City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 6/2/06

June 2, 2006

To:          Mayor and Members of the Council

From:    Andrew Neiditz, City Manager

  • Two Lakewood boys receive FBI and Lakewood Police Commendations: Manny Peters and Domonique Eason received awards from the head of the regional FBI office and Chief Saunders for discovering the remains of Adre’Anna Jackson, at the meeting of the Tillicum Neighborhood Association on June 1st.  The boys had been snake hunting in the field when they discovered some bones. They tried to get a few adults to help them but were refused. Finally an apartment manager was contacted who went with them to the area. Their contribution to the case was very significant.
  • Oprah Winfrey Show highlights Lakewood case: The 2004 case of the 8-year old Tillicum boy who was attacked in a domestic violence case was showcased on the TV show, with recognition to the City’s response to the 911 call that saved the boy’s life. Sgt. Mark Eakes was invited to participate on the show.
  • Arrest made in Double Homicide: A suspect for the double homicide in the Springbrook area on May 13th was arrested this week. A witness was located with the assistance of the Violent Crimes Task Force and Special Ops. She was brought in for an interview and explained how she witnessed the murders. She also picked the suspect out of a montage.
  • GFOA Certification for CPFO status: Connie Jones, the City’s financial operations manager, has completed the requirements for Certified Public Finance Officer and has been recognized by GFOA (Government Finance Officers Association of the U. S. and Canada) in their May newsletter.
  • Child ID Event: On May 26th, Officer Gail Conelly participated in a Child ID event in conjunction with the Criminal Justice Club at Pierce College. There were 100 children involved in the program, and she fingerprinted 63. The children were also videotaped, had dental impressions taken, and DNA swabs done. The packets were then given to the parents for safekeeping.
  • Seeley Lake Community Debrief: Police conducted a community meeting on May 17th regarding the Murder – Suicide that occurred at the Seeley Lake Apartment Complex. Officer Figueroa gave an overview of the incident, CSO McCann explained the need for Block Watches, and a guest speaker spoke on the importance of identifying and helping those in domestic violence situations.
  • K-9 Vest Recognition Ceremony: In conjunction with Communities in Schools, this ceremony was held on June 1st in the Council Chambers. Several groups and individuals were recognized for their efforts in raising over $4,000 to purchase canine ballistic vests for the Police K-9 program.
  • LAAPAC Town Meeting: On May 30th, the Lakewood African American Police Advisory Board hosted a town meeting to discuss domestic violence, with over 40 people attending, including Municipal Judge Heller and Councilmember Richardson. LPD and the Lakewood Partners against Domestic Violence provided awareness training on causes and nature of the crime, police response procedures and available victim support resources.