City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 5/5/06

May 5, 2006

To:          Mayor and Members of the Council

From:    Andrew Neiditz, City Manager

  • Parks Director elected to statewide leadership post:  Parks and Recreation Director Mary Dodsworth was installed last week as the upcoming president of the 1,200- member Washington Recreation & Parks Association (WRPA) at a joint Washington/Oregon parks and recreation conference in Vancouver WA.  Her tenure as president-elect will commence after a year as vice-president. WRPA represents parks and recreation professionals from around the State.
  • DoD “Responding to Change”: The city manager and Councilmember Richardson attended a Department of Defense (DoD) sponsored BRAC-related conference this week, with attendees from military communities around the nation. The agenda items included coordinated planning, base realignment, encroachment, federal assistance, and managing growth and redevelopment.
  • City Hall Parking Lot Expansion: Work on expanding the City Hall parking lot is anticipated to start May 15th.  We will be seeking a cost from our contactor to expand the parking area in the triangle landscaped area adjacent to the existing easterly driveway.  We feel it would more cost effective to plant new versus to transplant, and we will be offering the landscape plants to the public for their salvage; with this approach, we believe our cost to develop this parking area will be less.  The City got a good price from the contractor on the original work (approx. $28,000) which is primarily asphalt paving work, and we are trying to move things along in order not cause him any delays.
  • LPD Training of Lakewood Banks: LPD conducted training for 17 employees of three local banks (Heritage Bank, Pacific International Bank, and Twin County Credit Union) on South Tacoma Way this week.  The program covered police dispatching procedures, police procedures during and after robbery, robbery prevention and recognizing casing, calling 911 and describing suspects and vehicles, and suspect tracking devices.
  • LPD Motel Sweep Summary: LPD Motel Sweep Team Members conducted motel sweeps last week. There are only currently three motels with call volumes warranting sweep emphasis.  Five individuals were arrested for outstanding warrants and drug possession/paraphernalia charges.
  • 1-37 Field Artillery Battalion Presentation: Officer Charles Porche presented a training program for two batteries of soldiers and some of their spouses.  This Battalion is shipping out to Iraq sometime in early summer.  The presentation covered personal, home, vehicle and other safety topics, and was well received by the Battery commander and 40-50 people in attendance.
  • Street Project Grant applications: Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) has a call out for projects associated with the $127 million in federal grant money available in the four county region thru 2010.   The Cross Base Highway GLD to Thorne Ln Connector was one of Pierce County’s allotted 6 projects submitted to compete for $54 million for regional wide projects.  Still outstanding is the call for county wide projects to compete for the balance of the funds.   This $73 million is first prorated among the 4 counties based on population for which projects within each respective county then compete for their county’s respective allotment.  Pierce County’s allotment is approximately $15,500,000.  Public Works will be submitting the following 4 projects:  Bridgeport Way – 75th St to N City limits (project costs $1,135,000, grant funding requested $794,500); 100th St SW – GLD to 59th Ave (project Costs $1,145,000, grant funding requested $957,000); Bridgeport Way – Steilacoom Blvd to 83rd St (total project cost $ 2,000,000, grant funding requested $800,000); and Gravelly Lake Dr Overlay 112th St to Bridgeport Way (project costs $880,000, grant funding requested $761,200).  The Bridgeport Way projects as well as the 100th St project are all for full improvements with pavement curb & gutter, sidewalks, and street lighting. The northerly Bridgeport Way project includes the remaining improvements not covered by the Wal-Mart development.  All projects are in the existing 6 Yr TIP.
  • Police Explorers Compete: The Lakewood Police Explorers attended the City of Vancouver Tactical Explorer Competition on April 29th. Explorer Commander Lisa Cree and Explorer Trevor Hinkle won first place on traffic stops. All the explorers did an exceptional job. The Lakewood Explorers are an excellent representation of our Police Department.
  • Missing Juvenile: A 14-year old Lakes High School student was reported to have not gotten off the school bus on Ft. Lewis Tuesday afternoon. The student is developmentally disabled and becomes confused easily, and has asthma and high blood pressure.  The bus driver said the missing subject did not get on the bus.  LPD responded to narrow possible locations and begin to search, and Ft. Lewis had several M.P. units looking for the subject on base.   Just after midnight, LPD Officer Jeremy Vahle found him behind the Block Buster Video on Steilacoom Blvd. He was lost and did not know how to get home. The officer took him to McDonalds and bought him some dinner, then transported him to the station where he was reunited with his mother.