City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 6/9/06

June 9, 2006

To:          Mayor and Members of the Council

From:    Andrew Neiditz, City Manager

  • Transportation Grant-funded Projects: The regional Transportation Coordinating Committee (TCC) concurred today regarding the $15.48 million in available (2008-2010) County wide transportation grant funding to be recommended to the Pierce County Regional Council (PCRC) for grant funding. Two of the four project grant applications that Lakewood submitted scored competitively high enough to be included in the recommended project list.  The first project was the overlay of Gravelly Lake Dr from 112th St to Bridgeport Way, with an estimated total cost of $880,000 (recommended grant funds of $761,000).  The second project was sidewalk/bike facility improvements on 100th St (both sides) from Gravelly Lake Dr to 59th, with an estimated total cost of $1,145,000 (recommended grant funds of $667,000).  This project is also being placed on the contingency project list, which means it stands to get another $290,000 in grant funding should additional non-motorized grant monies become available. This project wouldn’t be under construction until 2010 so the likelihood of it receiving the balance of the grant funding is good.  The Gravelly Lake Drive Overlay project is proposed to under construction in 2007.  All these projects were identified in the City’s current 6-Year TIP. These recommendations now go to PCRC for their review.  It is important that our Council representative to PCRC attend the June 15th meeting to insure that our projects remain funded in the final PCRC recommendation.
  • “Coffee with a Cop”:  Neighborhood Policing Officer Austin Lee and Community Service Officer Cassey Jankowiak hosted a Coffee with a Cop event, which lasted two hours on June 6th at a local coffee shop.  The purpose of this community-focused event was to support LPD’s effort to mobilize community and make the department more accessible to the public.
  • CSO Receives award from Department of Corrections: Community Service Officer Mike Miller was the recipient of the Outstanding Volunteer Award for the DOC Community Involvement Program, Southwest Region on June 6th; the award was for dedication to the community and offender accountability.
  • State of the City presentation: The city manager presented a power-point program on the “state of the city” at Lakewood Rotary today, and will be the program at Lakewood United on June 15th. The program highlights the priorities and challenges in Public Safety, Economic Development, and Intergovernmental Relations, and concludes.
  • Lakeview Neighborhood Association Clean Up: On June 3rd, the Lakeview Neighborhood Association held its first “Clean-it-Up” get together on June 3rd at the Northeast corner of 108th St SW and Lakeview Ave SW.  The Association has decided to have “Clean-it-up” parties throughout District 4, with the aim of bringing the community together to take back areas that have become overgrown or garbage ridden.  As a gateway into the Lakeview District, that location was the ideal starting place.  Volunteers donated their time and tools to cut back approximately 800 square feet of blackberry bushes.  Lowe’s donated the use of their dumpster, Pizza Hut donated pizza, and Starbucks donated coffee.  The effort at clearing more of the blackberry bushes there will continue on June 24th.