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City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 7/14/06

July 14, 2006

To:          Mayor and Members of the Council

From:    Andrew Neiditz, City Manager

  • Criminal Investigations-- Update on Fort Steilacoom Park: LPD’s robbery/assault investigations have now identified all of the suspects involved with the recent attacks at the park.   Four male adults and one female adult are already in custody and have provided confessions.  There are three other male adults fully identified. Recovered weapons are hatchets, machetes, wooden clubs, and a medieval war axe.  We have collected a vast amount of paraphernalia to include photographs, graffiti, and clothing.  One subject who is already in custody was arrested in 2004 by the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department for attacking and stabbing a soldier eleven times inside Fort Steilacoom Park.  At that time, he was also dressed in Juggalo costume, including clown makeup.
  • Fort Steilacoom Park discussion: The Parks & Recreation Advisory Board (PRAB), Landmarks & Heritage Advisory Board (LHAB), and Planning Advisory Board (PAB) met jointly this week to discuss strategies for the park.   It was a first-time session for all three groups to meet together, on a fairly complex subject, and a good model of citizen interaction on policy issues.
  • Fireworks Update: On July 3rd, 4th, and 5th, – LPD received 122 fireworks related calls.  That is down from 226 in 2005. The sensing from the officers was improved compliance with our city ordinance, particularly in our fireworks “hot spot” zones. We issued 7 criminal cites (about the same as last year) and confiscated a full trunk load of illegal fireworks (much less than last year). Total calls on July 4th were 279 – again the busiest day of the year. Total calls in 2005 were 290. Generally daily calls average around 180.  The fire department reports they responded to 6 fireworks related incidents – all minor. We are cautiously hoping that the reduction in fireworks related workload is the product of our extensive pre-4th awareness campaign.
  • Apartment Owners Meeting: Due to a recent rise in gang-related crime that is anchored in apartment complexes in the Lakeview Area along Bridgeport between 111th and 108th Street, LPD held a meeting on June 28th for apartment owners/managers, with support from Community Development and the Fire Department.  Most participants agreed to cooperate in screening out known criminals and gang members from renting or visiting, as well as enforcing quiet hours and reporting suspicious behaviors to the neighborhood patrol team.
  • Safety and Crime Prevention Training: In District 5, LPD completed a series of three presentations for the Washington Karate Association.  Over sixty youth, from age 6 to 17 learned about safety and crime prevention. The karate students were divided into age appropriate groups.  The older students viewed a power point presentation on drug and gang awareness with a group discussion, and the younger students played learned about stranger dangers, online safety, and how to deal with bullies through interactive games. In District 3, the NPO/CSO team hosted their second “Coffee With A Cop” event at Starbuck’s on So Tacoma Way.  Many law enforcement professionals were on hand to talk with citizens and hand out crime prevention literature.
  • Water Quality Sampling: The Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department (TPCHD) will provide the City with water quality sampling in the swimming areas at American Lake and Harry Todd Parks.  Samples will be generally near the middle of the swimming area and the samples will be collected at a depth of approximately six inches in three feet of water.  If a single E coli sample exceeds 235 /100ml, the beach will be re-sampled as soon as possible.  If the results are still above 235/100ml, TPCHD will recommend against swimming until at least two consecutive samples are less than 126/100ml.   Although levels fluctuate during the summer, we have not had to close down an American Lake swimming area in the past 5 years.
  • 2nd Annual Lakewood Idol Contest: Forty contestants entered the 2nd Annual Lakewood Idol contest.  The Council Chambers rang with music of all types – country western, R & B, top 40 hits, ballads and some golden oldies.  Everyone present was entertained as 12 year old’s matched singing skills with 40+ year old adults.  City employee Elizabeth Hildgo-Linna’s two daughters, ages 12 and 14, did their mother proud!   Sara Millbauer coordinated the event.  Eight finalists from last night’s competition will perform at the City’s July 25th concert in the Park and the winner will perform at the Battle of the Idols at the Puyallup Fair.
  • Chip Sealing Program: The Public Works Department will have a chip sealing program this year. The chip sealing program will be limited to local access roads (approx 14.8 lane miles).  The streets/roads involved will be listed on the city’s web site and we have also developed an article for publication in the next newsletter.  The work will be performed by Pierce County road crews.  It is anticipated that the chip sealing will begin in the middle of August.  Prior to the chip seal application, Pierce County road crews will perform crack sealing and patching of the roads.
  • Intersection of Amber and Zircon: The re-contouring and associated re-landscaping of the northeast corner of Amber and Zircon is now complete, thus eliminating the site distance issue at this corner.  Along with rumble strips and signage on Zircon this hopefully addresses the neighborhood’s concerns.

City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 7/7/06

July 7, 2006

To:          Mayor and Members of the Council

From:    Andrew Neiditz, City Manager

  • City population: The State of Washington certified Lakewood’s 2006 population at 59,000.
  • Police Volunteers: Police Volunteers provided 1596.75 hours of service to the department during the second quarter.  At the national volunteer hourly rate of $18.55, that equates to $29,619.71. For the year the total hours, to date, are 2903 and the total dollar amount is $53,850.65.
  • Lakeview Neighborhood Association BBQ: On June 26th, the Lakeview Neighborhood Association had a neighborhood BBQ on Yew Lane.  The event is part of an on-going effort of the Association to bring the Lakeview District together through a series of neighborhood BBQ’s and Clean-it-up parties.   The next scheduled Clean-it-Up event for the Association will be on Saturday, July 15th at 108th St SW and Lakeview Ave SW from 9:00am – 1:00pm.
  • CSO Crime Prevention Presentation: On June 23rd, LPD presented a series of general crime prevention topics at the Washington Karate Association's summer karate camp students. The information covered general safety, gang awareness, online safety, and bullying to approximately 24 students.
  • Tobacco Compliance Checks: On June 20th, LPD and the State Liquor Control Board worked Tobacco Compliance Checks.  25 businesses were checked and only two sales were made with citations being issued.
  • Liquor Compliance Checks: On June 27th, LPD and the State Liquor Control Board worked Liquor Compliance Checks. Twelve businesses were checked and only one store made an illegal sale with a citations being issued.
  • State Legislative Task Force to Study Offender Re-entry: The state legislature has appointed a task force to study prison reform, including current programs for releasing offenders back into the community. The legislation forming the TF reflects wide-spread recognition that current prison programs are not working. Pierce County Senators Mike Carrell and Debbie Regala will co-chair the overall TF. They have formed four sub-committees to assist in the study. Chief Saunders will co-chair the sub-committee formed to assess cooperation between DOC and local law enforcement in community transition programs.
    Community Development Dept. Building Permit Activity.

    Number of Building Permits Applied For:

    Number of Building Permits Issued:

    June 2005


    June 2006



    Number of Planning Permits Applied For:

    Number of Planning Permits Issued:

    June 2005


    June 2006


    Total Monthly Permit Valuation

    June 2005


    June 2006


    Year To-Date Valuation

    January through June 2005


    January through June 2006


     Building Permit Log
    January 1, 2006 – June 30, 2006

    Building permits currently under review


    Year To-Date Statistics

    Building permits issued same day as the application date:


    Building permits issued 1 – 10 days from the application date:


    Building permits issued 11 – 20 days from the application date:


    Building permits issued 21 - 30 days from the application date:


    Building permits issued 31 – 45 days from the application date:


    Building permits issued 46 – 60 days from the application date:


    Building permits issued 60+ days from the application date:


    Total Permits Issued:

  • Active Shooter Training: Lakewood’s Patrol Force received its first evolution of active shooter training. This event, occurring over two separate training days, was designed to increase the tactical capability of the patrol response division. Current Metro SWAT officers performed as instructors and safety officers during the training period. An active shooter situation is a high-risk event that is ongoing as initial officers are responding to the scene. Patrol officers are taught the dynamics of an active shooter event, how to establish Rapid Intervention Teams and how to respond to an event as soon as possible. The training day included multiple tactical scenarios which included many types of scenes officers would face at a real emergency. The training was a huge success and will be incorporated into our yearly mandatory events. Clover Park Schools assisted the training by allowing our officers to use one of their facilities to do the practical portion of the training. Fife and Milton P.D assisted by providing advanced instructors during both days.

City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 6/23/06

June 23, 2006

To:          Mayor and Members of the Council

From:    Andrew Neiditz, City Manager

  • AWC Annual Conference: Councilmembers Finnigan and Neary, and Gov’t Relations Director Bock and the city manager attended the Association of Washington Cities annual conference in Spokane this week. There were workshops on infrastructure funding, city “branding”, business retention, “green” building projects, the property rights initiative, sex offender registration policies, and others.
  • Public Works Trust Fund Loan Agreement: The City received the Public Works Trust Fund Loan agreements this week for the $5,000,000 associated with ALG/Tillicum sewer project.  This is the last critical element of the project funding package, and we will be proposing Council authorization as early as July 5th.  The loan is for 20 years at 0.5% interest rate.
  • Latino Gang Prevention Summit: On June 17th, the Pierce County Sheriff's Department hosted a Latino Gang Summit. Lakewood Police collaborated with them in the event which was focused on providing information to community members on Latino gangs and their prevalence in the area. About 40 people including community members, youth, service providers, and police attended the event. In October of 2006 the Lakewood Latino Police Advisory Board in conjunction with Centro Latino, Safe Streets, and several other service providers will present a Latino Youth Summit that will provide break out sessions to reach out to Latino Youth on education, drugs, teen issues, and a section on gangs.
  • Korean Youth Camp 2006: On June 17th, LPD and KAPAG (Korean American Police Advisory Group) put on the second Korean American Youth Police Adventure Camp. It was a complete success with 70 kids (between 6-12th grades) participating.  This camp is in support of Lad’s community out-reach efforts. The topics covered in this 8- hour course were, Orientation to a Law Enforcement Career, Criminal Law, Road Rage, Street Racing, Gang Awareness, Math Awareness, Calling 911, High Risk Vehicle Stop Demo, K-9 Demo, SWAT Demo, and Explorer Presentation.
  • New K-9 Dog: On June 18th, the Police Department obtained a new K9 partner currently named Astor. He is an 18 month old German Shepherd imported from Germany via a kennel in Ohio. Officer Jim Syler and Sergeant Andy Suver traveled last weekend to Ohio to seek out the new K-9 Officer, due to recently learned news that K-9 Titan has cancer. Titan was put to sleep last week as the pain from the cancer was becoming intolerable. Jim and Astor will begin full time training until both are certified and ready to hit the street full time. Astor is a Jet Black Shepherd and is very handsome.
  • Bar Sweep: On June 16th, LPD and the State Liquor Control Board conducted a Bar Sweep. The following businesses and bars were checked: Great American Casino, Chips Casino, Bowlero, Oak Tree, Pounders, Bourbon Street and Schooner Tavern. Most bars are doing very well and were happy to see us.
  • LAAPAC Training on Simulator: During their regularly scheduled meeting on June 20th, 13 members of the Lakewood African American Police Advisory Council (LAAPAC) were allowed to train on the Fire Arms Training Simulator.  This training is laser/video integrated training - called "Shoot/No Shoot" - which puts officers through a series of simulated high-risk situations and then evaluates both the officer's decision to either engage fire (or not) against our policy on use of force and the accuracy of the fire.  The training is provided annually for free by our insurers, and we always offer options to our community partners to go through the simulations each year.

City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 6/30/06

June 30, 2006

To:          Mayor and Members of the Council

From:    Andrew Neiditz, City Manager

  • SummerFest Fort Steilacoom Park was the place to be last Saturday..  Approximately 9,000+ visited the park that day to enjoy the festivities, including car show, baseball tournament, Latino festival, entertainment, demonstrations, late night movie and informational booths and displays.   Special thanks should go to the Parks and Recreation Department staff (especially Sara Millbauer) who took the lead to coordinate all the event partners and set up and clean up the park.  We also appreciate the efforts of the Lakewood Police Department and Explorer Scouts who were on site to help with parking and traffic control.   We couldn’t have pulled off such a wonderful event without our community partners who helped make SummerFEST 2006 a great success.  Partners include Comcast, Partners for Parks, Lakewood Fire District, Lakewood United Latino Organization, Harold LeMay Enterprises, Select Baseball, Clover Park School District, Lakewood Historical Associations, Washington State Trail Running Club, AgriShop, Homestreet Bank, Panattoni Construction and numerous other volunteers and supporters.
  • Personal Care Facilities and Home-Based Business Task Force: At its June 27th meeting, the task force provided a series of preliminary recommendations on adult family homes.  These will be forwarded to the Planning Advisory Board for further review and discussion, and a report to the City Council is anticipated for August.  The task force is moving forward on other subjects with the emphasis on collecting background information on home-based businesses.
  • Planning Advisory Board: At its June 28th meeting, the PAB continued a public hearing on a proposed ordinance amending work release development regulations. There were about 40 people in attendance.  Testimony was received from Pierce County prosecutor Gerry Horne, Senator Mike Carrell, and Representative Tami Green.  With modifications, all three were in support of the City’s draft proposal.  Written testimony was provided by DSHS.  The hearing was continued a second time to July 13.
  • NNO Event Planned to include Fort Lewis: The Provost Marshal's Office at Fort Lewis will be sponsoring a National Night Out Against Crime event on post this year. On June 23rd, representatives from the PMO met with Mike and Sharron Kanter, Lakewood's own expert NNO coordinators, to kick-start their first NNO event.

City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 6/16/06

June 16, 2006
To:          Mayor and Members of the Council
From:    Andrew Neiditz, City Manager
  • Housing Displacement Grant Award: Lakewood will be awarded a $30,000 grant from the Pierce County SHB 2060 and SHB 2163 Committee for Emergency Assistance Program to prevent homelessness by providing one-time assistance to 15-20 Lakewood residents who may be displaced from their homes through no fault of their own due to mobile home park closures. Lakewood's application also provided for a $10,000 General Fund local match in support of its commitment to the program for case management services.   State funding for the program is scheduled to be released in early September 2006.
  • PCRC Transportation Grant Approvals:  Pierce County Regional Council (PCRC) last night approved the project grant funding list as recommended to them by the Transportation Coordinating Committee.  The list now goes to Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) for formal approval later this fall.  Once adopted, grants monies would be available in October 2007.  The project list includes two Lakewood projects: Gravelly Lake Dr Overlay (112th St to Bridgeport) with a grant of $761,200 and total project cost of $880,000; and 100th St pedestrian/bicycle facilities improvements fromGravelly Lake Dr to 59th Ave with a grant of $667,000 and total project cost of $1,145,000.  The 100th St improvement project is not anticipated to start construction until 2010, and it is therefore eligible for another $290,000 in contingency grant funding.  All projects are on our 6-year TIP.
  • Cross Base Connector Road: With respect to the projects that were in competition for $53 million in PSRC regional grants funds, the Cross Base Connector Road (Gravelly Lake Drive to Thorne Lane) was one of PCRC’s six submitted projects but did not make the funding list.
  • Sounder Station Pedestrian Bridge Proposal: Pierce Transit’s proposed Kendrick St pedestrian bridge access project was also approved by PCRC for its design phase.  This would be a joint project with the City and Sound Transit.  The estimate of the design phase was $840,000 and the grant award was $400,000.
  • GREAT Grant Awarded: The US Department of Justice has awarded LPD $216,000 for a Gang Resistance Education and Training (G.R.E.A.T) Program, which provides for a law enforcement officer to go into schools and teach gang-resistance to at-risk families.  GREAT, which is a companion program to DARE, has three parts; in school lessons for grades five and seven, after-school programs on parenting, and summer activities. Children and parents will be provided knowledge, attitude and skills necessary to resist the pressures of gangs.
  • Presentation on Drugs, Gangs, and Crime Prevention: Community Service Officer Gail Conelly gave a presentation on Drugs, Gangs, and Crime Prevention to 120 attendees of the Olympic Rental Association’s annual conference at the LaQuinta Hotel in Tacoma on June 10th.  The City of Lakewood was well represented with several attendees who own or manage property in Lakewood.
  • Eagle Point Home Owner's Assn meeting: Neighborhood Police Officer Angel Figueroa and Community Service Officer Mike Miller conducted a block-watch presentation to the Eagle Point Home Owner’s Association Members on June 7th, with about 25 residents in attendance.  Issues addressed were a recent burglary and trespass in the gated community. They discussed recent successes attained by the recent installation of stadium lighting in their locked RV parking lot, which has had zero prowls since the install, and also recognized that the drug/prostitution/loitering activity on the boat ramp road had come to a halt, again due to the lights.
  • State of the City presentation: The city manager presented a power-point program on the “state of the city” to Lakewood United this week. The program highlighted the priorities and challenges in Public Safety, Economic Development, and Intergovernmental Relations, and concluded with discussion about trust-building, improving communication, and community visioning.