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City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 1/27/06

January 27, 2006
To:      Mayor and Members of the Council

From: Andrew Neiditz, City Manager

  • Student Mock Trial: The Clover Park High School American Studies class is hosting a student Mock Trial and for the second consecutive year, the expertise of the City’s Legal Department Attorneys has been called upon to help these students prepare in a trial strategy session on January 27th.
  • AWC Legislative Conference: The city manager, mayor, and government relations director attended the Association of Washington Cities Legislative Conference this week in Olympia. Much discussion centered around the success of the Streamlined Sales Tax proposal which had just been approved unanimously by the State Senate. Governor Gregoire was the keynote speaker at the session.
  • SWM check from Pierce County: The City received a check from Pierce County in the amount of $529,089.64.  These Surface Water Management (SWM) designated funds had been held as part of an understanding between the County and City until all outstanding claims were resolved for storm events that occurred around the time of City incorporation.  The last claim was recently settled.
  • Automated Photo Enforcement: The City has advertised a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the Automated Photo Enforcement Program.  This program includes vendor support for red light running enforcement and speed enforcement in school zones.  A vendor contact should be ready for presentation to Council in March.  In the interim, the City’s current contract for red light enforcement will remain active and may be expanded to add school zone speed enforcement.  Before resuming the school zone speed enforcement program, we will begin notification of residents through media and newsletters.  The City will issue warnings only during the first two weeks of school zone speed enforcement.
  • ID Theft Ring Busted: Lakewood Police, University Place Police, Pierce County Sheriff’s Department and the Secret Service concluded a year long ID theft, fraud and forgery investigation this week.  The joint investigation resulted in the arrest of numerous individuals who have been operating this sophisticated criminal enterprise statewide over the last three years, and were responsible for losses to the business community and individuals in excess of $1 million.
  • LPD Command Staff Selected For County Incident Management Team: Assistant Chiefs Dave Hall and Tim Lopez were recently selected for membership in the Pierce County Type 3 Incident Management Team.  This team, comprised of public safety and emergency management professionals from agencies throughout the county, is designed to augment incident command staff during major incidents and events throughout the county, and the State. Both Hall and Lopez are attending a 6-day long training course in Puyallup this week, which includes advanced incident command skills, and features instructors with extensive experience assisting during the World Trade Center, Oklahoma City, and Hurricane Katrina Disasters.
  • Closure of the Bridgeport Bar and Grill: The owner of the Bridgeport Bar and Grill has accepted the City’s revocation of his license to operate this business.  The City’s Building Official coordinated a multi-jurisdictional inspection of the establishment, finding electrical, building code, fire code and health-related violations at the business.  On December 29, 2005, the Building Official posted the building as unsafe to enter or occupy, and then a few days later, a notice was issued declaring the building unsafe and dangerous.  The owner at first appealed the City’s action, but then dropped the appeal.
  • 24th Annual Traffic Safety Superstars Award: Lakewood PD is one of several agencies set to receive recognition for its participation in a federally funded pilot program. This group of agencies made up the Ticketing Aggressive Cars and Trucks (TACT) project enforcement team. In 2005, LPD worked in partnership with WSP, Lacey PD, Everett PD and several other agencies to reduce truck/car collisions on I-5.   The program was very successful, and the officers and the department will receive an award as part of a ceremony February 9th.
  • Homeless Coalition: On January 26th, General Service participated with members of the Homeless Coalition in the annual count of homeless individuals throughout Pierce County. The homeless count, a requirement of the federal government, serves as a basis for funding and planning decisions in Pierce County. It also serves as a basis for tracking and monitoring homelessness as part of the 10-Year Plan to end chronic homelessness and reduce homelessness by 50% as provided for in SHB 2163. Locations where homeless census was taken included in and around roadsides, bowling alleys, taverns, restaurants, stores, dumpsters, Labor Ready, hotels/motels, and fire stations.  Homeless counts were taken in Lakewood and the Lakewood Area Shelter Association provided bed count information.
  • Wellness Snowshoeing Trip: The first snowshoeing trip for the employee Wellness program had 10 people participate. The weather was good and the company even better as the group followed the Nisqually Loop trail at Mt. Rainier.

City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 1/20/06

January 20, 2006
To:      Mayor and Members of the Council

From: Andrew Neiditz, City Manager

  • Planning Advisory Board: The Planning Advisory Board (PAB) conducted its first meeting for the year on January 18th.   The opening topic on the agenda was a presentation by the LPD on community policing techniques.  The board was pleased with how the City organizes around solving problems.  Board members also reviewed applications for appointment to the residentially based personal care facilities task force.  Recommendations are anticipated to be made in February to the city council for approval. The PAB also reviewed its assessment process, which resulted in some fairly detailed conversations about overall City goals.  Three basic concepts emerged: 1) creating a sense of place; 2) that Lakewood is a “first suburb” facing distinctive challenges and which require unique problem solving techniques; and 3) that the PAB works best when it’s closest to those it serves.  The PAB is interested in conducting a special study session with the city council to further discuss City goals.
  • 2nd Calvary Regiment Training: On January 12th,  Doug Richardson (Army Brigadier General, Former Mayor and Councilmember), Larry Saunders (Retired Army Colonel, Police Chief), Joe Hannan (retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, Economic Development) and Don Wickstrom (Public Works, 30 years) trained 100 officers of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment in local governance, community policing, economic development and restoration of public services. The 2nd Cav Regiment is the City’s military partner unit on Fort Lewis and they are anticipating a possible deployment to Mosul, Iraq (Iraq’s second largest city). The four hour training was well received and involved a sharing of Lakewood’s experience with specific application to Mosul’s conditions. Lakewood staff has had hands-on experience in several different countries with local government challenges and over 50% of the Air Cav Regiment has already served in Iraq.  City staff left open the invitation to provide additional, more specific training as the unit gets closer to deployment.
  • Ft Lewis Ceremony: Assistant Chief Hall attended the 42nd Police Brigade Change of Command Ceremony, at the Ft. Lewis Community Club on January 20th.
  • Community Service Award Recipient: Ivy Murphy was recognized with a Community Service Award at Tacoma’s Dr. Martin Luther King Jr birthday celebration this week.  The award was given by the Human Rights Department for Ivy’s work with disadvantaged youth through the North Star Youth Project.
  • Domestic Violence Family Justice Center: Assistant Chief Hall and Sgt Hoffman and others from LPD attended the grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Crystal Judson family justice center. The center is a one-stop facility in Tacoma that will assist victims of domestic violence.
  • LESA Board: As a follow-up and correction to last week’s info bulletin, Lakewood resident (and former councilmember) John Simpson (name misspelled in former bulletin) will not be continuing as an advisory member on the LESA Board because the position he held was assigned by the by-laws to a County Police-contract city. We are working with LESA to establish a potential new relationship that would have Lakewood representation on its board.

City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 1/6/06

January 6, 2006
To:      Mayor and Members of the Council

From: Andrew Neiditz, City Manager

  • Lochburn Middle School Grant Funding List: Clover Park School District (Lochburn Middle School) made the funding list for a $177,000 grant per the State’s Safe Route to School Grant program.  The City developed the grant application for the school district. The monies will go for constructing a sidewalk (one side only) on 83rd from Bridgeport Way to Lochburn entrance, installing yellow flashing lights along Steilacoom Blvd approaching Lochburn and for education and outreach on walking/bicycling to school.  The prioritized list of projects still needs to be confirmed by the legislature during this upcoming session.
  • Regional Mobility Grant Funding List: The City made the funding list for a $2,700,000 grant per the State’s Regional Mobility Grant program.  The project submitted was the Commuter Rail Station project including the installation of the three traffic signals and constructing sidewalks along Pacific Highway between the station and Pierce Transit’s park and ride lot.  From the grant, Sound Transit will get $2,000,000 to help defray its costs per building the station and the city will get $700,000 to construct the Pacific Highway sidewalk improvements.  The prioritized list of projects still needs to be confirmed by the legislature during this upcoming session.
  • Computer Buddies:  The first session of Computer Buddies at the Lakewood Senior Center took place on January 4th.  The Lakewood Senior Center is collaborating with Lakewood Computer Clubhouse to teach older adults computer skills.  The youth mentors share their skills and expertise with the older adults.    The group meets on the first and third Wednesday of the month from 4:30pm-5:30 PM.  Topics range from Computer and email basics to more advanced skills  This is one of only a handful of intergenerational computer groups in the country.
  • Gang Awareness Training: LPD’s Neighborhood Policing Team(NPO Angel Figueroa and CSO Gail Conelly) conducted two Gang Awareness Training sessions for McChord AFB on December 8th. . The first training session was for the Senior Leadership of the base, to include the Wing Commander. The second training session was for the remainder of the leadership staff – with special attention to parents of middle school and high school aged children. Approximately 65 people were in attendance between the two sessions.
  • Raising the Bar Training: Police Officer Austin Lee, in partnership with State Liquor Control Board (LCB), trained 13 Bowlero Lanes employees on “Raising the Bar” on December 30th. Raising the Bar is a training program, developed by Lakewood Police Department (LPD) and LCB, to educate bar and liquor establishment owners and their employees on how to keep their bars and businesses crime free.  This program promotes close partnership between the police and the business owners in Lakewood.  LPD’s partnership with Bowlero began after the business became one of the top ten businesses experiencing high volume of police calls for service in the 3rd Quarter of 2005.  Bowlero is currently under a crime prevention agreement, which is another documented partnership.  The crime prevention agreement allows the owner to recognize and understand the existence of the problems and react appropriately.
  • Lakewood Police assists Lakeview Elementary in hosting Partners for a Safer Neighborhood: On January 5th,  Lakewood Police Department along with the Fire Department, Safe Streets, Lakewood Boys & Girls Club and the Clover Park School District came together to start forming the partnerships needed to make Lakeview a safer, better community.
  • DUI EMPHASIS: Lakewood Police just completed the DUI Drive Hammered Get Nailed campaign from November 26th to January 2nd.  The results were as follows:
    • The Grant total was for $2100.00, which came out to 38.18 hours
    • 5 officers worked for a total of 37.5 hours
    • 54 contacts were made, 33 cites/infractions were issued, 8 DUI arrests were made
    • We also did a DOT DUI emphasis on 12/16/05
    • 2 Officers worked on 12/16/05
    • 16 contacts, 4 cites/infractions issued
    • 1 DUI arrest made

City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 1/13

January 13, 2006


To:       Mayor and Members of the Council

From: Andrew Neiditz, City Manager

  • EDB: The city manager was nominated this week by the executive committee of the Economic Development Board for Tacoma-Pierce County for appointment to another position on the board of directors, subject to full board approval at their next meeting.
  • New Prosecution Process: Beginning February 1st, the LPD will be referring all Motor Vehicle Thefts, Possession of Stolen Property cases, and Theft/Shoplift cases (under $1500) to the legal department for prosecution in municipal court and sentencing of those convicted to Wapato Jail in Yakima County: The County Prosecutor is aware that these cases will be referred to Lakewood Municipal Court through general reports and that these suspects will be booked in to the Pierce County Jail on misdemeanor level offenses to avoid confusion and double charging issues.  The intent is to improve the likelihood of certain, swift punishment for property offenses.  Case backlogs for County prosecutors and Superior Court and Compliance release in County Jail have prevented conviction and incarceration of many property crime offenders in the past.
  • LESA Board. Lakewood resident (and former councilmember) John Simmons is continuing as an appointed at-large citizen member of the LESA (Law Enforcement Support Agency) executive board.  We are still working with the county executive and Tacoma mayor to have a more permanent Lakewood representative on the board.
  • Winter Explorers Academy: Officers Ken Henson, Cherilyn Gumm, and Scott Young took 9 explorers for a week to Yakima to attend the Winter Explorer Academy. Explorers Tiffany Byers, Jessica Lowrance, and John Kinsley were chosen to be Platoon Leaders above a hundred other Explorers. Explorer Jessica Lowrance also received an award for Third Best Explorer Overall at the Academy and Explorer Tiffany Byers was chosen from the Basic Academy to speak at the graduation ceremonies. We are proud of the way the Explorer program has been developing. Credit goes to the Officers involved who have provided hundreds of hours as Advisors to the Post.
  • Raising the Bar Training: Officer Austin Lee and Jackie Eliason from the Liquor Control Board conducted Raising the Bar Training at Chips Casino on January 7th. 18 employees from the business attended and learned the RTB Protocol and Best Practices. The training was a great success with employees thanking the two for taking the time to provide them with this critical training.

City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 12/30/05

December 30, 2005
To:      Mayor and Members of the Council

From: Heidi Wachter, Acting City Manager

  •  The YMCA Teen Program to Reopen: The Lakewood YMCA teen late night program will restart January 13, 2006. YMCA staff met with Lakewood Police to develop guidelines and supervision to be put in place to ensure the safety and fun for all participants. The new program reopens with strong new leadership and a fresh approach.
  • Training: Several members of the Police Department attended a 7 hour CPR/ First Aid/ AED class put on by Gail Conelly, Dennis Higashiyama (Parks and Recreation Department) and Garret Smith (LFD).