, and concluded on Friday.  Each day (including weekends) an average of 80 people worked between 10 and 12 hours, clearing brush, sifting dirt, and cataloguing evidence.  Substantial personnel and equipment support was provided by Lakewood’s Parks and Recreation Department, IT/GIS section, and Municipal Court Work Crew Section, as well as the following outside departments and agencies:
    • Puyallup Police Department
    • Woodbrook Middle School staff
    • FBI
    • Pierce County Department of Emergency Management
    • Pierce County Cooperative Cities Crime Response Unit
    • Washington State Patrol
    • King County Small Cities Major Crimes Task Force
    • Tacoma PD
    • Pierce County Sheriff’s Department and Public Works
    • Federal Way Police Department
    • Lacey PD
    • Olympia PD
    • Tukwila PD
    • Kent PD
    • Lewis County Sheriff’s Office (Volunteer Crime Scene Team)
    • McChord AFB Security Forces
    • WA State Dept. of Ecology
    • WA State Dept. of Health
    • Lemay Inc.
    • Ft Lewis CID
    • King County Sheriff’s Office
    • Centralia PD
    • Seattle PD CSI
    • Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Explorers
    • Pierce County Medical Examiner
    • 1996th Barbecue Brigade Support Team