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Prevent Foreclosure Workshop

“Prevent Foreclosure Workshop” in Lakewood City Hall Presented by South Sound Outreach

A  free “Prevent Foreclosure Workshop” is being held in Lakewood City Hall Council Chambers on January 26th from 1-4pm.  The Workshop is being conducted by South Sound Outreach, a non-profit agency approved by HUD that includes three certified housing counselors. 

The Workshop will cover topics such as foreclosure timelines, communicating with lenders, how to submit a loan  modification request,  the mediation process and  the” Making Home Affordable” program.

South Sound Outreach counsels clients with foreclosure prevention, loss mitigation assistance,  personalized budget plans and credit repair.  Learn more about South Sound Outreach by visiting

Parks Closures

Staff is out cleaning up City park sites from the latest storm events. We have posted several parks and park areas as closed due to concern regarding overhead branches which could drop and cause personal or property damage. Please use care and caution in the parks. For more information call (253) 983-7887.

Massive Revitalization of Tillicum Continues

City of Lakewood Continues Massive Revitalization Project of Tillicum Neighborhood

Habitat for Humanity partners with city to build much-needed new housing

As a part of an expansive revitalization project of Lakewood’s Tillicum neighborhood, approximately 30 new homes will be built in the next four years replacing dilapidated buildings and vacant lots in order to provide home ownership opportunities for low-income families. The new homes are being built through a partnership between the City of Lakewood and the Tacoma/Pierce County Habitat for Humanity.

“This exciting project is a vital part of the remarkable economic transformation that the Tillicum neighborhood is experiencing,” said Lakewood City Manager Andrew Neiditz. “What was once a blighted and very undesirable area of the city is now being transformed to a welcoming residential area surrounded by a vibrant commercial district.”

In November and December 2011, a total of 13 derelict houses and structures that posed safety and health issues were razed, making room for eight new townhouses and seven detached single family homes. These 15 homes will be constructed on adjoining sites and approximately 15 additional units will be constructed on scattered sites throughout the neighborhood.

The new housing is a part of the Tillicum Neighborhood Plan that was adopted by the Lakewood City Council in June 2010. The plan included a massive $18 million sewer extension project in the Tillicum and Woodbrook neighborhoods, which was completed in October 2011. The system will improve overall water quality and public health, protect property values threatened by failing septic systems, and allow for new residential and commercial development. The 30 new homes will all be connected to the city sewer system.

The new housing is being paid for through both private and public funding. The nonprofit Tacoma/Pierce County Habitat for Humanity is partnering with the City of Lakewood, which is contributing approximately $1.16 million made available through Federal Housing and Urban Development (HUD) funding. In addition, hundreds of volunteers will contribute their time and the future home owners will contribute 500 hours of sweat equity to their new homes.

“The response by Lakewood city officials and local community and civic organizations has been tremendous,” said Maureen Fife, executive director of the Tacoma/Pierce County Habitat for Humanity. “We selected Tillicum for this revitalization project because the neighborhood has endured economic challenges for years and the city is 100 percent committed to turning it around.”

Habitat for Humanity has previously built three homes in Lakewood. With the addition of these 30 new homes, Habitat and the City are looking to expand their partnership by eliminating blight and creating much needed homeownership opportunities for the residents of Tillicum.

City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 1/13/2012

January 3, 2012
To: Mayor and Members of the City Council
From: Andrew Neiditz, City Manager

  • Martin Luther King Celebration to be held January 14th: The Annual Martin Luther King Jr. celebration has been set for Saturday, January 14th, at the Sharon McGavick Center at Clover Park Technical College. It will feature a diverse range of performances highlighted by the Total Experience Gospel Choir led by Patrinell Wright and a brief keynote speech by Kevin Henry. Static displays will showcase some of the more trying times in our country’s development both locally and nationally and will provide a framework for our theme this year of: “Freedom – Yesterday & Today”.
  • Public Works receives DOE grant: Public Works received a grant offer from the State Department of Ecology (DOE) for $50,000. This is a continuation of a prior year DOE grant with the purpose and intent to help cities achieve compliance with the terms and conditions of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit as granted by DOE and as mandated under the Federal Clean Water Act.
  • Gravelly Lake Drive / 112th – Safety Retrofit: Starting on Tuesday, January 17th, the large grassy area at the intersection of Gravelly Lake Drive and 112th Street will be retrofitted with a gravity rock wall to reduce the chance of errant southbound drivers going through the grassy area and into the private property beyond. The work will require temporary lane closures between 8 AM and 3:30 PM on northbound Gravelly Lake Drive, south of 112th Street. The project will take 4-5 business days to complete.
  • City staff responds to Oakbrook fire: The City’s human services coordinator responded on January 12th to a fire on Zircon Drive that resulted in six families being displaced. Human Services contacted the American Red Cross who deployed to the scene and, working together, all families were successfully relocated. The City applied for and received grant funds to ensure that families do not incur homelessness through no fault of their own during emergencies.

City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 1/6/2012

January 6, 2012
To: Mayor and Members of the City Council
From: Andrew Neiditz, City Manager

  • Lakewood Station Connection Project to be presented to Arts Commission: The project Architect, Hewitt, will be presenting the final pedestrian bridge design and entry plaza art options to the Lakewood Arts Commission at its January 9th 4:30 PM meeting at City Hall. This pedestrian bridge provides access to the Lakewood Station over the railroad tracks via Kendrick Street. The project also includes pedestrian and bicycle improvements along Kendrick Street and is scheduled for construction Spring/Summer 2012.
  • HR Director elected President Elect of IPMA-HR: Human Resources Director Debra Young has been elected to the position of President- elect for the Western WA chapter of the International Public Management Association for Human Resources (IPMA-HR). This is a non-profit organization that provides continuing education and training opportunities for HR professionals. The President-elect shall automatically succeed to the office of President after having served a one-year term.
  • City staffmember passes State Bar Examination: In June 2011, Paralegal Ann-Marie Evans completed the four year Rule 6 Law Clerk Program offered through the Washington State Bar Association. She has passed the State Bar Examination and will take the Oath of Attorney on January 27th at Pierce County Superior Court before Judge James Orlando.
  • Public Works Staff receive Professional Certifications: Two public works staffmembers successfully passed their respective 8-hour exams to receive professional certifications. Jon Howe received his Engineer-In-Training (E.I.T.) certification, and Paul Candler received his Professional Engineers (P.E.) license. Public Works now has a total of three Engineers-In-Training and nine Professional Engineers.