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Parks, Recreation and Community Services Director


The Lakewood Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department worked closely with a 17-member Legacy Team to develop a 20-year strategic plan to meet the future park and recreation needs of the community. The diverse team represented many different needs and interests of our residents.

The Legacy Plan represents the aspirations and needs expressed by residents through numerous surveys, meetings, focus group discussions, social media and open houses. The Plan is truly a community effort committed to painting a bright future and leaving a healthy legacy for generations to enjoy.

The Legacy Plan was approved by the Lakewood City Council on March 3, 2014, and will be used as a living document responsive to the changing needs of the community. Lakewood will continue to follow the Plan and support an active, engaged and livable community.

Now that the Plan has been approved by the City Council, the City is committed to the following tasks:

  • Implement the prioritized strategies and actions through a detailed work program and budget development
  • Monitor the effects of Plan implementation by tracking the defined performance indicators
  • Integrate the various components of the Plan into the City Comprehensive Plan
  • Develop departmental policies and procedures to guide staff regarding day to day activities
  • Provide additional training to engage staff in continuous learning and self-evaluation
  • Demonstrate accountability and transparency in decision-making processes
  • Expand revenue sources to sustain the park and recreation system over the long-term