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City Managers Weekly Info Bulletin 10/2/2009

October 2, 2009
To: Mayor and Members of the City Council
From: Andrew Neiditz, City Manager

  • Abatement Expenditures Tracked: The Community Development and Finance Departments have been working together to track summary abatement expenditures. The following table has been prepared which shows expenditures from 2007 through August 2009. The numbers are not an exact accounting. The data was hard to track given that it involves working with another public agency in sorting out property taxes, liens, etc. Expenditures include direct abatement expenses as well as general expenses for equipment and supplies. Revenues include repayment of abatement liens established prior to the constitution of the 2007 revolving abatement fund account.




    (as of August 2009)

    Cumulative Totals

    Budget Appropriation





    Abatement Expenditures





    Kenyan Disend










    Interest on liens





    Yearly Totals





    The number of summary abatements initiated, beginning in 2006 and running through August, 2009, total 71. During that timeframe, 40 abatements have been completed. Twenty nine abatements (73%) were performed by the property owners. The remainder, 11, or 27% were performed by the City.

  • Police receive Federal Grant Equipment: Lakewood PD received an additional 15 sets of SECTOR equipment bringing the total number to 18 from WASPC on a Federal pass-through grant. The equipment consists of a scanner and a printer. The hand scanner, which is similar to the scanner a cashier would use to scan large items at checkout, uses a laser to scan information from bar codes on drivers’ licenses and vehicle registration forms. The printer is a small computer printer designed for use in a vehicle. SECTOR simultaneously transmits ticket or collision data to other agencies. The court, supervisor, DOL, and WSDOT get electronic ticket – or collision report – data and the officer can produce hard copies of ticket or collision reports in their car at the scene.
  • Human Resources Director attends Washington Public Employer Labor Relations Association Conference: Human Resources Director Debi Young attended the Washington Public Employer Labor Relations Association (WAPELRA) Fall Conference in Bremerton last week of which she is on the Board of Directors. Staffmembers Mary Pandrea and Stori Sanders also participated in the training, which focused on Values in the Workplace, Workplace Violence, Conducting Workplace Investigations, Four Day Work Weeks and Workplace Revenge. Out of the 85 attendees, Debi’s name was drawn for a free registration ($650 value) to the national conference next spring.
  • CSO’s staff YMCA Community Open House: CSO’s Conelly, Miller, Pressel and Stauffer staffed a booth at the YMCA Community Open House on September 26. The CSO’s handed out stickers and coloring books to children and crime prevention information to adults. The event was attended by approximately 200 people.
  • Safety Day at Lowe’s: CSO Conelly provided information and Child ID kits to parents, and assisted the kids in building their fire engines at the “Safety Day” at Lowe’s. There were 31 kids in attendance, along with assorted parents and grandparents. Lakewood Fire provided an engine company for entertainment.

City Managers Weekly Info Bulletin 9/25/2009

September 25, 2009
To: Mayor and Members of the City Council
From: Andrew Neiditz, City Manager

  • Sound Transit at Lakewood United. Sound Transit CEO Joni Earl was the speaker at the Lakewood United meeting on September 24th, hosted by Councilmember (and Sound Transit boardmember) Claudia Thomas. Ms. Earl reported that rail service to Lakewood is on track to start in the summer of 2012 with construction beginning in spring 2010. The primary challenge will be the construction of the D to M Street phase, which is a 1.2 mile stretch in Tacoma that is projected to cost $161 million and will likely be a mix of “post and beam” construction and berms to create grade separation with other traffic. When rail service begins, approximately 18 trains a day will come through Lakewood – nine during the morning commute and nine in the afternoon commute. By 2018 that will increase to 13 and 13 respectively. The Sounder’s speed will average between 35-45 MPH through Lakewood.
  • Community Open House at Wards Lake: The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board hosted a community open house on September 22nd at Wards Lake Park. The purpose of the open house was to provide an opportunity for neighbors and interested parties to visit the site and share their issues and ideas with City staff and the city manager. Approximately 20 neighbors attended the meeting. Most visit the park on a daily basis, and were very appreciative of the park and the opportunity to participate in the process. The City purchased land adjacent to the park last year and will be facilitating a more detailed community planning process later this year.
  • “Preserving Our Heritage” Video The City Council-appointed Landmarks and Heritage Advisory Board (LHAB) oversaw production of an excellent and well received 18-minute video on Lakewood historical preservation efforts. The video can be found at and will also be posted to the front page of the City’s website under “Latest News and Events.”
  • Street construction update:
    • The Lakewood Water District will be performing a water main crossing at 112th and South Tacoma Way over a 3-night period starting Friday, September 23 – and continuing Monday, September 28 and 29th (possibly).
    • PSE Gas Main Replacement – Pavement grind and overlay – Bridgeport Way – 116th to 111th: The paving contractor for PSE will be performing night work from Monday, September 28 through Wednesday, September 30 to complete the pavement grinding and inlay. On Bridgeport Way between 116th and 111th in the outside NB lane.
    • Bridgeport Way – 59th to Steilacoom – complete sidewalk, striping, and landscaping.
    • Gravelly Lake Drive – Nyanza to Bridgeport Way – interconnect conduit placement, sidewalk, striping (possibly).


City Managers Weekly Info Bulletin 9/11/09

September 11, 2009
To: Mayor and Members of the City Council
From: Andrew Neiditz, City Manager

  • Federal Funding Secured for Traffic Synchronization: The $541,000 in federal stimulus money from the US Department of Energy has now been officially secured. These grant monies, with no match required, will be used to replace our antiquated traffic signal controllers which presently operate the bulk of our 70 signalized intersections. Prior to the availability of this funding, our replacement of these controllers had been primarily restricted to individual road improvement projects, and we’ve only been able to replace about 16 controllers to date. This program will enable us to replace the balance of the controllers along with the respective signal communication equipment. This will then provide us with the ability to have a coordinated and synchronized traffic signal operation on our various corridors and improve traffic flow throughout the city. It also greatly improves the reliability of our traffic signal system and simplifies our maintenance responsibilities.
  • OEA Awards over $1 million planning grant: This week the Office of Economic Adjustment (OEA) at the Department of Defense awarded a grant to the City of Lakewood for $1,145,260 in Community Planning Assistance in response to mission growth at Ft. Lewis. The City of Lakewood’s Economic Development Department, on behalf of the communities surrounding Ft. Lewis and McChord Air Force Base, will undertake a 17-month Growth Coordination Plan to help local communities and service providers coordinate the foundational steps necessary to absorb the significant population growth and economic impacts of Ft. Lewis and McChord AFB. This effort will provide local governments and service providers with accurate information to promote the decisions and improvements that best serve the military mission and ensures that future funds will be efficiently distributed according to region-wide needs.
  • City participates in Towne Center Military Appreciation Event: CSO Gail Conelly attended the Lakewood Towne Center Military Appreciation Event on Saturday, September 5th, providing information to 1,000+ attendees. There were approximately 40 vendors providing information, and prizes. There were also giant inflatable obstacle courses and jump houses available for the kids, as well as a live band and a climbing wall provided by the Army.
  • LPD hosts training class for “Blood Stain Pattern Analysis”: The class presented by National Forensic Academy of the University of Tennessee was hosted by Detective Bryan Johnson at our new police station. Local crime scene technicians and detectives learned directionality and scene analysis relative to blood stain patterns and re-constructed crimes scenes as well as conducted practical exercises in spatter and directionality.
  • Firearms Training at LPD: LPD officers along with outside police agencies completed their first firearms training in our new indoor range this week. As of Sept 9th, we had 50 students complete the 2-hour basic firearms course.
  • CSOs Participate in Lakeview Hope Academy’s “Tunnel of Hope”: CSOs Conelly, Pressel and Stauffer participated in Lakeview Hope Academy’s “Tunnel of Hope” on September 9th, welcoming kids back to school and encouraging them to have a positive experience. CSO Conelly also participated in Oakwood Elementary School’s “Tunnel of Hope”, which included parents, teachers, and administrators there.
  • Update on Gravelly Lake Dr (Nyanza To 100th St) Overlay Project and Bridgeport Way (59th To Steilacoom Blvd) Street Improvement Project: In spite of efforts to avoid it, there will be some simultaneous work on the two asphalt paving projects during a one week period. With respect to the Gravelly Lake Dr project, the contractor will be starting the road prep work (digging out and patching of bad areas along with the grinding of the curb lanes) on Monday and Tuesday (9/21 and 9/22) with the actual paving work done on Wednesday (9/23). This work will be all night-time work occurring between the hours of 7:00 PM to 5:00 AM. With respect to the Bridgeport Way project, the contract will be starting the road prep work on Thursday and Friday (9/17 and 9/18) with the paving working occurring on Tuesday (9/22). In this case, the prep work will be done during the day with only the asphalt paving work on 9/22 occurring at night between the hours of 7:00 PM to 7:00 AM. In addition, for this project, there will be some minor paving work occurring during the day on Thursday (9/24). This paving work is always subject to change due to the weather. The signal bridge for the Gravelly Lake Dr/Bridgeport Way intersection, which is similar to what was installed at the Pac Hwy and Bridgeport Way intersection, is scheduled to be installed this coming Monday (9/14) night. Accordingly, the intersection will be entirely closed off to any traffic between the hours of 9:00 PM to 12:00 PM.

City Managers Weekly Info Bulletin 9/18/2009

September 18, 2009
To: Mayor and Members of the City Council
From: Andrew Neiditz, City Manager

  • Municipal Court takes Online and Telephone Payments: On September 1st, the Lakewood Municipal Court started taking online and telephone payments through Official Payments. This payment agency is used for many courts in Washington State, and has received good reviews from courts and users. The online and telephone payment option will allow for more efficient processing of payments received by the court. The Court expects to see an increase in payments by offering a quick and convenient payment portal for court clientele.
  • City manager at annual ICMA conference: The city manager participated in the 95th annual conference of the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) September 13-16 in Montreal, joining 2,188 colleagues from around the country as well as international. To defray the impact to the City's budget, Neiditz paid his own transportation, airfare, and per diem meal expenses. Conference sessions included fiscal accountability in public safety, performance management systems, community engagement, sustainable development, and Peter Block's Community, The Structure of Belonging. Neiditz was nominated last month by the city managers association of Washington State (WCCMA) as a candidate for ICMA West Coast regional Vice President, and was interviewed by the ICMA nominating committee at the national conference this week.
  • Lakewold Gardens Community Kids Day: NPO Johnson and CSO Stauffer staffed a booth at the annual Community Kids Day at Lakewold Gardens on September 12th. CSO Stauffer handed out police stickers and safety information while NPO Johnson gave tours of his patrol vehicle. The event was attended by 252 children and 150 adults.
  • County-wide DUI Emphasis results: The results are in from the recent “Drive Hammered, Get Nailed” enforcement campaign conducted for three weeks ending September 7th. In Pierce County, 361 motorists were stopped and arrested for driving under the influence (DUI), and statewide, law enforcement officers arrested 2,818 drivers for DUI. In Pierce County, Lakewood PD participated with 14 other police agencies in the extra emphasis patrols, with the support of the Tacoma/Pierce County DUI Task Force, and funded by the Washington Traffic Safety Commission. During 2008, impaired drivers killed nearly half of the 522 people who died on Washington’s roadways, which does represent a decrease of 22 fatalities compared to the previous five-year average.
  • TPCHD issues toxic Algae Advisory for Steilacoom Lake: The Tacoma Pierce County Health Department (TPCHD) has issued the following toxic Algae Advisory for Steilacoom Lake: There currently is a toxic algae bloom in Steilacoom Lake. A toxic algae bloom is easily identified by an unusual color or appearance to the water. Usually a bloom makes the lake surface green, giving the appearance of pea soup or green paint, but sometimes the bloom is a different color, such as brown or red. The algae are the small dots in the water. Wind and weather conditions can greatly change the amount and location of algae in the lake. To help you make decisions about recreational use of the lake, the health department recommends you follow these precautions:
    • Keep children and pets away from areas that have a heavy concentration of algae
    • Do not swim, wade, water-ski, or fish in areas that have a heavy concentration of algae
    • Swallowing lake water containing algae or prolonged skin contact with the algae may result in illness, such as muscle weakness, vomiting, diarrhea, and/or nausea. If you know or believe someone may have swallowed water containing large amounts of algae, it is extremely important to seek immediate medical attention.
    • The risk to pets is much greater than the risk to people, both due to the smaller body sizes of pets and to a pet being more likely to drink water containing a heavy concentration of algae. If a pet does ingest a large amount of algae and is showing signs such as vomiting, lethargy, disorientation, or seizures, it should be taken to a veterinarian as soon as possible.


City Managers Weekly Info Bulletin 9/4/09

September 4, 2009
To: Mayor and Members of the City Council
From: Andrew Neiditz, City Manager

  • 4-2 Stryker Brigade Deployment: The City of Lakewood’s “Community Connector” to Fort Lewis, brigade commander Colonel John Norris, will depart for Iraq early next week with his headquarters. The rest of the brigade will follow throughout September for a 12-month deployment. The 4-2 is projected to be the Army’s last combat brigade to deploy to Iraq as the military begins to sharply reduce its presence there.
  • Walk to Fight Homelessness: The City of Lakewood and the Lakewood Community Collaboration formed a joint team in the Lakewood Area Shelter Association’s 5th Annual Walk to Fight Homelessness at Fort Steilacoom Park on Saturday, August 29th. With over 25 sponsors including City employees and human services agencies, the City of Lakewood team won first prize for most sponsorships. Lakewood Area Shelter Association is one of the City’s key partners in working to reduce homelessness in Lakewood.
  • Building Permit update: For the month of August, 2009, The City’s Community Development Department issued 105 building permits totaling $10,124,510 in permit valuation for the month of August 2009. Total new building permit valuation for the year is $49,453,931.
  • Meeting with staff at Tillicum and Woodbrook schools: School District Business Manager Ray Miller, and Ass’t City Manager Dave Bugher met with teachers and staff at Woodbrook Middle School and Tillicum Elementary School this week to discuss the school district’s proposed capital facilities plan as well as the City’s Woodbrook Business Park Development Report and Tillicum Neighborhood Plan.
  • Shoreline Master Plan: City Staff conducted interviews with consulting firms regarding updating the City’s Shoreline Master Program, in order to prepare for the implementation of the Plan process, supported by a $100,000 grant from the State. It is anticipated that a consultant will be selected shortly.
  • "Coffee with the Mayor": Mayor Doug Richardson will host a community meeting on Friday, September 11th at 7:30 a.m at the Resource Center at St. Clare Hospital, 4908 112th Street SW, in Lakewood. The guest speaker will be Pierce County Auditor Jan Shabro, who will speak on the proposed County Charter Amendments which will appear on the November ballot.
  • City and School District Host All-City Tailgate: Friday, September 11th is “Patriot Day” and the City will join the Clover Park School District in honoring our military, police, and fire fighters as it welcomes students and faculty back to school. The Tailgate will be held at Harry Lang Stadium adjacent to Clover Park High School. It will start at 3:30pm with a welcome by Superintendent Debbie LeBeau and a Patriot Day proclamation by Mayor Doug Richardson. It will culminate with a 7pm kickoff of the Lakes and Peninsula H.S. football game. There will be $1 hotdogs. For more information, visit