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Please remain on the trail as we allow the grass to grow.

Tree replanting is set to take place in the Fall.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation!

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Project Overview - Location  - Map

Our development project includes the renovation of the trail around Waughop Lake at Fort Steilacoom Park. Improvements include creating a new accessible mile long asphalt perimeter path around the lake and adding benches, picnic shelter, view platforms and other site amenities, interpretive signage, parking lot improvements and habitat enhancements (remove dead and invasive vegetation and add native plants). The completed project will include a 14' wide Trail with a 4' soft surface buffer on the edge of the walking trail.

Fiscal Impact

A variety of funding sources were secured to develop this site. The fiscal impact of this contract is $578,508.

Trail Closed

It’s important for everyone to respect this closure for their personal safety and to allow the contractors to do the work as efficiently as possible. Appropriate signage will be posted at the park. Look to this website for trail closure updates.

Project Progress

New Shelter around Waughop Lake!

Bruno, our resident otter, visits the lake each day to supervise construction.  He dives in the lake and enjoys a fish lunch. 

Trail Development

Old asphalt removed and preparing for a new 14 foot wide asphalt trail.


Tree Removal / Progress

Why are we removing trees?

We understand your concern and want to assure you we are not looking to remove any trees that are not dead, dying or hazardous. We have worked with maintenance staff, Pierce College biology staff, an arborist and a landscape architect to determine the fate of the trees in this area.The trees were marked at various times of the year to help us develop cost estimates for work needed to be completed. Many of the trees have outlived their life expectancy and we are concerned about the safety issues they create for park visitors who use this area. Many are diseased or dead.

When we have heavy rain or wind storms we lose large portions of the trees. This creates safety problems since the trail is used by so many park visitors all year long during all types of weather. The majority of the trees removed are poplars which have a lifecycle of 30‐ 50 years. The trees near the lake are over 100 years old.

We will be replanting trees as part of this project to replace the ones removed and to support the native wildlife in this area. The healthy trees will remain, especially the significant ones (redwood, madrona and chestnut) planted by Elizabeth Waughop in the late 1800’s. Habitat preservation is important to us and a part of this project.

We are working with the experts to help us make good decisions.

























Project contractor Ceccanti Inc.


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